Haddad Says PJD Members Lack Experience in Heading the Government

Rabat – Outgoing Tourism Minister Lahcen Haddad attributed what he considered to be the current government’s lack of achievements in the past five years to the ruling party’s inexperience in governance, according to a new report by Hespress.The minister said on Monday that Moroccan citizens should award their votes to the party that deserves it the most because the “Justice and Development Party, which led the national government and several regional administrations, saw its efforts stifled in a major way due its lack of experience.”Being part of the first government after the adoption of the new constitution in 2011 was a “memorable experience,” the Independence Party (PI) politician said during a press conference organized in the city of Khouribga. The PI, known for its symbol depicting the scales of justice, presents a “balanced” agenda, Haddad said, adding that it is based on “years of governing experience,” in which the party led successive administrations and held several ministerial positions.The party currently holds 60 of 395 positions in the House of Representatives.The minister also warned of voter fraud at local voting stations and added that Moroccan citizens are promised a proof of submission for their votes on October 7th.“If you do not vote, someone else will vote for you,” Haddad told a group of reporters.Hadded encouraged the electorate to consider the issues they care about and elect politicians accordingly.To those who choose not to vote and then complain about lawmakers’ actions over the course of their term, the minister says: “You can’t blame anyone but yourselves.” read more