Mining industry calls for energy efficiency benchmarking

first_imgThe need for improving operational efficiency has been a common theme across the mining industry over the past 18 months, with escalating energy prices, lower ore grades and increased labour costs all effecting the industry. Mining and mineral processing is an energy intensive process and energy costs represent a significant proportion of this cost. There are compelling economic and environmental reasons for mining and milling operations to examine their energy consumption using the best tools available. Energy benchmarking has been undertaken in various forms in recent years with the aim of improving overall energy efficiency within the industry through the achievement of best practice.Benchmarking energy efficiency was raised as an important step in the Innovation journey during the last Coalition for Eco Efficient Comminution (CEEC) workshop in June 2012.  Joe Cucuzza, AMIRA’s Managing Director said “One of the outcomes at CEEC was a call for an industry wide benchmarking program; one which will enable to normalisation of energy efficiency in each key operational area. The aim is to develop a Rating System which can be used by any operation globally, to assess its unique energy efficiency as well as benchmark itself against like operations.”“Companies that participate in this project will benefit from improved capability in mapping current energy usage and of quantitatively assessing performance against industry norms; availability of an energy efficiency reporting system (a Star rating) for use in benchmarking performance of current operations at both overall and at individual process step level and a tool for assessing energy performance of new or modified circuit designs “CEEC International are partnering with AMIRA on the development of an energy efficiency rating system, to recognize mining operations with outstanding energy efficiency in their operations. Tim Napier-Munn, CEEC Director said “Mining companies have yet to be rewarded for their leadership in energy efficiency. Only by establishing a global benchmarking system will companies be able to self-assess their current status, and understand the potential benefits of improved efficiency. Each step in efficiency translates to improved earnings, a positive outcome for shareholders. Year on year efficiency energy improvements will be recognized with AMIRA-CEEC Energy Efficiency Star awards.”last_img read more