Fruitful offering

first_imgGetting customers through the bakery door on a warm summer’s day involves some temptations away from the usual breads and morning pastries. Fresh fruit traybakes, fresh from the oven so the sweet aroma hangs in the shop air, is one approach used more in other countries and I’m thinking it’s time we used more fresh fruit in British bakeries.There have been times when I’ve had a delivery of fresh fruit in a bakery and you would think a box of kittens had been delivered, given the awe it brings out in some of our bakers. For most months of the year, tins, preserves and dried fruit are really helpful. But as soon as cheap fresh fruit is available, use as much of it as you can and you’ll find it boosts sales of the easiest recipes: like traybakes.Reassuring homelinessThe beauty of a traybake is that it doesn’t need the lightest texture or the most delicate structure, or the same careful precision that sponge cake-making requires. A little heaviness and moist solidity can have a reassuring homeliness, and also makes it easier to cut and sell in-store. So all-in mix recipes work well here, or recipes with a firmer base cake and a lighter, richer topping.It’s important to start small. Even the most economical traybake recipe can rely on some expensive ingredients, so trial small batches first to get your customers’ reaction. Do be patient, though, as new ideas will take a while to build a following. Make it a special Saturday morning event, and make an extra one to cut and offer to customers.Ovenable paper traybake cases are useful for creating an afternoon tea suggestion or an easy Saturday dessert idea for the customer. Try putting together an afternoon tea special, such as a 12-serve traybake and a loaf of bread, and advertise it on a blackboard outside the bakery.For the café baking on-site, a traybake prepared the day before and baked fresh in the morning helps to give a personal and homely edge to the menu, without the complication that elaborate cakes can place on a small kitchen.I’ve tried to make the recipes a little bit more economical, and replaced some of the butter with sunflower oil. This helps the shelf-life and gives the cakes extra moistness. Don’t overbake the mixtures; remember that cakes will hold their heat for a good five minutes after baking and will effectively continue baking during that time. A traybake needs to be moist, so time it carefully.Be imaginative and look for bargains from your suppliers and local markets. These recipes offer some flexibility, so if you see an offer on cheaper fresh fruit, then see this as your chance. Traybake recipes All recipes make a 25cm square traybake. For a 60cm x 40cm tray, multiply the mix by 4. For a 30-inch x 18-inch tray, multiply the mix by 5 1/2 Chocolate, plum and almond slice Look for interesting local varieties of plums, or source them from a nearby farm, as this fact can be added to the point-of-sale ticket to help sales. I like to place a small bowl or case of fruit by the tray in the shop to really get the fresh fruit message across to customers. If you want to increase the luxuriousness, mix 200g chopped chocolate into the topping. This works very well with ground hazelnuts.For the baseButter, soft200gIcing sugar225gWhole egg, beaten liquid60gPlain flour300gCocoa25gBaking powder5gFor the toppingGround almonds250gSemolina50gButter100gSunflower oil125gLight soft brown sugar250gCocoa25gPlain flour50gVanilla extract10gWhole egg200gFresh firm red plums, stoned and quartered700gFlaked almondsSieved jam to glaze1. Line base of trays with non-stick paper. Place all of the ingredients for the base in the bowl of the mixer and work to a smooth soft paste. Press this into the base of the tin evenly and bake in the deck at 180C top/120C bottom, or fan-assisted oven at 160C, for 25 minutes until dry on top but slightly underbaked.2. For the topping beat all the ingredients (except the plums and flaked almonds) on 3rd speed until smooth. Spoon this onto the base, sit the plums into it so they stick out and upwards, then dust with the flaked almonds.3. Bake in the deck at 180C top/120C bottom, or fan-assisted oven at 160C, for 45 minutes until barely set in the centre. Glaze with warm diluted plum or apricot jam to finish. Rhubarb strawberry crumble Using rhubarb in recipes gives small bakers an edge over the supermarkets, as the flavour is rarely used in bake-off lines. Late-season green British rhubarb can be bought much cheaper, as it lacks the pink colour, but paired with strawberries the colour is restored. Rhubarb juice enhances other fruit flavours, but you can use other red fruit or apple in the recipe instead.For the baseButter100gSunflower oil100gCaster sugar300gWhole egg, beaten liquid100gPlain flour400gBaking powder5gRolled oats75gFor the fruit fillingStrawberries, hulled and halved400gRaw rhubarb, chopped, or firm sour red plums400gIcing sugar50gPotato starch or arrowroot25gBerry jam, any sort150gFor the crumble toppingButter75gSunflower oil25gPlain flour250gCaster sugar175gCold water25mlRolled oats50g1. For the base, place all the ingredients except the oats in the bowl of the mixer and beat on 2nd speed for a few minutes until smooth. Stir in the oats, then spread this on the base of a paper-lined tin. Hands make the best tool here.2. Gently stir the fruit with the icing sugar and starch by hand until it turns sticky. Roughly spread the jam over the base then evenly spread the fruit over this.3. To make the topping, rub the butter and oil into the flour and sugar. Sprinkle the water over and rub again until it just begins to crumble, then stir in the oats and sprinkle over the fruit.4. Bake in deck at 180C top/120C bottom, or fan-assisted oven at 160C, for 80 minutes. Leave until cold in the tray. Fresh apple ginger cake, with lemon icing Fresh chopped apple keeps the cake soft for days and very moist, and fresh pear works equally well. The higher level of spice is quite peppery, and could be given a XXX rating as a way of selling it in your store.The cakeBlack treacle200gHoney or golden syrup75gButter, soft or part melted120gMuscovado sugar200gWhole egg, beaten liquid150gSunflower oil50gDark ale, stout or milk125gBicarbonate of soda10gSpice mix (see below)30g-50gPlain flour375gDried skim milk powder50gPeeled dessert apple, chopped into small pieces250gFor the bulk spice mixture50g each mixed spice and ground ginger, 5g finely ground black pepper and 10g cocoa. Sift together and use as needed.For the icingLemon juice100gIcing sugar600g1. Line base of trays with non-stick paper.2. In a planetary mixer beat treacle, honey, butter and sugar on second speed for 2 minutes until smooth, then add egg, oil and water and beat for another 30 seconds on 2nd speed.3. Sift the bicarb and spices with a little of the flour, then beat this through with the remaining flour on 3rd speed for a few minutes until very smooth.4. Spoon into a tin, allowing for just under double rise in oven. Bake in deck at 180C top/120C bottom, or fan-assisted oven at 160C, for 50-60 minutes or until a skewer inserted comes out clean. Smaller or larger trays need shorter or longer bake time. Leave until cold in the tray.5. To ice, beat the lemon juice with the icing sugar until smooth and spread over the cake.last_img read more

Police lock up 171 people for violating curfew during PSBB in Greater Surabaya

first_imgHe said security personnel would conduct patrols in the three regions on a daily basis until the end of the PSBB period. Luki said security personnel at dozens of checkpoints had so far issued formal warnings to 5,496 individuals who broke the PSBB rules in Surabaya, Gresik and Sidoarjo, such as failing to wear a face mask or violating the limitations on vehicle passengers. East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa also called on the public to obey the PSBB regulations, saying Surabaya had been severely hit by the virus with the number of confirmed cases continuing to increase.”Surabaya has twice the number of confirmed cases of Bandung. This is a concerning situation,” she said. Surabaya has confirmed 554 cases of COVID-19 with 71 fatalities as of Sunday, while Sidoarjo recorded 119 cases with 13 fatalities and Gresik 32 cases with 5 fatalities. The number of confirmed cases in Surabaya accounted for half of East Java’s tally of 1,114 confirmed cases, and for almost two-thirds of the provinces 111 fatalities, the highest number of cases in the country after the capital city Jakarta.Topics : One hundred seventy-one people had to spend the night at police stations after they were apprehended for violating a night curfew during the implementation of large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) in raids in Greater Surabaya, East Java, over the weekend.In an operation carried out from Saturday evening to dawn on Sunday, security personnel raided cafes and coffee stalls in several places in Surabaya and arrested 85 people found hanging out.Greater Surabaya, which comprises of Surabaya city and its satellite regencies Sidoarjo and Gresik, imposed the PSBB on April 28, with local authorities also setting curfews to restrict public activities from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m. in a bid to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the three areas. “We detained them for 24 hours and we took their blood samples for COVID-19 rapid testing. Those whose rapid tests come back reactive will be quarantined for 14 days,” Surabaya Police chief Sr. Comr. Sandi Nugroho told reporters on Sunday.He said police had also recorded the identities of the violators in anticipation of any of them breaking the rules again in the future during the PSBB. If they were found to repeat the offense, the authorities would charge them with violating Article 216 of the Criminal Code, Article 93 of the Health Quarantine Law and the Surabaya mayoral decree on the PSBB, which could result in one year of imprisonment.Read also: Sampoerna factory closes after two COVID-19 deaths, authorities race to trace contactsEast Java Police chief Insp. Gen. Luki Hermawan said a joint force of police, military and Public Order Agency (Satpol PP) personnel conducted similar raids in Sidoarjo and Gresik and arrested another 89 people. last_img read more

A New Day: Dajuan Coleman set to return as SU’s big man following 22-month absence

first_imgIt was 5:02 p.m. in a near empty Carrier Dome and Dajuan Coleman was already sweating.The back of his neck was slippery. His gray, dry-fit warmup shirt was soaked to a darker shade. At a break in a drill, with the sound of his power dribble still echoing off the stadium’s ceiling, Coleman grabbed a towel and dried his skin to stop sweat from reaching the ball in his hands.He then took the white rag and pressed it against his face. When he lowered it he paused to look at the silver bleachers, bustling ushers and his teammates warming up at the other end of the floor. All familiar but at one time fleeting.“Come on, Dajuan. Let’s go. Back at it,” SU assistant coach Mike Hopkins barked at him.Coleman had just two more hours, before the Orange’s first scrimmage against Le Moyne on Nov. 2, to shake off a little more rust. He hadn’t played against a live opponent since Jan. 7, 2014, yet here he was. He snapped back into his pregame routine and started sweating some more.AdvertisementThis is placeholder textI just wanted to get out there and get going.Dajuan ColemanAfter the exhibition winThree falls ago, Coleman’s college career was setting down a storybook-like path. He starred at nearby Jamesville-Dewitt (New York) High School, was named a McDonald’s All-American as a senior and made the short trip to Syracuse with compelling potential in tow. It wasn’t a matter of if he’d excel at center for the Orange. It was a matter of when.But his left knee had other plans. A torn meniscus led to Coleman’s first surgery in January of his freshman year. He was healthy again at the start of the next season until a bruise sustained in practice led to another surgery, one year later, to repair cartilage in the same knee. And so began his second rehab in as many years, which seeped into the next season and made sitting out all of 2014–15 the best option for his future.Now Coleman could be the difference between Syracuse competing in the postseason or living up to the zero votes it received for the preseason Associated Press poll. His comeback has inspired his teammates. His time off gave him a chance to observe the Orange’s offense and defense. He’s the unlikely anchor of a thin centers group, even if his experience is measured in perspective instead of games played.,“You want to win for him just because of how much he’s had to sit out and what’s he’s been through and stuff like that,” Michael Gbinije, SU’s senior starting point guard, said. “Hopefully he’ll continue to stay healthy, and if he does I think we’ll be good.”In the extensive time he’s spent with Coleman, Brad Pike has only once heard him complain about pain. It was a few days after his second surgery in January 2014, an osteochondral autograft transfer procedure that moved cartilage from a non-weight bearing part of his left knee to where the cartilage was damaged.Pike, who heads SU’s sports medicine department and works with the men’s basketball team, met with Coleman in the Carmelo K. Anthony Basketball Center and they started with a small but practical task.Before doing anything, and even thinking about rehabbing his knee, Coleman had to learn to use crutches in the snow.“I think that told him, right away, that it wasn’t going to be a short process,” Pike said. “But he listened to everything we said. If we told him you’re not going to do a certain task until a certain day, he said, ‘Ok.’ But he always followed with, ‘But you better believe I’ll be on schedule.’”,Coleman was non-weight bearing for eight weeks and partial-weight bearing for another four. In those three months, Pike’s goal was to keep Coleman eating healthy so he didn’t gain any weight. Then they slowly put weight on his left leg. Then came exercises to regain his range of motion. Then they started lifting to build muscle and, in time, Coleman was nose-deep in another rehab and seeing Pike seven days a week.To motivate Coleman, Pike set weekly goals. Reaching them became all Coleman cared about, so much that he didn’t find time, in a year and a half, to add to the collection of tattoos on his body.And he didn’t need to. The lion tattoo covering his forearm, as far as Pike could see, already said it all.“He just never quit. I would always look at that lion and think, ‘That’s Dajuan. He’s just a lion,’” Pike said. “Every day, his attitude never changed in here. He brought it every day.”Pike added that he always expected Coleman’s recovery to run into last season, and it never “would have been smart” for him to play. He was jumping and cutting well last winter, but his knee still ached when he ran up and down the floor. So he continued to work on building strength in his knee and, by May, the lingering pain was gone.When Coleman first started playing in pickup scrimmages again, the knee was in the back of his mind. But he also noticed something different.Two years watching Rakeem Christmas and Baye Moussa Keita play the center in the 2-3 zone translated to a better understanding of the slides he needed to make. When he got the ball on the block, he could sense when a shooter was open in the corner or when a second defender was coming to double team him. When guards penetrated, he instinctually slid into open space and scored easy buckets at the rim.By the end of the summer, he stopped thinking about his knee altogether. He also felt like a new player capable of new things.Obviously two years you’re rusty. Tiger Woods took six months off and he couldn’t play anymore. It’s going to take time, it’s not going to happen overnight.Jim BoeheimSU head coachAt the onset of the 2015–16 season, there’s no telling if Coleman will ever reach the potential he had three years ago. The thick, vertical scar that cuts down the middle of his left knee could be the symbol of a perpetually disappointing career. Or it could symbolize the climax of what’s already been an improbable comeback.The Orange is best when Coleman is on the court, manning the middle of the zone and drawing attention in paint, and he worked for nearly two straight years to make sure he could be there.It took resolve. It took grit. It took sweat. A whole lot of sweat.And now it’s back to basketball.“In the past I’d sometimes think to myself that I was sore, or tired, or frustrated,” Coleman said. “But I don’t think about that stuff now because I’m playing again. I mean, I’m really playing again.” Comments Published on November 12, 2015 at 8:12 am Contact Jesse: [email protected] | @dougherty_jesse,Cancel replyYou must be logged in to post a comment.last_img read more

Reddit has a crazy Game of Thrones community that welcomes fans biggest

first_imgThe internet is the Wild West of information, and for decades people have worked hard to tame the chaos and establish order. Organization, along with a shared affection for a subject, are the two pillars of an online community. On Reddit, you’ll often see subreddits fracture and split off based on a desire for different rules or a change in focus. This is very well-illustrated by Reddit’s diverse Game of Thrones fandom. Groups exist that are fans of the books, the TV show, and even specific family houses. They’re very different places, but all have one thing in common. For the most part, they frown upon spoilers, but there’s one Game of Thrones community where you can say whatever you want. Where spoilers are not avoided, but celebrated.You would probably say it’s just a tale, something Old Nan would have spun on a long winter’s night. Yet, I tell you it is true. Hewn from the type of people who exist north of the Wall, /r/freefolk/ has taken Reddit Game of Thrones fandom by storm, becoming a clearinghouse of show leaks and spoilers. Those leaks might not began on the subreddit, but they found a welcoming home and the people with an appetite for them that borders on maniacal.If you were one of the people who sought out spoilers during season six of the show, they probably came from one of the heroes of the Free Folk, Truede. While I have not met Truede, I hear he is eight feet tall with hair the color of fire and fists like Valyrian steel. He came from the land of wildlings and giants, with a sack full of show leaks, and people turned him away, community after community. All the while blogs and websites posted Truede and other Free Folk info happily without, for the most part, even acknowledging they existed. With some exceptions, of course. On /r/freefolk/, Truede has delivered the goods and instead of deleted posts, like you will find on other subreddits, here you find pleas for him to speak up and dish out more of that forbidden information.The community has seen explosive growth during this season of the TV show, and with bigger numbers we see a confidence in the mission of the community. The Free Folk are so dedicated to their cause that recently they took to battling another subreddit, /r/dreadfort/ and their overlords the Boltons, mirroring the plot of the show. Can you guess who the Free Folk think won that battle?Why do people join the Free Folks? It’s not just because of the spoilers, although that is certainly a driver. No, instead the Free Folk have come together because they want a place they can feel free. Which in the increasingly moderated spaces of fandom is becoming a difficult place to find. So, if you love Game of Thrones and refuse to take the knee no matter the consequences, point your browser towards the home of the Free Folk.This post is dedicated to Wun Wun. You were too beautiful for this world.last_img read more