Where to consume foraged apples at The Orchard on Fortnite map

first_imgThe map above shows you where The Orchard is on the Fortnite Chapter 2 map.When you land there, you’ll notice apple trees in the area with some apples that have landed on the ground. If you’ve been playing for a while, you’ve likely consumed apples in the past. But if not, all you need to do is look at the apple and then a button will appear (depending on what system you’re playing on) that shows how to consume the apple. Just hold on to that button for about a second and you’ll eat the apple.As in the past, once you’ve eaten the apple you will gain five health (if you need it). (Epic Games) https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/a1/b4/fortnite-map-consume-apples_1utv2d1gasoz41f6bjeem7rxmz.png?t=-1908798922&w=500&quality=80 The Fortnite Trick Shot challenges were released today, and the name might have you a little confused. Although they’re called Trick Shot challenges, none of the challenges actually involve doing trick shots.Instead, most of the challenges are pretty straightforward (eliminations with Pistols, Damage with Shotguns) with a few that might need a little extra guidance. One of those is “Consume Foraged apples at The Orchard.” While somewhat easy to understand, you may not remember exactly where The Orchard is. That’s where we come in. The Orchard is located near Frenzy Farm, although it’s a little more north of there.MORE: Pipeman, Hayman and Timber Tent locations to dance at for Fortnite challengeConsume apples at The Orchard in Fortnite The hardest part of this challenge will be fighting off others for apples. Most likely, a lot of people will be landing here to complete the challenge on their own, meaning the apples may be gone if you wait too long. Other than that, this challenge is pretty simple and you should accomplish it quickly.The challenge requires you to consume three apples.last_img read more

Iowa regulator hired as Denver-based VP for Black Hills Energy

first_imgMARION — A member of the Iowa Utilities Board is resigning to take a job with an energy company that operates in Iowa and seven other states.Nick Wagner has been a state utility regulator since 2013. He’s leaving in July to work in Denver for Black Hills Energy and will be the company’s VP for Colorado Regulatory Affairs and Policy. Wagner just completed a one-year term as president of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners.Wagner lives in Marion and previously worked as director of quality management for the ESCO Group in Marion, an electrical contractor for residential and commercial projects. He served one term on the Marion City Council and two terms in the Iowa House of Representatives.Wagner, who is 46 years old, is a native of Wyoming. He holds a degree in biomedical engineering and a masters in electrical engineering – both from the University of Iowa.last_img read more