Mathiesons moves home

first_imgAfter basing itself for more than seven decades in Falkirk town centre, Mathiesons, with 25 retail outlets and nine restaurants and cafés, has completed a move to an extensive new bakery at nearby Central Business Park, writes Ian Martin. At the same time, the company has changed its official title from R Mathieson & Sons to Mathiesons Bakeries, to underline its area of expertise. According to MD George Stevenson, the new 47,000sq ft bakery represents a totally compliant food manufacturing environment and provides scope for expansion that did not exist at its former 18,000sq ft facility in Williamson Street, Falkirk.Mathiesons has inves-ted more than £4 million in the project, including some £600,000 on new equipment. The new bakery incorporates a retail outlet for business park customers and passing trade from the adjacent main road, which leads to the Kincardine Bridge crossing of the Firth of Forth.A feature on the new bakery will appear in a forthcoming issue of British Baker.last_img read more


first_imgMay19 – 20 Basic BreadmakingLocation: Panary, DorsetContact, tel: 01722 341 447email: [email protected] – 22 Essential Skills For Working with ChocolateLocation: The Slattery School of Excellence, ManchesterContact, tel: 0161 7679303email: [email protected] Advanced Skills for Working with ChocolateLocation: The Slattery School of Excellence, ManchesterContact, tel: 0161 767930323 – 24 Caffè CultureLocation: Olympia exhibition centre, LondonContact, tel: 020 7288 6176email:[email protected] Chocolate Wedding and Celebration CakesLocation: The Slattery School of Excellence, ManchesterContact, tel: 0161 767930325 Chocolate Desserts and Individual CakesLocation: The Slattery School of Excellence, ManchesterContact, tel: 0161 7679303email: [email protected] Easy-to-Make ChocolatesLocation: The Slattery School of Excellence, ManchesterContact, tel: 0161 7679303email: [email protected] Sugar Craft – Human Figure ModellingLocation: The Slattery School of Excellence, ManchesterContact, tel: 0161 7679303email: [email protected] Sugar Craft – Character ModellingLocation: The Slattery School of Excellence, ManchesterContact, tel: 0161 7679303email: [email protected] – 6 Going ProfessionalLocation: Cann Mills, DorsetContact, tel: 01722 341 447email: [email protected] – 10 British Traditional BreadsLocation: Cann Mills, DorsetContact, tel: 01722 341 447email: [email protected] – 15 Masterclass on breads: five-day courseLocation: Bread Matters, CumbriaContact, tel: 01768 88189912 Basic Bakery Processes, CCFRALocation: DublinContact, tel: 01386 84210413 Sugar Craft – Simple Cake Decorating SkillsLocation: The Slattery School of Excellence, ManchesterContact, tel: 0161 7679303email: [email protected] One-Day Basic BreadmakingLocation: Cann Mills, DorsetContact, tel: 01722 341 447email: [email protected] – 17 Italian BreadsLocation: Cann Mills, DorsetContact, tel: 01722 341 447email: [email protected] – 19 Sugar Craft – Simple Cake Decorating SkillsLocation: The Slattery School of Excellence, ManchesterContact, tel: 0161 7679303email: [email protected] Continental, Italian and French breadsLocation: Cann Mills, DorsetContact, tel: 01722 341 447email: [email protected] Half-Day Chocolate WorkshopLocation: The Slattery School of Excellence, ManchesterContact, tel: 0161 7679303email: [email protected] Sugar Craft – Creating Shaped CakesLocation: The Slattery School of Excellence, ManchesterContact, tel: 0161 7679303email: [email protected] FlatbreadsLocation: Cann Mills, DorsetContact, tel: 01722 341 447email: [email protected] One-Day Italian breadsLocation: Cann Mills, DorsetContact, tel: 01722 341 447email: [email protected] – 4 Residential Breadmaking CourseLocation: Cann Mills, DorsetContact, tel: 01722 341 447email: [email protected] Wheat Variety – Visual IdentificationLocation: CCFRAContact, tel: 01386 842104 (The Training Department)last_img read more

Commodities Tracker

first_img“Prices for raisins from Turkey are 15% higher than only three to four weeks ago and in the short term show no sign of any weakness,” said Mark Setterfield RM Curtis’ trading director, in the company’s new report Edible Nuts & Dried Fruit Market Report: August, September 2007.”Provided the weather holds in California, the US might enjoy its best exports into Europe for years,” said Setterfield. “However, some factories and users are already trying to take advantage of an excellent Iranian vine fruit crop, the sales of which are already impacting significantly on some traditional Turkish markets.”The raisin crop from Greece still remains unclear, as it was reduced by the very hot summer and subsequent fires.The Greece and Turkish sultana supply this year “looks critically short”, added Setterfield, with demand based on the 06-07 season, which was larger than the reduced supply this season.”Prices of sultanas from Turkey have risen dramatically over the past three to four weeks and offers not confirmed one day are withdrawn the next,” said Setterfield. Turkish exports for September are already as much as 40% down on total sales against September 2006.In currants, the situation in Greece is little better than Turkey, following the very hot summer which reduced the currant crop to estimates of 25,000 tonne (from earlier expectations of 35,000 tonnes). Although there are supplies from the 06/07 “bumper” crop, it looks like this will be needed in full to make up the shortages from both the weather and subsequent fires.”last_img read more

On treating cavities

first_imgHere’s some more medical wisdom from back in the days when a certain Colombian marching powder was still considered a not unreasonable remedy for toothache. If only the kids of today would stop shoving it up their noses, the nation’s oral health would not be in such a parlous state.On treating cavities: “First cleanse and dry the hollow tooth, and then put into it a small plug of cotton wool, dipped in creosote, or oil of cloves, or chlorodyne, or a 4% solution of cocaine. Then put another bit of dry wool over this and leave in the tooth. Live on simple slop food for a day or two, then visit a good dentist…”last_img

Selenium in bread could save lives

first_imgIt has been reported that adding trace mineral selenium to UK wheat may cut the risk of cancer and increase the overall health of the population. However, many are opposed to the idea on the grounds that it would be enforced ’mass medication’.According to a speech made by Professor Steve McGrath, of Rothamsted Research, at the British Science Festival earlier this month, research has shown that adding selenium to fertilisers used in UK wheat production could have a wide range of health benefits. These include a stronger immune system, lower cancer rates and slower cognitive decline. Selenium also forms part of the body’s antioxidant defence system, preventing damage to cells and tissues.His research suggests that adding about 20g of selenium per hectare of wheat would give 10mg in each slice of bread, reported The Times. However the idea has been compared to the ’mass medication’ of the population through adding fluoride to water, and has outraged campaigners.Food Standards Agency (FSA) guidelines recommend a daily dose of 0.075mg a day for men and 0.06mg a day for women, and its Eatwell website states that bread is already a good source of selenium. Other sources include brazil nuts, fish, meat and eggs.last_img read more

Fruitful offering

first_imgGetting customers through the bakery door on a warm summer’s day involves some temptations away from the usual breads and morning pastries. Fresh fruit traybakes, fresh from the oven so the sweet aroma hangs in the shop air, is one approach used more in other countries and I’m thinking it’s time we used more fresh fruit in British bakeries.There have been times when I’ve had a delivery of fresh fruit in a bakery and you would think a box of kittens had been delivered, given the awe it brings out in some of our bakers. For most months of the year, tins, preserves and dried fruit are really helpful. But as soon as cheap fresh fruit is available, use as much of it as you can and you’ll find it boosts sales of the easiest recipes: like traybakes.Reassuring homelinessThe beauty of a traybake is that it doesn’t need the lightest texture or the most delicate structure, or the same careful precision that sponge cake-making requires. A little heaviness and moist solidity can have a reassuring homeliness, and also makes it easier to cut and sell in-store. So all-in mix recipes work well here, or recipes with a firmer base cake and a lighter, richer topping.It’s important to start small. Even the most economical traybake recipe can rely on some expensive ingredients, so trial small batches first to get your customers’ reaction. Do be patient, though, as new ideas will take a while to build a following. Make it a special Saturday morning event, and make an extra one to cut and offer to customers.Ovenable paper traybake cases are useful for creating an afternoon tea suggestion or an easy Saturday dessert idea for the customer. Try putting together an afternoon tea special, such as a 12-serve traybake and a loaf of bread, and advertise it on a blackboard outside the bakery.For the café baking on-site, a traybake prepared the day before and baked fresh in the morning helps to give a personal and homely edge to the menu, without the complication that elaborate cakes can place on a small kitchen.I’ve tried to make the recipes a little bit more economical, and replaced some of the butter with sunflower oil. This helps the shelf-life and gives the cakes extra moistness. Don’t overbake the mixtures; remember that cakes will hold their heat for a good five minutes after baking and will effectively continue baking during that time. A traybake needs to be moist, so time it carefully.Be imaginative and look for bargains from your suppliers and local markets. These recipes offer some flexibility, so if you see an offer on cheaper fresh fruit, then see this as your chance. Traybake recipes All recipes make a 25cm square traybake. For a 60cm x 40cm tray, multiply the mix by 4. For a 30-inch x 18-inch tray, multiply the mix by 5 1/2 Chocolate, plum and almond slice Look for interesting local varieties of plums, or source them from a nearby farm, as this fact can be added to the point-of-sale ticket to help sales. I like to place a small bowl or case of fruit by the tray in the shop to really get the fresh fruit message across to customers. If you want to increase the luxuriousness, mix 200g chopped chocolate into the topping. This works very well with ground hazelnuts.For the baseButter, soft200gIcing sugar225gWhole egg, beaten liquid60gPlain flour300gCocoa25gBaking powder5gFor the toppingGround almonds250gSemolina50gButter100gSunflower oil125gLight soft brown sugar250gCocoa25gPlain flour50gVanilla extract10gWhole egg200gFresh firm red plums, stoned and quartered700gFlaked almondsSieved jam to glaze1. Line base of trays with non-stick paper. Place all of the ingredients for the base in the bowl of the mixer and work to a smooth soft paste. Press this into the base of the tin evenly and bake in the deck at 180C top/120C bottom, or fan-assisted oven at 160C, for 25 minutes until dry on top but slightly underbaked.2. For the topping beat all the ingredients (except the plums and flaked almonds) on 3rd speed until smooth. Spoon this onto the base, sit the plums into it so they stick out and upwards, then dust with the flaked almonds.3. Bake in the deck at 180C top/120C bottom, or fan-assisted oven at 160C, for 45 minutes until barely set in the centre. Glaze with warm diluted plum or apricot jam to finish. Rhubarb strawberry crumble Using rhubarb in recipes gives small bakers an edge over the supermarkets, as the flavour is rarely used in bake-off lines. Late-season green British rhubarb can be bought much cheaper, as it lacks the pink colour, but paired with strawberries the colour is restored. Rhubarb juice enhances other fruit flavours, but you can use other red fruit or apple in the recipe instead.For the baseButter100gSunflower oil100gCaster sugar300gWhole egg, beaten liquid100gPlain flour400gBaking powder5gRolled oats75gFor the fruit fillingStrawberries, hulled and halved400gRaw rhubarb, chopped, or firm sour red plums400gIcing sugar50gPotato starch or arrowroot25gBerry jam, any sort150gFor the crumble toppingButter75gSunflower oil25gPlain flour250gCaster sugar175gCold water25mlRolled oats50g1. For the base, place all the ingredients except the oats in the bowl of the mixer and beat on 2nd speed for a few minutes until smooth. Stir in the oats, then spread this on the base of a paper-lined tin. Hands make the best tool here.2. Gently stir the fruit with the icing sugar and starch by hand until it turns sticky. Roughly spread the jam over the base then evenly spread the fruit over this.3. To make the topping, rub the butter and oil into the flour and sugar. Sprinkle the water over and rub again until it just begins to crumble, then stir in the oats and sprinkle over the fruit.4. Bake in deck at 180C top/120C bottom, or fan-assisted oven at 160C, for 80 minutes. Leave until cold in the tray. Fresh apple ginger cake, with lemon icing Fresh chopped apple keeps the cake soft for days and very moist, and fresh pear works equally well. The higher level of spice is quite peppery, and could be given a XXX rating as a way of selling it in your store.The cakeBlack treacle200gHoney or golden syrup75gButter, soft or part melted120gMuscovado sugar200gWhole egg, beaten liquid150gSunflower oil50gDark ale, stout or milk125gBicarbonate of soda10gSpice mix (see below)30g-50gPlain flour375gDried skim milk powder50gPeeled dessert apple, chopped into small pieces250gFor the bulk spice mixture50g each mixed spice and ground ginger, 5g finely ground black pepper and 10g cocoa. Sift together and use as needed.For the icingLemon juice100gIcing sugar600g1. Line base of trays with non-stick paper.2. In a planetary mixer beat treacle, honey, butter and sugar on second speed for 2 minutes until smooth, then add egg, oil and water and beat for another 30 seconds on 2nd speed.3. Sift the bicarb and spices with a little of the flour, then beat this through with the remaining flour on 3rd speed for a few minutes until very smooth.4. Spoon into a tin, allowing for just under double rise in oven. Bake in deck at 180C top/120C bottom, or fan-assisted oven at 160C, for 50-60 minutes or until a skewer inserted comes out clean. Smaller or larger trays need shorter or longer bake time. Leave until cold in the tray.5. To ice, beat the lemon juice with the icing sugar until smooth and spread over the cake.last_img read more

Bakery retailers buck employment trends

first_imgUK figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) have shown the number of people out of work has increased by 128,000 in a three-month period from August to October.Youngsters are thought to be the worst off, with the number of 16- to 24 year-olds without a job currently standing at 1.027 million, the highest figure since records began in 1992.The statistics come at the same time as a survey by Manpower has revealed four out of five employers have no plans to hire workers in the next three months.Hiring expectations were at their lowest level for three years, as results from the survey of 2,100 businesses. With positive numbers implying more employers wanted to increase staff numbers, the national rating now stands at 0%, down from the previous quarter at a rating of +1%.Luke Johnson, founder of private equity firm Risk Capital Partners, said in yesterday’s (Wednesday 14 December) Financial Times that he would be looking to kick-start job creation throughout his businesses by hiring more than 1,000 employees in the next 12 months. This included national chain Patisserie Valerie and London-based Gail’s Artisan Bakery.Johnson said: “There is no single, simple, quick cure. The task needs sustained effort by private and public sectors alike to devise a whole series of stimulants to invigorate the jobs market. I do not believe we face insoluble difficulties. But doing nothing is not an option.”British Baker has recently reported on a wealth of bakery firms hiring new staff, including Brace’s, The Fabulous Bakin’ Boys and Fudges who have all revealed they have or will be growing staff levels in the next year.last_img read more

St. Joseph County has identified its first positive coronavirus test

first_img Pinterest Pinterest Twitter WhatsApp Facebook St. Joseph County has identified its first positive coronavirus test Google+ Twitter CoronavirusIndianaLocalNewsSouth Bend Market WhatsApp Facebook (photo/ABC 57) The St. Joseph County Health Department has confirmed the first positive test for coronavirus in the county.The patient is said to be an adult male who is quarantined at home, and did not require hositalization.The department said they anticipate more cases to be identified from this early round of tests, as results take 2-3 days to be returned.County health officials also said they were prepared for this eventuality and are taking every precaution, while remaining in contact with government, medical and school officials.They are not recommending closing schools.Stay with 953 MNC for further developments. By Tommie Lee – March 11, 2020 2 1184 Google+ Previous articleBerrien County’s chief public defender passes awayNext articleCoronavirus has come to Michiana: Here’s what you need to know Tommie Leelast_img read more

Veterinary Medical Assoc: Don’t give pot to your pets

first_img Veterinary Medical Assoc: Don’t give pot to your pets Pinterest By Network Indiana – August 18, 2020 2 206 Facebook Twitter WhatsApp IndianaLocalNews (Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons) Marijuana isn’t legal in Indiana for either medical or recreational purposes. But, some people have given their pets. Dr. John Howe, immediate past president of the American Veterinary Medical Assoc., says doing that can be dangerous for pets, and can also lead to some expensive vet bills.“It affects pets differently than it does people,” said Howe, preparing for the associations annual convention, which will be all virtual this year. “People think that they’re gonna get high and so if their dog gets it, he’s just gonna get high. But, that’s not the case.Howe said their discussions this year will include both marijuana consumption and coronavirus in pets.He said people used to give their pets pot in the 70s. But since 2010, marijuana consumption by pets has been happening more frequently, and so have the visits to the vet.“They can have seizures or actually go into a coma,” said Howe. He recalled treating a dog that was in a coma.“After thoroughly questioning the people and saying, is there any prescription medication their dog might’ve gotten into, they said, well doc if you won’t call the cops on us. I said, no I won’t. They said, our dog ate a pan of marijuana brownies.”Howe said the dog was on IV fluids and a respirator for two days, along with a temperature warmer, to get the dog out of the coma. “A very expensive treatment,” he said.In addition to a coma and seizures, pets can get depressed, their temperature goes down, they can vomit and drool excessively and howl. Those are all signs of THC poisoning.Howe said people should also refrain from giving their pets CBD products.“CBD is not supposed to contain any more than .3 percent THC. But, it’s not regulated. There are no FDA-approved CBD products for pets. The sky’s the limite as far as what you get out there,” he said.Howe said some research shows there may be some benefits for pets from CBD, but until that research is tested, it should be considered dangerous for pets.The website for the American Veterinary Medical Association is Twitter Facebook WhatsApp Previous articleFour Indiana cities suing streaming servicesNext articleSpike in COVID-19 cases among Notre Dame students Network Indiana Pinterest Google+ Google+last_img read more

Eric Holcomb wins a second term as Indiana Governor

first_img WhatsApp (Photo supplied/State Of Indiana) Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb has won a second four-year term, defeating Democfat Dr. Woody Myers and Libertarian Donald Rainwater.Holcomb easily won his race, despite an outcry of criticism regarding his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.Holcomb’s conservative base has been outspoken regarding the statewide mask mandate he ordered in late summer.Some conservatives called Holcomb’s actions excessive and were, instead, backing Libertarian candidate Donald Rainwater.Holcomb was lieutenant governor under then-Gov. Mike Pence and replaced Pence as the Republican governor candidate in 2016 after Pence became Trump’s vice presidential running mate. Facebook Twitter Google+ Facebook By 95.3 MNC – November 3, 2020 0 149 Google+ Eric Holcomb wins a second term as Indiana Governor Pinterest Twitter Pinterest IndianaLocalNews Previous articleCongressman Jim Banks wins another term in Indiana House District 3Next articleDistrict 2 Congresswoman Jackie Walorski declares victory 95.3 MNCNews/Talk 95.3 Michiana’s News Channel is your breaking news and weather station for northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan. WhatsApplast_img read more