Teddy Hall condoms vandalised

first_imgCommunal condoms have been found vandalised in St. Edmund Hall.The condoms, which were kept in the JCR Welfare room for members of the college, were found to have holes in them, which appeared to have been made with a sharp object.John Pierce, a student at Teddy Hall, claimed to have discovered the vandalism when using the condoms to make jelly ice cubes. He commented, “I went to check on them and every single one of them had a sort of spurt out of the top.”Eloise Stonborough, Teddy Hall’s JCR Welfare Officer, expressed anger at the actions.“I am furious about this, and quite upset that there are individuals in college who, for whatever reason, have decided to put their fellow students in danger.”She further commented, “I am really sorry for the extra worry that this idiot’s actions may have caused.”Dani Quinn, OUSU VP for Welfare, also condemned the action. “I feel concerned for the students who might have been affected in a bad way… I don’t understand why someone would do it, and I think it’s a cruel malicious thing to do.”Quinn advised students who were worried about STIs or pregnancy to use the available Sexual Health Services in Oxford.She recommended the GUM Clinic in Headington and the Alec Turnbull Family Planning Clinic in Cowley as places where, “students are treated really respectfully and you can expect excellent and non-judgemental service.” Quinn also stated that she felt Colleges should support Common Rooms in purchasing discrete ways of distributing condoms, such as dispensers, as they could not “reasonably afford to buy them themselves.”This is not the first time that communal condoms have been vandalised. Similar actions occurred in Wadham in recent years. Condoms kept in a bowl in the Women’s Room were sabotaged, leading to the use of dispensing machines.Stonborough sent an email to all members of Teddy Hall JCR which stated, “I don’t know who did this horrible thing… but I hope you are all aware that this is incredibly anti-social and despicable behaviour.”The email continued, “Teddy Hall, and the University at large, not to mention the country that we live in, promotes using condoms… I hope whoever did this realises that their actions are not going to stop people having sex, but rather are going to put people who are attempting to be responsible about their bodies at unnecessary (and possibly great) risk.”Other JCRs were also warned to be vigilant against such actions by students. Students are advised to take the time and care to check their condoms. Most colleges provide free contraception, and colleges affiiated with OUSU can buy supplies directly from then at discount.last_img

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