Our public school system is corrupt

first_imgTo the Editor:Throughout the reporting of the financial failure of our public school system the talk was about underfunding. Every school district in the US spends more per student on public education than any other developed country in the world. Are our students the best educated in the world? No. Our problem is that our public school systems are highly inefficient and corrupt, riddled with despotism. Over 100 teachers were fired, but I did not read anything about layoffs at the BBOED. I was told by a former employee of the BBOED that there are several positions at the BBOED paying 6 figure salaries (that is $100,000 + p.a.) with nothing to do. These positions simply exist because these employees are friends and family members of board executives. We recently found out in an article in the BCN that the separation of academy students cost the Bayonne public school district 2.5 million dollars per year, money we did not have. This created division within the student body and many academy students, we were told, looked down on the “GP (General Population). What we need is to teach our youth unity and that we all have different talents and capabilities and that, from a societal standpoint, these differences are complementary, not divisive. Someone’s strength complements someone else’s weakness. Thanks to Mayor Davis the BBOED board members are once again elected officials. With elected officials we, the people, are their employers. We hire and fire elected officials on Election Day. Come Election Day in 2018 let us be responsible “employers” and fire those who failed us and hire new officials to serve us better. I ask this paper to help us in this process by publishing an easy to read list of the current members running for re-election and a list of the new candidates including a brief statement from each how they will make our public school system more efficient. ALEXANDER SCHENKlast_img

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