Full Show Audio Of Oteil Burbridge & Friends’ Tribute To Bob Marley In Costa Rica Has Emerged

first_imgLast weekend marked the return of Jungle Jam, a jam scene oriented destination festival held in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica. Among the many performers on the full lineup, the headlining set certainly stood out; a collaboration between Oteil Burbridge, Jeff Sipe, Scott Murawski, John Kadlecik and Jason Crosby. If the recording is any indication, this “Oteil & Friends” set went off better than we ever imagined. The group performed a tribute to Bob Marley, playing reggae favorites like “Could You Be Loved?” and “Three Little Birds.”Thanks to taper Phil Simon, we have full audio of this crazy fun set. Tune in below:Oteil Burbridge heads out on tour with Dead & Company for a number of dates this summer. Check out the newly-updated schedule here.last_img

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