Lotus & Spafford Spend Two Great Nights At The Vic [A Gallery]

first_imgLoad remaining images This weekend, Lotus played two shows at The Vic Theatre in Chicago. The electronic jam band was joined by newcomers Spafford, who have been on the up-and-up in 2016 after selling out two shows in the Windy City earlier this summer. The opening act fully complemented the post-rock, dance-driven group, who also had vocalist Gabe Otto on board for the two-night run.“I’ve really enjoyed listening to Spafford open for these shows, their improv is incredibly patient and locked in,” said Lotus’s Mike Greenfield in a Facebook post. To get a good taste of the band’s style, be sure to listen to their new live album, Live Vol 2 here.Lotus prepared a career-spanning setlist for both nights, with some of their new songs “I’ve Been A Fool,” “Eats The Light,” “Anti-Gravity,” sneaking in from their recent Eat the Light release, which features vocals for the first time in the band’s career. Saturday night’s show closed with a favorited “Crosseyed & Painless” cover of the Talking Heads before taking the stage for Chicago’s final double encore.You can see setlists from both bands below, as well as a full gallery courtesy of Tara Gracer Design & Photography:Setlist: Spafford at The Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL – 11/4/16Set: Electric Taco Stand, All In, People, The Postman > WeaselSetlist: Lotus at The Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL – 11/4/16Set One: L’immueble > Expired Slang, Plant > Sunrain, Sleep When We’re Dead, I’ve Been A Fool, Flower SermonSet Two: Blender, Lead Pipe > Greet The Mind, Pachyderm, Eats the Light, Marisol, WaxEncore: Bush Pilot, Gilded AgeSetlist: Spafford at The Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL – 11/5/16Set: Leave The Light On > Salamander Song, Backdoor Funk, America > Todd’s TotsSetlist: Lotus at The Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL – 11/5/16Set One: Bellwether, Middle Road, Travel > Massif, Neon Tubes, Anti Gravity > SpiritualizeSet Two: Cold Facts, Lucid Awakening, Kesey Seed, Move Too Fast > Intro to a Cell, Crosseyed & PainlessEncore: Umbilical Moonrise, Disappear in a Blood Red Skylast_img

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