The island of Pag as a leader in our tourism. The key word is synergy and proactivity

first_imgAuthors of photos: Tourist agency Perla Pag, Heart Zone – Nordic walking club and association Volim Vlašići (Pedal on Pag). “After three successful active weekends on the island of Pag, we are looking forward to enabling active tourists to get to know the southern part of the island of Pag this coming weekend. We have two attractive disciplines, mountain biking on Saturday, 1.8. in the town of Pag and a day later, .2.8. Nordic walking in Vlašići. In both disciplines you will be able to get to know the most beautiful things that the southern part of the island of Pag has to offer. “, Said Berislav Sokač from Run Croatia. The efforts of the participants will be rewarded with an incredibly impressive view of the town of Pag, the fascinating salt fields, Velebit and the Velebit Channel. On Sunday, August 2, fans of the increasingly popular Nordic walking will have the opportunity to set off on an unusual and interesting trail “Sundial” in Vlašići. It is in the most difficult moments for our tourism that the island of Pag has proven to be a leader in our tourism through synergy and proactivity, despite all the aggravating frameworks. At the very least, the same process is expected from other islands, as the island is one destination and one brand. Of course every start is difficult, there is still a lot of work to complete the whole story, but the synergy of all tourist boards goes further and that is the best news. Many more projects are planned, and I invite everyone to support this great positive example of synergy and proactivity on the island of Pag. It is possible, it only takes will. It would be interesting to see that the CNTB seriously supports this project. At the very least, it is strange that the CNTB did not score on this example and with its support showed in which direction our tourism must go. This is a unique example in our tourism, and they deserve all the support. Personally, if I were the director of the CNTB, I would come to one of the PAG SUMMER OUTDOOR WEEKEND programs and thus send a strong message to everyone in tourism that synergy is imperative. Especially in today’s context, where support for such projects is more than needed. But that’s just my loud thinking. “Join us on one of the most impressive trails of our lunar island. Surrounded by blue skies, white rocks and blue sea, you will enjoy the freedom of existence and movement in the southernmost part of the island. The view from the Sundial on Velebit, the Pag Bridge, the Bay of Ljubac, the islet of Sikavac and the green peaks of the island of Ugljan in the distance will be long in your mind. The trail leads from Vlašić over the hill to the macadam road to the Sundial, which was made in ancient times by a lover of the sun, the sea and the karst of Pag. We will walk eight kilometers. Upon our return, we will refresh ourselves with the Pag snack. At the beginning, you will get short instructions for effective Nordic walking”, Stated the host Silvija Zoković and invited all Nordic walking fans to treat themselves to an unforgettable morning of this year’s summer vacation under expert guidance.   / / / SYNERGY OF TOURIST BOARDS IN ACTION, NOT ONLY ON PAPER. BRAVO FOR TOURIST BOARDS OF THE ISLAND OF PAG “The island of Pag is becoming a destination of a unique tourist offer, from the first shots on the Pag bridge to the northernmost point on the point Luna. We have summed up all the beauties of our longest Adriatic island in this promotional film with which we want to show how much we love our island of Pag and we want a warm year-round welcome to tourists who come to us. We travel as tourists to connect as friends or family with each other, but also with our hosts, new places and beautiful nature, cultural heritage, unforgettable events and island gastronomy. No man is an island for himself, you find your own on the island of Pag” reports from the tourist boards of the island of Pag. The promotional film was made in cooperation and organization of the Tourist Boards of the island of Pag: Novalja Tourist Board, Pag Tourist Board, Kolan Tourist Board, Povljana Tourist Board, Stara Novalja Tourist Board or organized by all tourist boards of the island of Pag and that is the main story. Which is another continuation of the synergy and cooperation signed Agreement on project association of local tourist boards on the island of Pag. Run Croatia and the Kissa Association are in charge of designing, developing and implementing the concept of these attractive events in cooperation with the island’s tourist boards.  On the first day of August, mountain biking enthusiasts set off on a trail with the romantic name “Embrace of stone and wind” that will enjoy the silence of nature and the many unusual and attractive areas shaped by the famous Pag bora. At the very top of Kiršin (263 m) they will be greeted by a field of the only island wind farms in Croatia as a witness to the harmonious combination of past and future. center_img This weekend he is still active on the island of Pag That the signed agreement on the project to the association is not just a letter on paper, the best proof is this year’s excellent new project Pag Outdoor Summer Weekend i.e. the concept of active weeks to be held with licensed and experienced trainers in various forms of active tourism. Bravo for the island of Pag. The island of Pag as a leader in our tourism This weekend continues PAG SUMMER OUTDOOR WEEKEND for all lovers of active tourism and enjoying the beautiful scenery of the lunar island. The aim of this joint project is to promote the island of Pag as a destination for active and gastro tourism and to promote the culture and traditions of the island of Pag which will take place every weekend until the end of August in cooperation with TZG Pag, TZG Novalja, TZO Kolan, TZO Povljana and TZM Stara Novalja. One island and one common vision – a bold step forward to make the island of Pag a tourist destination, which is only logical and ultimately productive. The island of Pag is one destination, like any other island. Film production: Moonstone Production dooProducer: Marko KapitanovićDirector: Antea RatkovićCamera: Marko Kapitanović, Dragan Kovačević, Antea RatkovićEditing: Dragan KovačevićMusic: Bensound – Adventure, Scott Buckley – Ascension Concept and Supervisor: Libra Agency doo New promotional tourist video of the island of Pag says “No Man is an Island..yet we are all looking for one… “last_img

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