Lordhair Indian Human Hair Men’s Toupee Color 1B – Good hair with a horrible front line.

first_imgExcellent hair system, slightly brown but it works for me since i wanted to change my real hair colour to brown. I cut/trimmed it myself and it lays greatly on my head and settled with my own hair. No one ever notice i wear the toupee, instead complimented about my hair style. While the hair piece came with very little hair and not meeting my expectations, the team sorted the issue out for me and promised to look into how to better improve the next batches. This proved they value their customers and want to provid the best product possible. Fast and and exactly what they selling on the images.Great hair systemGood hair with a horrible front line. Good product, maybe not 100% perfect as real hair on your head but it works. Its can take some time to cut and shape it to your head and you need to be careful how to cut the hair to fit your style. First time user/beginner it will not be perfect, you will cut wrong and make some mistake but you learn from it,depends how luckythat’s why i will order it again so i can cut and fix it so its fits perfect on my head. Features of Lordhair Indian Human Hair Men’s Toupee Color 1B with 40% Grey Hair #1B40 HairpieceLordhair-Reg.NO.-012222808.We have NOT AUTHORIZED any other sellers to sell our products. SOLELY SOLD By Lordhair.HUMAN hair, Color #1B40, Grey hair is synthetic (HUMAN HAIR will show white smoke while burning and will turn to ASH; Synthetic hair will show black smoke and will be a sticky ball after burning).Transparent super thin skin (0.08mm) base all over.Single hair strand is vantilated into the skin base and then securely hand-dyed. V-looped hair on front 1/4″ area in distance from front hair line, can achieve a natrual hairline. This also allow the front hairline spiky up or comb backwords.Base size: 8″ width (side to side) x 10″ length (front to back). SummaryReviewer Nathalie DuboisReview Date2018-05-17 06:09:23Reviewed Item Lordhair Indian Human Hair Men’s Toupee Color 1B with 40% Grey Hair #1B40 HairpieceRating 2.0 / 5  stars, based on  5  reviewsPrice£98.99last_img

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