Rooney was, is great and that is not a problem

first_img“Haters gonna hate ” – Great  American Philosopher Kanye West Wayne Rooney entered the record books at Wembley last night. Wazza scored his 50th goal for England and became the nation’s highest ever scorer, breaking a 47 year old record.Rooney is on pace to become England’s highest capped player and Manchester United’s highest goal scorer by the age of 32, if his performances hold up that is.Wayne Rooney is a footballing great in any era, in any league, in any context. But no one seems to care. Twitter, which lights up at the smallest thing stayed asleep, the fans and pundits alike let out a collective sigh, acknowledged the inevitability of the moment and eagerly to move on.Rooney was immensely powerful of a teenager with a low centre of gravity, spatial awareness to drift in the lines, vision to see 50 yard diagonals and a motor which just would not die.Rooney was instantly made the great English hope, but this time it seemed warranted. The kid was that good. The following move to Manchester United allowed for multiple Premiere League titles, a Champions League and worldwide fame.In the eyes of many though, this is not enough. Rooney was expected to be the European Pele, be otherworldly and once it became clear he wasn’t, the people moved on. Rooney’s near completeness, his ability to technically do anything he wanted on the pitch with incredible physical attributes, turned against him.The 18 year old played almost all his life with this weight on his shoulders, while his managers used him on the left, right, in the middle, everywhere and wherever help was needed.advertisementRooney toiled away, became a hot streak striker, struggled in tournaments for England and sometimes lit the world on fire, the shadow of 2004 haunted him wherever he turned up. Like any great career.They had hyped him up, so he became overrated. But as first impressions rarely change in sports, people forgot to re-calibrate their opinion and in the process he was so overrated that he became underrated.So now they say that he’s okay  but should’ve been more. Well, the question to ask is can’t Messi be more if he was 6 ft. and stronger? Can’t Ronaldo be more if he started passing more? Can’t Ozil be better if he started shooting more?When the idealistic argument is made in football, like many times in defence of Wenger, his lack of tangible success is brought up. When it comes to measuring Rooney’s greatness, his contribution is forgotten and the argument is around ‘potential’.He’s going to be 30 years old soon, he is what he is, and that’s a damned good player.Wayne Rooney, if he keeps his current pace, will end up as the top 5 international scorers from Europe of all time, will amass over 130 caps, will add to his already numerous titles and will end as Manchester United’s number 10 for nearly a decade.That’s a great career and that’s an all time great player.Rooney is great and that is not a problem.last_img

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