BlueStacks makes the Surface Pro feel like the Surface RT

first_imgOne of the interesting results of the rise of mobile apps are situations where a certain app is more useful that its web-based counterpart. Bluestacks has done a fantastic job bringing Android apps to Windows and Mac, but their latest push, which claims to be optimized for Windows 8 and the Surface Pro, is nothing short of false advertising.It’s not news that Windows 8 is lacking Metro apps — Windows RT is a graveyard compared to iOS, Android, or even the recently released BlackBerry 10. BlueStacks offers Android apps on traditional Windows and OS X systems, and BlueStacks noted that users have been clamoring for their service to make its way to Windows 8 and the Surface Pro. BlueStacks went all out, setting up the domain and releasing a statement about how their service was optimized for the new experience.Android apps run through BlueStacks are all touch-enabled, full-screen ready, and they play nicely with the Windows 8 multitasking system in many cases. The BlueStacks UI even looks good on Windows 8, fitting in well with the Modern UI. Unfortunately, when you go to use it, something goes wrong…BlueStacks is miserably slow on the Surface Pro. The UI doesn’t respond to touch elements very well, and it handled scrolling through a list of apps even worse. Once you finally find an app to install, opening the app is slow enough to make you think that BlueStacks just didn’t pick up your input the first time.Once the app finally does load, the experience is not great. When compared to apps that already exist on Windows 8, like Fruit Ninja and IM+, it felt more like a bogged down Surface RT than the tablet PC capable of running Diablo 3. When you decide to uninstall an app, you are met with oddly stretched menus that are pretty clearly not optimized for the hardware it is currently running on.Nothing about the BlueStacks experience on the Surface Pro is acceptable, and it’s the furthest possible thing from “optimized” that you could expect from a firm whose goal is to make apps multi-platform. For a company that claims that their goal is to “get people more value out of their Surface Pro and Win8 devices” there’s a lot of room for improvement.last_img

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