Firefox Nightly gets full Windows 8 UI

first_imgMozilla continues working towards a Windows 8-friendly Firefox, and the latest update to the Nightly build shows that the development is finally heading into the home stretch. If all goes well, it should be just two more cycles (or about twelve weeks) before the Windows 8 interface makes its way to the final release channel.When launched from the Windows 8 Start Screen, Firefox features a much different look than it does on the desktop. The interface is more reminiscent of Firefox for Android, really. Mozilla has followed the Windows 8 app design guidelines laid out by Microsoft. However, instead of placing the address bar at the bottom of the screen as IE10 does it remains at the top just below the tab thumbnail strip.It’s not a perfect experience, as ZDNet’s Ed Bott also discovered. Windows 8 contracts aren’t fully supported yet, so you can’t use the Charm Bar to share URLs with your friends. Touch support is also quite rough around the edges still, so actions like pinch-to-zoom don’t always have the desired effect. It also appears that Sync is not current enabled and profile data is not shared between the two Firefox apps yet. Sites that I had just opened recently on my desktop didn’t appear when switching to the Windows 8 Firefox app, and my bookmarks list was empty.With the Windows 8 interface nearly ready for prime time, Mozilla will move quickly to get all the necessary under-the-hood bits in place to make the Firefox experience on Windows 8 a seamless one. In the meantime, intrepid testers can take an early flick through Foundation’s progress by grabbing a fresh download from

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