What happens when you put a pool table into an industrial shredder

first_imgIn the grand internet tradition of the “Will It Blend?” series, wherein a host puts objects into a blender to see if it will be destroyed, everyone loves watching some harmless, wanton destruction. If you’re tired of blenders, or perhaps stopped watching the series when a standard housekey demolished the blender, and are looking for a new series to satiate your destructive tendencies, SSI’s Shred of the Month should suffice. Rather than a blender, objects are placed into an industrial shredder. This month, a full-sized pool table is the unfortunate victim.An industrial shredder is much larger than a countertop blender, so while it was always fun watching a brand-new smartphone blended into a fine dust, SSI’s industrial shredder can accomodate much more sizable objects. From an entire set of bowling pins and balls, to a Volkswagon Beetle, SSI has demolished many large objects for our amusement.This week, SSI gives a pool table its last rites by playing one last game on it, then dumps it into the shredder.Though full-size, the pool table does seem lightweight, considering one average-sized man was able to flip it over in a fit of choreographed rage. This particular table is more akin to the one your friend’s dad had in his den when you were in middle school, rather than the ones you find at a billiards clubs. Still, though, it’s a full-sized table, and in a matter of seconds it becomes a pile of mulch.last_img

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