Reddit has a crazy Game of Thrones community that welcomes fans biggest

first_imgThe internet is the Wild West of information, and for decades people have worked hard to tame the chaos and establish order. Organization, along with a shared affection for a subject, are the two pillars of an online community. On Reddit, you’ll often see subreddits fracture and split off based on a desire for different rules or a change in focus. This is very well-illustrated by Reddit’s diverse Game of Thrones fandom. Groups exist that are fans of the books, the TV show, and even specific family houses. They’re very different places, but all have one thing in common. For the most part, they frown upon spoilers, but there’s one Game of Thrones community where you can say whatever you want. Where spoilers are not avoided, but celebrated.You would probably say it’s just a tale, something Old Nan would have spun on a long winter’s night. Yet, I tell you it is true. Hewn from the type of people who exist north of the Wall, /r/freefolk/ has taken Reddit Game of Thrones fandom by storm, becoming a clearinghouse of show leaks and spoilers. Those leaks might not began on the subreddit, but they found a welcoming home and the people with an appetite for them that borders on maniacal.If you were one of the people who sought out spoilers during season six of the show, they probably came from one of the heroes of the Free Folk, Truede. While I have not met Truede, I hear he is eight feet tall with hair the color of fire and fists like Valyrian steel. He came from the land of wildlings and giants, with a sack full of show leaks, and people turned him away, community after community. All the while blogs and websites posted Truede and other Free Folk info happily without, for the most part, even acknowledging they existed. With some exceptions, of course. On /r/freefolk/, Truede has delivered the goods and instead of deleted posts, like you will find on other subreddits, here you find pleas for him to speak up and dish out more of that forbidden information.The community has seen explosive growth during this season of the TV show, and with bigger numbers we see a confidence in the mission of the community. The Free Folk are so dedicated to their cause that recently they took to battling another subreddit, /r/dreadfort/ and their overlords the Boltons, mirroring the plot of the show. Can you guess who the Free Folk think won that battle?Why do people join the Free Folks? It’s not just because of the spoilers, although that is certainly a driver. No, instead the Free Folk have come together because they want a place they can feel free. Which in the increasingly moderated spaces of fandom is becoming a difficult place to find. So, if you love Game of Thrones and refuse to take the knee no matter the consequences, point your browser towards the home of the Free Folk.This post is dedicated to Wun Wun. You were too beautiful for this world.last_img

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