BENS BLOG Only FlatEarthers think the Greyhound Derby should not go to

first_img[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his year, we have enjoyed two fabulous turn-ups for the books; in the Brexit and Donald Trump victories.‎ However, this does not now mean, we should start gambling with something far more important; the next home of the Greyhound Derby.Sittingbourne have entered the race, because Roger Cearns has a go at everything (and that’s a great way to be).Sheffield have really been entered into the race, late on, because some think the big race should be run, in the North of England, just for the reason of it being in the North, rather than the South. ‎Err, does this ACTUALLY need to be commented on, Blog?Towcester have the best facilities. The most invigorated management-team. And they also have some stuff called; ‘money’ (HAVE YOU HEARD OF IT?).In other news:Blog, I recently recommended “Rules of Modern Life” to you. Well, it’s proving to be a delicious holiday read, and I’d like you to watch this interview, with it’s writer; Sir David Tang.‎ Sir D, is a gambler, and says that we should all embrace risk. As nobody has ever become a GREAT person, without taking risks to do so. What a wonderful attitude he has. AND WHY ARENT THERE MORE PEOPLE LIKE HIM?Over and out, B xlast_img

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