Wasaya Airways VP accused of racking up thousands in personal charges on

first_imgBy Kenneth Jackson and Cullen CrozierAPTN InvestigatesAround the same time Transport Canada inspectors were finding major safety violations at Wasaya Airways last March, the board of directors was informed that one of company’s vice-presidents may have stolen thousands of dollars using his corporate credit card.The board was told immediate action would be taken to strip Jonathon Mamakwa’s credit card and they’d also get Mamakwa to repay the money they allege he had taken.The internal emails describing the allegations suggest some of the money was spent at casinos.While the board was first learning of this, Transport Canada was inspecting Wasaya’s safety management system and found it to be in non-compliance with regulations as APTN Investigates reported Feb. 27.See also: Debt-ridden Wasaya Airways in ‘danger of collapsing’ forced to sell assetsVisa records obtained by APTN, and interviews with confidential sources, suggest Mamakwa misused more than $160,000.But after the March board meeting the card wasn’t immediately cut off.In fact, documents allege Mamakwa kept misusing it, and the first meeting to try to resolve the issue didn’t take place until late June.According to sources, this created apparent friction between Wasaya Airways president Tom Morris and Wasaya Group’s former president Tom Kam who wanted the card taken away. Kam inquired about the situation on July 5.“Did Tom M do anything with Jonathan’s visa?” Kam wrote in an email to Maureen Sitch, the vice-president of finance for Wasaya Airways.“(Morris) talked to him about it but Jonathon used it again this past week for a cash advance at the casino. So Tom said he would talk to him again. He didn’t take it away that I know of,” Sitch responded in an email.A few days later Kam met with Sitch and discussed the matter further, according to emails.Kam then approached Morris directly July 12 in an email.“What’s happening with his credit card? You need to fix this,” said Kam.Morris wrote Kam saying “it will be fixed.”The card was apparently taken away and a repayment plan was scheduled the board was told July 17, according to documents and sources.But that didn’t sit well with Kam.It also wasn’t enough for Gordon Beardy, chief of Muskrat Dam First Nation which is one of 12 First Nations that own Wasaya Airways.Beardy, and the board of directors, directed Kam to file a police complaint because they didn’t believe simply paying the money back was acceptable.“Chief Beardy believes this is wrong, it is wrong to steal from us, the owners. and (sic) he would like to see an investigation into this,” wrote Kam July 26 to the chief of Thunder Bay police.It’s believed this was one of the last actions by Kam as president of the Wasaya Group as he had already planned to resign months prior.However, jurisdiction to investigate the matter wasn’t with Thunder Bay police but rather with Anishinbek police, Wasaya was told.So Kam’s replacement as acting president of Wasaya Group, MaryEllen Thomas, was directed by the board to contact Anishinbek police with the same fraud complaint against Mamakwa.APTN was told Thomas did just that and provided the Anishinabek police with documents to show the alleged misuse of money.According to Anishinabek Police Sgt. Rob Pelletier, a fraud complaint was officially made by the Wasaya board on Aug. 8.But a day later, the board of directors was fired by a majority vote of the ownership chiefs, according to sources. This was confirmed by two of the fired board members. The chiefs then took the place of the fired directors and became the new board of directors.A week later, Thomas was suspended and her work email disabled. A couple of days later she was fired, APTN was told.But the investigation by Anishnabek police had already started.Police told Wasaya they would be coming to their headquarters in Thunder Bay later that month as part of the investigation.On Aug. 15, investigators “instructed” Wasaya on a few points prior to their arrival. That was also a day before Thomas was fired.Police wanted Wasaya to secure all files related to Mamakwa’s credit card and take “all the necessary measures to prevent access and secure all company property from” him.Investigators also instructed Wasaya to immediately terminate the lease payments to Mamakwa’s company vehicle, according to an internal company email.According to a document, Wasaya had agreed to pay for a company vehicle for Mamakwa but the ownership of the vehicle was found to be in Mamakwa’s name and not Wasaya’s. This was apparently against company policy.Then on Aug. 28 police arrived at Wasaya in Thunder Bay.Sgt. Pelletier told APTN that upon their arrival a “representative” of Wasaya handed them a letter, telling them they weren’t needed and that the matter of the alleged fraud was being handled internally.Police immediately dropped the investigation.When questioned, Pelletier said any questions about why the investigation was dropped should be directed to Wasaya. He said in his mind Wasaya made the complaint and Wasaya was taking it back.According to sources, the letter informing police that the matter would be handled internally was written by Sandy Lake First Nation Chief Bart Meekis, also now chair of the board made up of chiefs, and Kingfisher Lake Chief James Mamakwa, who is the cousin of Jonathan Mamakwa.It’s believed the letter was handed to police by Morris.In another twist, when the board was suddenly fired by the chiefs, the majority of ownership chiefs ripped up the resignation letters of Tom Morris and Jonathan Mamakwa. They both had planned on resigning months earlier for unconfirmed reasons.APTN has copies of their resignation letters.But even before the board was fired, not everyone wanted them to quit.In May, Morris’ cousin and chief of Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug First Nation, Donny Morris wrote the former board saying they wouldn’t accept either of the men’s resignations.Donny Morris said he wasn’t part of the vote to fire the board because Morris is his cousin.APTN has learned Jonathan Mamakwa was earning approximately $142,000 with an option for bonuses at the time. He’s currently listed as the vice-president of customer relations and business development. His bio says he used to work for the Kingfisher First Nation.Tom Morris has refused to comment on “internal” Wasaya matters after first offering to meet with APTN in person by flying a reporter to Thunder Bay and paying for their hotel accommodations.The allegations that Jonathan Mamakwa misused a company credit card were put before him in an email to his boss Tom Morris so he could have the opportunity to respond to them.Morris responded “no comment.”kjackson@aptn.caccrozier@aptn.calast_img read more

Maha 3 women on morning walk crushed to death by vehicle

first_imgPune: Three women were killed when an unidentified vehicle knocked them down while they were on a morning walk in Maharashtra’s Pune district on Wednesday, police said. The vehicle driver sped away after crushing the women to death near Udapur village in Junnar tehsil on Ahmednagar- Kalyan Highway, an official at Otur police station said. “It seems the incident took place between 5.30 am and 6 am when an unidentified vehicle hit the women while they were on a morning walk. All the three women died on the spot,” he said. The deceased were identified as Meerabai Dhamale (60), Kamal Dhamale (65) and Changunabai Gaykar (70), all residents of Dhamalemala area in Otur town, he said. A case was registered and a search was on for the vehicle and its driver, he added.last_img read more

Tetanus the target of UNICEFfunded campaign across Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone launched a week-long national campaign against tetanus today in which the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is funding the provision of a vaccine to over 1 million women and almost 100,000 children to combat the potentially deadly disease, which often occurs after an acute injury, such as a puncture wound or laceration. The West African nation has one of the highest infant and maternal mortality rates in the world, with 167 out of every 1,000 children dying before their fifth birthday and 1,300 women dying for every 100,000 live births, UNICEF said in a press release. Eliminating maternal and newborn tetanus will help to cut those rates and the campaign is expected to increase community awareness on the importance of maternal and child health.“Sierra Leone cannot afford to be left behind in the global campaign to reduce infant deaths due to modern vaccines and medical breakthroughs,” said UNICEF Representative Geert Cappelaere, while visiting a vaccination centre in the capital Freetown.The Integrated Child Survival Campaign on Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus will run until 23 April, and involves the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, the World Health Organization (WHO), and other partners in providing 1.2 million women of child-bearing age and 85,000 children aged six months to five years with tetanus toxoid vaccine, deworming and iron folate. According to the Minister of Health and Sanitation, Abator Thomas, the campaign will ensure that cost-effective measures are applied to save children from unnecessary death due to vaccine-preventable diseases such as neonatal tetanus, and also that children will have unhindered access to the Pentavalent, or five-in-one, vaccine.UNICEF is providing at least 1.1 million doses of tetanus toxoid vaccine, almost 1,900 tins of vitamin A, more than 20,500 tins of deworming tablets and 8,800 tins of iron, as well as support for social mobilisation, technical aspects and the training of volunteers, worth over $1.4 million.More than 7,000 vaccinators and volunteers from the Ministry of Health and Sanitation are being deployed in 900 peripheral health units and other temporary fixed points, including schools across the country to support the campaign. The involvement of district councils will ensure that no child is left out.Neonatal tetanus accounts for 14 per cent of all deaths in newborn babies in Sierra Leone as a result of unhygienic birth practices, especially when tetanus contaminates the baby’s umbilical cord at the time it is cut or dressed after delivery. Maternal tetanus strikes a woman during pregnancy or within six weeks of the termination of pregnancy. It is caused by a contamination from tetanus bacteria through wounds linked to abortions or deliveries that are unsafe or unclean. 16 April 2007Sierra Leone launched a week-long national campaign against tetanus today in which the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is funding the provision of a vaccine to over 1 million women and almost 100,000 children to combat the potentially deadly disease, which often occurs after an acute injury, such as a puncture wound or laceration. read more

Darfur UN envoy arrives in Khartoum for talks with Sudanese officials

During his three-day visit, Jan Eliasson, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s Special Envoy for Darfur, will meet with senior Government officials in Khartoum, UN spokesperson Marie Okabe said today in New York. Mr. Eliasson will also meet with representatives of internally displaced persons and civil society groups, UN agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), as well as local authorities in Darfur.An international meeting was held in Tripoli on 15 and 16 July to assess the progress over the past months towards holding peace talks in Darfur, where more than 200,000 people have been killed and at least 2 million others displaced from their homes amid brutal fighting since 2003.Participants at the meeting adopted a communiqué reconfirming the African Union (AU) -UN leadership of the political process in partnership with regional actors,” Ms. Okabe stated. The meeting marked the conclusion of the first phase of the joint UN-AU road map for the Darfur peace process, which calls on all parties to cease hostilities and prepare for forthcoming negotiations. It also launched the second – or pre-negotiation – phase, which involves “shuttle diplomacy” to both the Government in the capital Khartoum and to non-signatories to last year’s Darfur Peace Agreement (DPA).Participants endorsed the proposal of the two envoys to convene a meeting from 3 to 5 August in the Tanzanian city of Arusha, with “leading personalities” of the non-signatory movements with a view to holding a first round of negotiations before the end of August.They also agreed that invitations for the new round of negotiations should be issued by the AU Chairperson and the UN Secretary-General, before the end of August 2007.Convened by the UN and the AU, the Tripoli meeting was also attended by officials from Sudan, Canada, Chad, China, Egypt, Eritrea, France, Italy, Libya, the Netherlands, Norway, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, United States, the European Union and the League of Arab States. 17 July 2007The United Nations senior envoy for Darfur has arrived in Khartoum from the Libyan capital Tripoli, where he co-chaired two days of talks on fostering a settlement in the strife-torn region of Sudan. read more

Fight against drugs and crime in southeast Europe gets boost with UN

21 May 2009Tackling the challenges posed by illicit drugs and organized crime in south-east Europe is one of the major priorities of a new agreement boosting cooperation between the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC). Tackling the challenges posed by illicit drugs and organized crime in south-east Europe is one of the major priorities of a new agreement boosting cooperation between the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC). South-East Europe has become a low-crime region after the conflict and violence of the 1990s, according to a UNODC report published this month, entitled “Crime and Its Impact on the Balkans.” However, it adds that the region remains vulnerable due to enduring links between business, politics and organized crime.The memorandum of understanding signed today in Vienna between the two bodies lays out the basis for technical assistance, as well as facilitating the sharing of knowledge and best practices in order to build security and the rule of law in the region. Franz Baumann, UNODC’s Acting Deputy Executive Director, said the pact will pave the way for closer integration of south-east Europe with the rest of the continent.Among other things, the memorandum aims to strengthen national criminal justice systems and the protection of human rights, while promoting the independence and integrity of institutions by tackling corruption. It will also include efforts to address money-laundering and the financing of terrorism, as well as asset recovery, in addition to support for the prevention and treatment of drug-related problems, including the spread of HIV/AIDS.A number of joint activities are planned between UNODC and the RCC – a body launched in February to succeed the Stability Pact for South-eastern Europe – including in the areas of training, research and awareness raising. read more

UN health agency says new malaria study offers hope for innovative treatment

The study of 701 children in Tanzania, published in The Lancet, “opens up an exciting new possibility of reducing the impact of malaria in young children,” WHO said in a statement.The research, which was supported by WHO, the UN Development Programme (UNDP) and the World Bank, monitored infants who received the anti-malarial drug sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine — or a placebo — together with the second and third doses of Diphtheria, Pertussis and Tetanus (DPT) vaccine and with the measles vaccine.According to WHO, the intervention was shown to cut the prevalence of severe malaria and associated anaemia by about half. Adding the treatment would cost just 25 cents. “The results of this study open up an important way to reduce the toll of death from anaemia and malaria in infants,” the statement said.Responding to the study’s results, WHO and its partners in the Rollback Malaria initiative agreed to “proceed rapidly with the further work needed to validate these findings in other malaria affected areas, to confirm the safety of the intervention and to tackle the logistical issues which need to be overcome in order to propose this intervention to the governments of countries with a high burden of malaria.” WHO estimates that there are 300-500 million cases of malaria every year. Rollback Malaria brings together UN agencies and other partners in an effort to halve the number of cases by the year 2010. read more

Asian stock markets quiet amid public holidays 2 days after Federal Reserve

by Pamela Sampson, The Associated Press Posted Sep 20, 2013 1:24 am MDT Asian stock markets quiet amid public holidays, 2 days after Federal Reserve fueled big rally AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email BANGKOK – Japan’s benchmark stock index fell Friday while markets elsewhere in Asia were quiet or closed, two days after the Fed announced it would keep its unprecedented stimulus program in place.The Nikkei 225 index in Tokyo gave up early gains and fell 0.2 per cent to 14,736.44. Markets elsewhere also ran out of gas following big rallies that were sparked by the U.S. Federal Reserve’s surprise decision Wednesday to maintain its $85 billion in monthly asset purchases.Many traders had expected the Fed to start scaling back its asset purchase program, instituted in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis to help keep afloat a recession-mired U.S. economy. The program was used to increase the flow of money available for loans to spur growth, and also push down interest rates.The low interest rate environment proved a boon for stock markets, where investors fled with their money in search of higher returns.That is a key reason why stock markets rejoiced when the Fed left its “quantitative easing” program untouched earlier this week — even though the Fed is maintaining the program because the U.S. economic recovery is weak.Trading throughout Asia was muted Friday, largely due to public holidays. Markets in Hong Kong, mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea and Malaysia were closed.Australia’s S&P/ASX 200 fell 0.4 per cent to 5,272.10. Benchmarks in Indonesia, New Zealand and Singapore fell, while the PSE Composite index in Manila rose.On Wall Street, the Dow Jones industrial average fell 0.3 per cent Thursday to close at 15,636.55. The Standard & Poor’s 500 fell 0.2 per cent, to 1,722.34. The Nasdaq composite rose 0.2 per cent, to 3,789.38.Now that the Fed has spoken, investors will likely begin turning their focus to Washington and the political fighting between the White House and Congress over the approaching debt ceiling. It must be raised by Oct. 1 to avoid a government shutdown. Failure to do so could lead to the first-ever national default in U.S. history.Market volatility will increase as the deadline approaches, said Evan Lucas of IG in Melbourne, Australia.“This is the next key thing,” Lucas said. “A lot of people are looking for a reason to sell.”Benchmark oil for October delivery was down 30 cents to $106.09 per barrel in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange. The contract fell $1.68 to close at $106.39 a barrel on the Nymex on Thursday.In currencies, the euro fell slightly to $1.3533 from $1.3534 late Thursday. The dollar fell to 99.32 yen from 99.37 yen.___Follow Pamela Sampson on Twitter at http://twitter.com/pamelasampson read more

Supreme Court confirms legal victory by Dunkin Donuts Quebec franchisees

by The Canadian Press Posted Mar 17, 2016 11:16 am MDT Last Updated Mar 17, 2016 at 1:40 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email OTTAWA – Former franchisees that ran coffee shops under the Dunkin’ Donuts banner in Quebec have won a 13-year battle against the parent company.The Supreme Court of Canada on Thursday dismissed a request to hear an appeal of a Quebec Court of Appeal decision last year.The ruling forces Dunkin’ Brands Canada Ltd. to pay the 21 former operators of 32 locations in the province nearly $18 million, including interest and legal costs.The former franchisees sued the company in 2003 for failing to live up to its obligation to promote the U.S. donut chain’s brand in Quebec as it faced growing competition from Tim Hortons.The company had alleged that the franchisees didn’t manage the brand according to its standards.In 2012, the Quebec Superior Court ruled in favour of the franchisees, cancelled their leases and contracts, and ordered Dunkin’ Donuts to pay $16.4 million in damages.Three years later, the Court of Appeal unanimously upheld the ruling but reduced the award to $10.9 million.Only four Dunkin’ Donuts locations remain in Quebec, all in the Montreal area. Supreme Court confirms legal victory by Dunkin’ Donuts Quebec franchisees read more

Sandviks new automationready ITH underground production drill rig

first_imgThe new Sandvik DU412i is the first in its next generation of in-the-hole (ITH) underground production drill rigs. Automation-ready, it is built on a modular standardized platform, delivering a truly flexible automated ITH longhole production and service hole drill.Sandvik DU412i incorporates a completely new design, built on the proven Sandvik 400 range of centre articulated, carrier-mounted ITH drill rigs. The Sandvik 400 range is ideal for highly accurate production drilling, as well as drilling service holes and slot raises. It drills with ITH hammers that are powered by on-board high-pressure screw boosters. These can be used to drill holes with a diameter of 89 to 216 mm. The compressor control system controls the flow of air to remain constant, not just unloading when the pressure reaches maximum, which increases safety interlocks and full-time monitoring and data collection.The updated drill module has fully modular feed, carousel and centralizers, facilitating maintenance  and reducing service costs. At the same time it also has a rebuildable/reconfigurable system that allows for application changes at a later date and gives the customer the ability to change drill application by bolting on the new components that are needed.Radio remote tramming gives the operator the possibility to tram and setup the unit without being in the operator area, increasing safety and allowing extremely precise setup, with excellent visibility of the work area. The tramming can be done on either diesel power or using the electric power pack. The power pack is a multi-voltage compliant system that gives customers freedom to move the drill from one country to another. The drill operates easily in different networks ranging from 380 V-1,000 V and both 50 and 60 Hz.The onboard control system of Sandvik DU412i provides information on drilled holes such as angles, depth and penetration rate. Coupled with IREDES drill plan handling and drill diagnostics, consistent daily drill reports will improve and speed up the information that is available to engineering and operations departments. The radio remote functionalities also allow multiple units to be run from an operator command centre, from which one operator is able to run several units at the same time.last_img read more

Intel invests millions in university research but demands open source tech in

first_imgThere’s a reason that universities around the world support research and development. For every good idea that is generated through R&D funded by the university, there’s the possibility of lucrative licensing deals, new companies and investment, and patents.We are all experiencing the mess that patents causes, you only have to look at the number of mobile patent lawsuits there are to see how ridiculous a situation is. Technology companies realize this, and some of the biggest players in the tech field are taking action to stop it happening in the future. One of those companies is Intel.Intel wants to and needs to invest in research, and part of that effort involves supporting students at universities. The company does this through a range of measures including creating Intel Science and Technology Centers (ISTC) on campus, focused on specific areas of technology development. Intel offers to fund such centers with $2.5 million a year for 5 years going directly to the university. In return, Intel provides an “investigator” who works alongside an representative from the University. Both support three Intel/academic researchers.This all sounds great for the university, but there is one other clause to them signing up for a center. The university and the researchers have to agree that everything they create and develop must be open sourced.By including that stipulation Intel sidesteps all the problems that come with patents. Instead, anyone can use the end result of the research without fear of lawsuits or royalties.If you are wondering if enforced open source is putting universities off signing up to host ISTCs, it isn’t. Stanford University has a Visual Computing ISTC, Berkeley has a Secure Computing center, and Carnegie Mellon has both a Cloud Computing and Embedded Computing ISTC.via Innovation Excellence and IntelMatthew’s OpinionAlthough it may surprise some that a private company focused on technology innovation would decide to do this, it makes a lot of sense for Intel.Intel is a massive company with huge turnover and therefore a desirable target for patent lawsuits due to the potential payouts. Intel makes its money off the sale of hardware, and it is very good at manufacturing cutting-edge components. If someone at an ISTC comes up with a better way to design transistors or cut power consumption for x86 processors, for example, Intel will be first to market with the technology because they are setup to do that. It doesn’t matter if the idea is open source, Intel will likely get there first and competitors are welcome to follow.By encouraging the brightest minds Intel also gets first dibs on hiring these people. If you give someone funding and time to develop their ideas, offering them a job at the end of that process is likely going to be met with gratitude and a very motivated new employee. That bodes very well for their future work and directly influences the success of Intel as a company.I am hoping such thinking spreads to other technology-focused companies and we can see an end to the wasteful and expensive patent lawsuits that ultimately end up stifling innovation and crippling smaller companies unable to fund court room battles.last_img read more

Firefox Nightly gets full Windows 8 UI

first_imgMozilla continues working towards a Windows 8-friendly Firefox, and the latest update to the Nightly build shows that the development is finally heading into the home stretch. If all goes well, it should be just two more cycles (or about twelve weeks) before the Windows 8 interface makes its way to the final release channel.When launched from the Windows 8 Start Screen, Firefox features a much different look than it does on the desktop. The interface is more reminiscent of Firefox for Android, really. Mozilla has followed the Windows 8 app design guidelines laid out by Microsoft. However, instead of placing the address bar at the bottom of the screen as IE10 does it remains at the top just below the tab thumbnail strip.It’s not a perfect experience, as ZDNet’s Ed Bott also discovered. Windows 8 contracts aren’t fully supported yet, so you can’t use the Charm Bar to share URLs with your friends. Touch support is also quite rough around the edges still, so actions like pinch-to-zoom don’t always have the desired effect. It also appears that Sync is not current enabled and profile data is not shared between the two Firefox apps yet. Sites that I had just opened recently on my desktop didn’t appear when switching to the Windows 8 Firefox app, and my bookmarks list was empty.With the Windows 8 interface nearly ready for prime time, Mozilla will move quickly to get all the necessary under-the-hood bits in place to make the Firefox experience on Windows 8 a seamless one. In the meantime, intrepid testers can take an early flick through Foundation’s progress by grabbing a fresh download from nightly.mozilla.org.last_img read more

Varadkar says FG would consider supporting FF if it won most seats

first_img https://jrnl.ie/4807249 Share201 Tweet Email Friday 13 Sep 2019, 4:30 PM 19,509 Views Who will be Taoiseach after the election? Image: Rollingnews.ie? Short URL Fri 9:32 AM By Sean Murray We certainly would not entertain a situation whereby we were the largest party in the Dáil and were then somehow asked to facilitate the second, fourth and fifth party in forming a government.When asked whether he’s confident that he would still be at the helm of Fine Gael should such a scenario come to pass Varadkar said he will want to remain on as leader.“Our party rules are there for anyone to see, if after an election we’re not forming a government then there’s a ballot of Oireachtas members whether they want me to continue or not but I will want to continue in that circumstance,” he said.‘No free pass’While signalling Fine Gael may support Fianna Fáil in such a circumstance, Varadkar also went on the attack in radio interviews this morning.The Taoiseach accused Fianna Fáil of “promising everything to everyone” and said that just because they haven’t collapsed the government yet “doesn’t give them a free pass”.Speaking earlier to Newstalk Breakfast, Varadkar said “with every election it’s difficult” when asked how he rated his party’s chances next year.“I think the two main parties are evenly matched,” he said. “People will be deciding whether they want me or Micheál Martin to be Taoiseach.”Earlier this week, Martin said it was the right decision to wait until next year for a general election.“There can’t be an election if the prospect of a no-deal is there on the horizons,” he said. “Our preference is to be the lead party in a government with smaller parties… I think there will be a fragmented Dáil in the next election”, Martin said, adding that the ‘two-party system’ of Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael is “gone”. With reporting from Christina Finn 96 Comments Image: Rollingnews.ie? Updated Fri 4:30 PM IF FINE GAEL comes second to Fianna Fáil in the upcoming general election, the party would “have to be willing” to enter negotiations for a confidence and supply agreement, according to Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.Varadkar’s Fine Gael government has been kept in power through the current agreement with Fianna Fáil, and the Taoiseach said yesterday he wanted the country to go to the polls in May 2020.Speaking to RTÉ Radio One’s Morning Ireland programme, Varadkar said he felt Fianna Fáil had “done the right thing” by supporting the government as the risks associated with Brexit have remained.After the 2016 general election, Fianna Fáil eventually agreed to support Fine Gael in power for three budgets, by committing to not bring down the government or vote against it on key votes, as long as Fine Gael upheld its end of the bargain.This support has continued into this year, with the ongoing Brexit threats meaning Fianna Fáil hasn’t brought down the government yet. “If the shoe is on the other foot, we would have to give consideration in that circumstance”, he said when asked if Fine Gael would support a Fianna Fáil government if Micheál Martin’s party held the most seats but without a majority after the next election. Any confidence and supply agreement would have to reflect Fine Gael policies, he added.Grand coalitionVaradkar also faced questions about confidence and supply from reporters at the Fine Gael think-in in east Cork today.He clarified that his party would only consider supporting Fianna Fáil in the arrangement if the Soldiers of Destiny won more seats in the next Dáil. It would not do so if Fianna Fáil garnered less seats but managed to build a larger coalition.He explained: Varadkar says FG would consider supporting FF if it won most seats — but not if it had a larger coalition The Taoiseach has said he wants to have a general election in May 2020. Who will be Taoiseach after the election? Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Andrew Liveris plots Australian investments

first_imgDow Chemical CEO and chairman Andrew Liveris has announced there’s every chance the US-based chemical company will be looking for new investment opportunities, and Australia could be its next port of call. “Dow’s capital expenditure cycle will be reaching a peak this year. Beyond 2017 our cash flow forecasts suggest we will be looking for more investments,” 61-year-old Mr Liveris told The Australian this week during a whistle-stop visit down under.“We are a company that is growing organically. We are at record profits, record cash flows, record numbers of patents, record new products, but we are restless for growth. We have a tremendous number of investment opportunities in front of us that we are prioritising,” he said, adding that the next 12 to 18 months would be a critical period for Dow as it rolled out several new major projects.Dow is involved in a start-up of a new chemical complex in Saudi Arabia, two new production plants on the US Gulf Coast and the sale of its chlorine business.Mr Liveris was due to visit Melbourne for the launch of the Hellenic Initiative’s Australian division but was unable to be present at the organisation’s inaugural $300 a head dinner due to unforeseen commitments in China.One meeting he was able to attend was with the federal government’s Growth Centres Advisory Committee, organised by Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane.Mr Liveris has suggested Australia should diversify its economy – away from the mining sector – by placing greater attention on identifying new industries and products. One suggestion he gave was that the Australian government should rethink its domestic gas policy – to use the bulk of the gas it produces, rather than export it. The Dow supremo said that if more pipelines were built, producers and consumers could be linked, particularly users on the east coast.“Adding value to energy in Australia remains one of the country’s great opportunities,” he said. “The country is gas rich.”Mr Liveris said that such a plan would “connect some of the little guys who have found gas in the middle of Australia or the NT, with users who don’t want to pay the world price for natural gas”.While in Beijing Mr Liveris met with senior Chinese government officials to discuss Dow’s new range of Enlist agricultural products – a combination of genetically modified corn and soybean seeds, and herbicides.Dow is projecting its Enlist product will generate more than $1.4bn a year by 2018.Enlist products will not be sold in China, but to producers in North and South America who will sell their crops to the Chinese market. Chinese authorities have been slowing down approval processes for new products out of concern for the country’s environment and food safety.With his humble beginnings at the Dow Chemical Company in Melbourne 40 years ago, Mr Liveris has been at the helm of the multinational for more than a decade. In 2012 Dow’s sales totalled approximately $57 billion.But the Darwin-born entrepreneur is hinting at retirement in the next couple of years. “I have a lot of energy and a lot of resilience but there comes a time when the company is ready – you are ready and your successor is ready,” he said, adding that the role of a global chief executive today was to “operate at the intersection of business and government”.Source: The Australian Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Marée noire dans le golfe du Mexique une enquête confiée au FBI

first_imgMarée noire dans le golfe du Mexique : une enquête confiée au FBI États-Unis – Les autorités américaines ont annoncé ce week-end que le puits qui a provoqué la pire marée noire de l’Histoire des États-Unis ne représente plus une menace pour le golfe du Mexique. L’heure est désormais à l’enquête, afin de déterminer les causes de la catastrophe et les responsabilités de BP. Le FBI s’est ainsi vu confier le bloc obturateur défectueux du puits à l’origine de la marée noire.Samedi, l’amiral Thad Allen chargé de superviser les opérations de lutte contre la marée noire pour l’administration américaine a assuré que le puits exploité par BP “ne représente plus une menace”. Plus de quatre mois après l’explosion suivie du naufrage de la plateforme Deepwater Horizon, la priorité est désormais à l’enquête qui déterminera les responsabilités de BP.Dans la nuit de samedi à dimanche, les techniciens de la compagnie pétrolière sont parvenus  à remonter à la surface le bloc obturateur défectueux à l’origine de la marée noire, après une trentaine d’heures de travail. Une pièce à conviction qui a été confiée à la police fédérale américaine (FBI). Cette valve de sécurité n’avait pas joué son rôle le 20 avril dernier, lorsque la plateforme avait explosé. Les enquêteurs devront l’expertiser afin de déterminer les causes de ce dysfonctionnement.Dès les premières semaines de la marée noire, plusieurs commissions du Congrès américain se sont penchées sur les causes de la catastrophe. Au niveau fédéral, une dizaine d’enquêtes sont en cours, dont plusieurs enquêtes parlementaires et d’autres pénales et civiles, dirigées par le ministère de la Justice. L’administration Obama a par ailleurs mis en place une commission d’experts afin d’établir dans un premier temps la cause de l’explosion, puis de déterminer les moyens d’améliorer la sécurité des forages en haute mer.Le 6 septembre 2010 à 17:24 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Un pont en plastique recyclé édifié au Pays de Galles

first_imgUn pont en plastique recyclé édifié au Pays de GallesUn pont de trente mètres de long vient de voir le jour sur la rivière Tweed, dans le Peeblesshire au Pays de Galles. Si au premier abord il semble ressembler à n’importe quel autre pont, il n’en est rien. Car c’est avec cinquante tonnes de bouteilles d’eau recyclées qu’il a été construit par la société locale Vertech.La firme locale Vertech vient d’achever au Pays de Galles la construction d’un édifice hors du commun : le premier pont en plastique recyclé d’Europe. Comme le rapporte le site orldarchitecturenews.com, ce pont de trente mètres de long a été construit grâce à cinquante tonnes de bouteilles d’eau mises au rebut. À lire aussiLes images choc d’une rivière de déchets en Roumanie (Vidéo)Réalisé avec l’aide des équipes de l’Université américaine Rutgers et de celle de Cardiff au Royaume-Uni, il traverse la rivière Tweed, dans le Peeblesshire. Conçu pour supporter le trafic automobile, le pont a été construit en seulement deux semaines, son assemblage hors site comprise. En plus d’être totalement écologique, il a l’avantage de ne nécessiter aucun entretien spécifique. Et s’il devait un jour être démoli, il pourra être entièrement réutilisé puisqu’il est recyclable à 100%.Vertech espère que ce pont servira d’exemple pour voir ce processus utilisépartout en Europe, afin de donner une seconde vie à nos déchets en plastiqueet ainsi éviterleur enfouissement,ou leur expéditionvers la Chine.La firme galloise travaille en outre sur la fabricationde matériaux réalisés avec du papier recyclé. Une technologie qu’elle aimerait voir utilisée dans lesecteur de la constructioneuropéenen remplacementdu contreplaqué notamment.Le 28 octobre 2011 à 16:06 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Abbey Laith comments on WWE release Darren Young shocked by his WWE

first_img Adam Martin RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Abbey Laith comments on WWE releaseFormer NXT talent Abbey Laith commented on her release from WWE on Twitter.As reported earlier, news of Laith’s release from WWE went public on Thursday.Dear @WWENXT and @WWE ….. Thank You. Thank you for all the opportunities you gave me in the last year. Thank you for everything I was taught and I wouldn’t trade that chapter of my life for anything. Now my path may be changing, but the Crown Jewel is still very much alive— Kimber Lee ⓥ (@Kimber_Lee90) March 9, 2018Darren Young shocked by his WWE departureESPN.com is featuring an interview with former WWE star Darren Young where he talks about getting caught off guard by his release from WWE last October.“I’d been doing so much PR work since I’ve been signed, I was one of WWE’s main guys that always did PR work. When I was a guest at the Clipper game, and then getting released 24 hours later, it was a little rough for me. A bit of a tough pill to swallow. I didn’t know why the release had happened. What was even rougher was that the release came right before my birthday on Nov. 2. I never even received the usual birthday message, so I was a little hurt by everything.”Recommended videosPowered by AnyClipRonda Rousey Highlighting WWEs ProblemsVideo Player is loading.Play VideoPauseUnmuteDuration 0:30/Current Time 0:03Loaded: 100.00%0:03Remaining Time -0:27 FullscreenUp NextThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Replay the list Tomi Lahren Apologizes After ‘Armed And Ready’ Remark Now Playing Up Next Now Playing Up Next Leigh Sales and Lisa Wilkinson deserve gold Logies. Google+ Biden Says Whites Can’t Fully Understand Racism Now Playing Up Next Ronda Rousey Releases Mugshot After Arrest On WWE Raw Twitter Facebookcenter_img Ronda Rousey Highlighting WWEs Problems Pinterest Ronda Rousey Now Playing Up Next Videos Articles WhatsApp Now Playing Up Next Wrestleview Live #65: Reviewing and discussing WWE Clash of Champions from Charlotte Live Podcast: Reviewing and discussing WWE Clash of Champions from Charlotte WWE Clash of Champions Results – 9/15/19 (Rollins vs. Strowman, Kingston vs. Orton)last_img read more

Javier Zanetti Ill see you at the Milan derby – Maldini

first_imgInter Milan Vice-President Javier Zanetti has welcomed the news of Paolo Maldini’s return to arch-rivals AC Milan and is looking forward to seeing him at the next Derby della MadonninaMaldini was unveiled as Milan’s new director on Monday after nine years away from the Rossoneri following his retirement from professional football after an incredible 902 appearances.The former left-back spent his entire 25-year playing career at the San Siro and helped Milan to an impressive five Champions League titles over that period.And Zanetti, who likewise played for Inter 858 times and helped the club win the European title in 2010, has welcomed back his old rival.“I’m really happy for Paolo, because before being a great professional he’s a great person,” said Zanetti on Football-Italia.Maurizio Sarri, JuventusMaurizio Sarri satisfied despite Juventus’ draw at Fiorentina Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Maurizio Sarri was satisfied with Juventus’ performance on Saturday afternoon after finishing a tough game at Fiorentina 0-0.“Someone like him will be a positive for the world of football in general, and in particular for ours. I have huge respect for him.“We faced each other many times as an opponent, now we’re both in other roles. However, the same admiration, respect and consideration for him remain.“I’ll be happy to embrace him at the next derby, as we did on the pitch so many times. I want to wish him a big ‘good luck’ for his new adventure.”The first Milan derby of the Serie A season will take place on October 21.last_img read more

Jamaica And World Bank Sign US105 Millions Loans

first_img Two boys die, bicycle and van collide in St. Catherine, Jamaica Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppWASHINGTON, D.C., Sept. 3 (JIS): Three loans totalling US$105 million were signed by the Government and the World Bank, at its headquarters in Washington, D.C., today (September 3). Minister of Finance and Planning, Dr. the Hon. Peter Phillips, signed on behalf of Jamaica, while World Bank Country Director for the country, Sophia Sirtaine, signed for the bank. The loans are in support of three government projects – the Foundation for Competitiveness and Growth, which will receive US$50 million; the Youth Employment in Digital Animation Industry, US$20 million, and the Strategic Public Sector Transformation Project, US$35 million. “The projects are intended to further the overarching goals of the Government of Jamaica-World Bank Country Strategy for the period 2014 – 2017; to support the government’s investments in key strategic areas, including physical sustainability in youth employment; public sector modernization and to facilitate a more enabling environment for private sector growth,” the Finance Minister said at the signing. Dr. Phillips added that the loans represent an important cooperation between the Government of Jamaica and the World Bank, and is aimed at advancing the prospects for growth as the country goes through a strenuous economic reform programme that forms part of the agreement with the IMF. He said the Government will do its utmost best to ensure a smooth implementation of the three projects.The Minister explained that funds for the Foundation for Competitiveness and Growth project will enhance competition in the business environment, facilitate strategic private investments and support Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Funds for the Youth Employment in Digital Animation Industry will provide training and coaching for over 200 young Jamaicans, enhance entrepreneurial skills and create 150 start-up companies. Under the Strategic Public Sector Transformation Project, the funds will be used to strengthen public investment management systems, budget preparation process and property tax compliance administration. In her remarks, Ms. Sirtaine had high praise for Jamaica regarding the programmes it has implemented to spur economic growth, and for the results it has been reaping since its implementation. She added that the bank is committed to working with Jamaica in ensuring the success of its various economic programmes. Dr. Phillips and his delegation are also engaged in a series of discussions with officials at the US Treasury, State Department, the IMF and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). He is accompanied by the Governor of the Bank of Jamaica, Brian Wynter; Director General of the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ), Colin Bullock; Financial Secretary, Devon Rowe and Ambassador to the United States, His Excellency Stephen Vasciannie. Related Items:bank of jamaica, Brian Wynter, colin bullock, devon rowe, jamaica, peter phillips, Sophia Sirtaine, stephen vasciannie, world bank Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Jamaica’s Senate Begins debate on National Identification and Registration Bill Bahamas DPM Turnquest, as IDB Governor, Talks Technology and Climate Change Resilience at IDB Conclavelast_img read more


first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 11 Dec 2014 – Director of Public Prosecitions says public conjecture is wrong; her decision and resignation from the office came long before Rodney Adams case. HE Governor Peter Beckingham said already there is advertising on for the position to be filled; he said he hopes some islanders apply for the job. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp More motor mishaps; PDM Leader calls for Govt attention to illegal jitneys, again Related Items:director of public prosecution, governor peter beckingham, JoAnne Meloche DR wants consulate office in TCI Recommended for you New Prison Supt & Officer of the Year Awardedlast_img

Tesla tweets video of electric Semi hauling vehicles for delivery

first_img Post a comment Tags More From Roadshow 0 2019 Maserati Levante GTS: Heart of gold Share your voice Review • Tesla Model 3 Review: Performance trim More about 2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance Tesla Preview • 2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance: The future, quicker Tesla has been placing ever more focus on delivering vehicles in the past several months. In November, Musk tweeted that Tesla “just acquired trucking capacity” to improve Model 3 delivery times. In March, a filing from the SEC showed that Tesla registered about $14 million worth of company stock in order to acquire trucks and trailers from California-based Central Valley Auto Transport, Inc., further boosting its delivery capabilities.While the Semi is not yet a production vehicle, according to a text message from a Tesla spokesperson, the Semi has been used “many times” for hauling to and from Gigafactory and elsewhere, so it appears there are no issues surrounding the idea of using a development vehicle for real-deal deliveries. The spokesperson also confirmed that the cars in the video were actual owner vehicles, and that those vehicles were delivered to their owners using the Semi. Nevertheless, it’s clear that Tesla is determined to get its own trucks delivering its own vehicles as the automaker expands its offerings and the markets in which they’re sold. 2020 Chevy Silverado 2500HD first drive: Teched out for towing The Tesla Semi isn’t even in production yet, but it appears at least one early model is getting put to work.Tesla on Monday tweeted a video of its all-electric Semi hauling a carrier’s worth of Tesla vehicles. The tweet’s caption makes it sound like the Semi is actively participating in delivering Tesla’s production vehicles, and it definitely looks good doing it. Tesla Semi delivering Tesla cars pic.twitter.com/ttEpcW5d8G— Jung Musk (@elonmusk) March 30, 2019 Tesla Semi out for deliveries— Tesla (@Tesla) April 1, 2019 Tesla Semi looks set to tower over the competition 2019 Honda Ridgeline review: Light duty, heavy punch 12 Photos This follows a tweet from CEO Elon Musk over the weekend, which showed a static picture of the Semi fully loaded for vehicle deliveries. In a follow-up tweet, Musk said the company has been “so mired in production [and] logistics for [the] past 18 months,” and that he is “[r]eally looking [forward] to getting Semi into production.” Electric Cars Car Industry Elon Musk Teslalast_img read more