KeyCorp Chairman and CEO Henry Meyer to retire May 2011

first_imgKeyCorp (NYSE: KEY) has announced that Chairman of the Board and CEO Henry L. Meyer III, 60, will retire effective May 1, 2011, and will be succeeded by Beth E. Mooney, currently Vice Chair of KeyCorp and leader of Key’s Community Banking business. In the interim, the Board elected Mooney as President and COO and a member of the KeyCorp Board of Directors. Source: CLEVELAND, November 18, 2010 /PRNewswire/ ‘ KeyCorlast_img

Trump Administration Continues to Push for Coal-Fleet Expansion

first_imgTrump Administration Continues to Push for Coal-Fleet Expansion FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享S&P Global Market Intelligence:The U.S. Department of Energy is seeking information about the potential for a pilot project to test the commercial viability of a small, modular coal power plant capable of highly efficient and low-emitting operations. The DOE’s Office of Fossil Energy is focused on improving the nation’s existing fleet and spurring development of new coal-fired power plants to replace retiring generation domestically and export the technology abroad, Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy Steven Winberg told a coal conference in mid-May.“We have the opportunity to make great strides in efficiency and cost improvements to not only the existing fleet but also accelerate the development of transformational technology that will pave the way for the plants of the future,” Winberg said at the Virginia Coal and Energy Alliance conference.The DOE has also opened requests for information on improving the efficiency, reliability and flexibility of existing coal-fired power plants and improving steam-based power cycles for coal boilers.The majority of today’s coal fleet was built in the 1970s, and facilities such as the Pleasants power plant in West Virginia are facing an early retirement, Winberg noted.The next generation of coal-fired plants would presumably look a lot more like the natural gas plants and renewable energy sources that are pushing coal plants out of the marketplace. The pilot project calls for a facility that improves the current 33% average efficiency of the coal fleet to above 40% while maintaining near-zero emissions and is compatible with carbon capture technology.More ($): Trump DOE’s fossil fuel office envisions spreading futuristic, small coal plantslast_img read more

Beer Blog: The Pros and Cons of Riding After Drinking

first_imgTorn up. Wrecked. Sauced. Bent. Or just plain drunk.Whatever you want to call it, I had reached that lamentable state the other night during a SORBA (Southern Off Road Bicycle Association) event at Jack of the Wood in downtown Asheville. Imagine 200 mostly bearded, poorly dressed mountain bikers gathered together in a bar trying to win a sweet bike frame from REEB cycles and you’ll get the picture. Sounds great, but the problem was, Oskar Blues was a sponsor of the event, because Oskar Blues likes to sponsor events, especially if mountain biking is involved. So I proceeded to drink one Dale’s Pale Ale after the other in rapid succession. You would think that after 15 years of drinking craft beer, I would know better. But when you grow up on cheap beer—the kind of beer you can drink all day long and only hit the slightest of buzzes (I’m looking at you, Miller Lite in the can)—it’s hard to break those cheap beer habits. I don’t savor my beers. I drink them. Fast. And when you drink craft beer fast, you get drunk fast.I didn’t even realize I had crossed the line until I was riding my bike home with a buddy, discussing the finer points of Jim Morrison (was he the worst song writer of the ‘70s, or am I being too harsh?) and I couldn’t keep my feet on the pedals.Now for the disclaimer: You should never ride your bike drunk. It’s dangerous. Sure, you could argue that the only person you’re endangering when you pedal drunk is yourself–unless there’s a kid playing in the middle of the street at 1am and you happen to run into him, but then, why is that kid playing in the street at 1am? Is it really your fault, or perhaps the fault of someone’s lapsed parenting skills?But I’m not here to argue the pros and cons of riding bikes drunk. I’m just going to say that I happen to like riding my bike after drinking a few beers. I’m not perfect. I take joy in that taboo.I also like to challenge people to foot races when I drink. Chances are, if you come to Asheville and we have some beers, at some point in the evening I’ll take my shirt off and ask you to step outside for a sprint race to the stoplight. I’m not being aggressive. I just like to see who’s faster. Don’t worry, you’re probably faster.But I digress. My point is, I’d like to thank Oskar Blues for sponsoring so many mountain bike events since opening up their brewery in Brevard. The brewery has made an honest effort to become part of the fabric of the local biking scene, and I appreciate it. I hope the other big breweries that are coming to town take the same approach.I also appreciate the tasty beers. Sometimes, I appreciate them too much.Check out all the fine work that Pisgah Area SORBA is doing here: pisgahareasorba.orglast_img read more

U.S. Treasury Targets Leading Figures of Transnational Criminal Organizations

first_img The U.S. Department of the Treasury took action on January 23 against three transnational criminal organizations (TCO), the Camorra, the Yakuza, and the Brothers’ Circle. The designations include four members of the Camorra, one of Europe’s largest criminal organizations; the Inagawa-kai, the third-largest clan within the Japanese Yakuza criminal network; and an individual providing support to a key member of the Brothers’ Circle, a large multi-ethnic Eurasian criminal network. These designations were imposed under the Treasury’s authority targeting transnational organized crime. President Obama identified the Camorra, the Yakuza, and the Brothers’ Circle along with the Zetas, as significant TCOs in the Annex to Executive Order 13581 (Blocking Property of Transnational Criminal Organizations) on July 24, 2011, and charged the Treasury Department with pursuing additional sanctions against its members and supporters to undermine and interdict their global criminal operations. This action freezes any assets these persons may have within the jurisdiction of the United States and generally prohibits any transactions with them by U.S. persons. “The individuals designated today are key members of criminal organizations who engage in serious crimes around the world,” said David S. Cohen, Treasury Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence. “Treasury will continue to target additional members and supporters of these groups, as well as other significant TCOs, as we systematically expose their criminal operations and protect the U.S. financial system from their illicit activity.” The Camorra The Camorra operates internationally and is involved in serious criminal activity, such as money laundering, extortion, human smuggling, robbery, blackmail, kidnapping, political corruption, and counterfeiting. In 2012 Italian law enforcement conducted multiple operations to seize Camorra assets, including 800 million euro (approximately $1.066 billion) seized from the Casalesi clan in July. To date, Treasury has identified five individuals affiliated with the Camorra under E.O. 13581, including their most prominent leaders Michele Zagaria and Antonio Iovine. In August 2012, the Treasury Department designated Michele Zagaria, a leader of the Camorra Casalesi clan, who is serving a life sentence for conspiracy, murder, extortion, and robbery. The Camorra members designated today are all members of the immediate family of Michele Zagaria: his brothers Pasquale Zagaria, Carmine Zagaria, Antonio Zagaria, and his father Nicola Zagaria. Each of these four individuals is designated for acting for or on behalf of, or providing support to, Michele Zagaria and/or the Camorra. All the brothers have led the Caselasi clan at one point while other siblings were serving jail sentences. All are involved in the family’s criminal enterprises. This network has been involved in extortion, kidnapping, money laundering, and bribery. The Yakuza The Yakuza, reputedly the world’s largest criminal organization with over 70,000 members, is involved in serious criminal activities, including weapons trafficking, prostitution, human trafficking, drug trafficking, fraud, and money laundering. The Treasury Department designated the Yamaguchi-gumi and the Sumiyoshi-kai, in February and September 2012, respectively. The Inagawa-kai, designated on January 23, is the third-largest of the Yakuza organizations, and the Department of the Treasury is targeting it today for acting for or on behalf of the Yakuza. The top three clans account for approximately 72.4 percent of the Yakuza membership. To date, Treasury has identified four individuals and two entities affiliated with the Yakuza under E.O. 13581, including their most prominent leaders Kenichi Shinoda and Shigeo Nishiguchi. This action also imposes sanctions on Jiro Kiyota, the top Inagawa-kai leader, as well as the Inagawa-kai’s second-in-command, Kazuo Uchibori, for acting for or on behalf of the Inagawa-kai. As leaders of Inagawa-kai, Kiyota and Uchibori play key roles in directing the syndicate’s policies and settling disputes with other Yakuza syndicates. Under the leadership of Kiyota and Uchibori, the Inagawa-kai has become increasingly aligned with the Yamaguchi-gumi. The Brothers’ Circle The Brothers’ Circle is a multi-ethnic criminal group composed of leaders and senior members of several Eurasian criminal groups largely based in countries of the former Soviet Union but extending to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. To date, Treasury has identified 15 individuals affiliated with the Brothers’ Circle and their associates under E.O. 13581, including their most prominent members Gafur Rakhimov and Zakhariy Kalashov. The Brothers’ Circle serves as a coordinating body for several national level criminal networks, mediating disputes between the individual criminal networks and directing global criminal activity. On December 20, 2012, the Treasury Department designated Zakhariy Kalashov, a key member of the Brothers’ Circle and a prominent Eurasian organized crime figure with extensive connections to criminal groups in Russia and countries throughout Eurasia. His criminal activities include money laundering, extortion, criminal protection, and drug trafficking. He is currently incarcerated, serving a nine year sentence for money laundering in Spain. Marina Kalashova, who was designated on January 23, is a key part of Zakhariy Kalashov’s network. Kalashov communicates with Kalashova to pass messages on his behalf to his organization. By Dialogo January 25, 2013last_img read more

New business models are also being tested at Zagreb’s Fuliranje

first_imgFestival-type events such as the Zagreb Burger Festival or Advent are, in addition to a place of great atmosphere and entertainment, fine food and drinks ideal events for testing new business ideas and models. Caterers can get first-hand feedback on whether their product is on the market, spy on employees, check prices or polish the logistics that are very demanding in such places due to lack of space, limited access and variable quantities…One of the most inventive and beautiful Advent events in Zagreb – Fuliranje – according to the choice of the visitors of the Zagreb Tourist Board website, an ideal test site for new ideas, so we walked through Strossmayer Square and asked a few questions to young entrepreneurs who discovered what they plan to do in the near future.Bread ClubBread ClubThe scourge of bakers on every corner has unfortunately not brought about an increase in the quality of bakery products, especially bread, although the market should react and reward the better ones. The products currently on the market are mostly of mediocre quality, unimaginative, and even, according to nutritionists, unhealthy!Therefore, the young team led by s Karl Vulin, the founder of the now well – known bakery Kroštula from Pakoštane and Ana Marija i Zrinka Zajec, which founded the brand K3 – Bread on the third decided to open artisan bakery open type, which will also include a bistro – so they will have first-hand feedback from customers and guests!The concept of the Bread Club is based on the production of hand-made bread without additives from natural yeasts that grow on their own, prolonged fermentation (sourdough) and whose preparation can be watched in full in the open space bakery that opens in early January in Trakošćanska Street in Zagreb. In addition to bread, the offer will include puff pastry in a modern French style, as well as local variants of classics such as strudel or Sicilian square pizza.The bistro with about thirty seats plans to offer daily soups and cakes that are currently being tested at Fuliranje (soups are for every recommendation!), Gourmet sandwiches and other simple dishes, and they are also announcing guest appearances by other bakers and chefs who will prepare the author’s bread. based on the traditional recipes of the countries they come from. What it will look like can already be seen at the house on Fuliranje, where pastry chef Ivana Čuljak (she baked a craft in Split’s Bokerija and is known for the brand Let them eat cakes), chef Ivana Bekavac with a CIA degree (Culinary Institute of America) and the famous chef Dino Galvagno who is remembered by many for the extraordinary dishes from the popular Prasac. In the space one whole wall will be covered with a hydroponic plant growing system in which to grow leafy greens and spices to be used to prepare meals.Already now, through Kroštulin’s plant, successfully cooperating with an increasing number of hotels to which they deliver premium frozen products (breads, pastries and puff pastry) with natural yeast, without additives and long fermentation, and will soon launch a new line for brunch and desserts.In addition to the bakery in Trešnjevka, they plan to open another restaurant in the center of Zagreb at the end of the year, and judging by the enthusiasm and experience gained so far – success should not be missed.MunchyMunchyAnother interesting gastro concept is Munchy, (mobile) trailer decorated in the style of the fifties as circulating the American Route 66 in the fifties of the last century. Filip Eterović’s entrepreneurial idea of ​​a traveling kitchen is not new, but the offer of food and drinks and visual identity is more than interesting.It all started with the launch of the brand Smootch – from the mediterranean sun & nature – but the sale of smoothies is limited due to the expiration date, so Filip is 9 months old, with the help of a design duo called Mireldy developed the idea of ​​a mobile kitchen with a roof over your head and so another brand was created: Munchy. At the end of August The silver beast – how the trailers are beating – she had her premiere performance at summer festivals along the coast and on the islands, and this month she temporarily settled on Fuliranje.Street food the offer is inspired by trips to Asia and Europe: a Hong Kong hit Bubble Waffle i Hurry Curry you may have tried somewhere else, but Frap (fried wrap) you can try only in the Silver Arrow where under the watchful eye Marte Badurine a ten-member team makes sure that the varied offer is tasty and pleasing to the eye. Frap is currently being prepared in three versions: veggie, with prosciutto and (premiere) with a specially spiced chicken combination of spices that is their (little) secret. Everything that is done, they produce themselves!with my workshop KitchenAtelier KokkenAtelier Kokken… And now something completely different!! Owner and future chef of a restaurant with Danish specialties Marta Ušljebrka which she plans to open next year in Tkalčićeva, she did an internship in Copenhagen at the Amass restaurant with former head chef Nome and decided to bring the Scandinavian culinary scene closer to the people of Zagreb and guests of the capital.The restaurant concept will be based on brunch, with an emphasis on a healthy breakfast prepared from seasonal, organic ingredients, and fine coffee that arrives no less than from Sweden. In addition to Danish delicacies, the house also offers home-made forgotten dishes such as imperial crumbs (Kaiserschmarrn Recipe) and notches, and one of the recognizable specialties is Red Polse, a Danish bright red sausage whose photos have flooded social networks, and Hot SnowWhite, which is made hot by the sauce of the local brand I love hot.After brunch, in the evening Marta will offer guests the famous Danish open sandwiches smørrebrød, mostly with seafood ingredients, and a sommelier Daniela Golac she chose biodynamic wines to pair with the food served. Regarding the choice and quality of food and drinks – the novelty is Golden Milk – and judging by the crowd in front of the house there is no doubt that Atelier Køkken is a complete hit, and given the growing number of guests who brunch concept known all the prerequisites for a successful gastro story are met.Mime’s Gourmet BarMime’sUnlike the first three examples, the team gathered around Mime(ta) has been running a bistro in Petrinjska Street near Tomislavac for some time. Mime is the nickname of the father of one of the owners and his best recipe is to hang out with friends with good food and some drinks – because he didn’t even know how to bake an egg!Ante Ždero is Katica for all, twenty-six-year-olds Marita Ždero i Alen Begić they are in charge of preparing cakes and cocktails, and the youngest Dalibor Pavić (he’s only 20) stacks top-notch sandwiches. The bistro usually offers simple Dalmatian and continental food with selected wines, and at Fuliranje they try traditional dishes in a new guise, such as zlevanke of corn flour and classic sarma.They try to bring Dalmatian cuisine closer to the people of Zagreb and, along with agramer soups and steaks, put them on cod pate, bean pasta or white cod and guests condemn to regular visits to Mime’s, and if the testing of new dishes goes as planned – the Fuliranje project will be implemented soon in the bistro.last_img read more

UK government seeks to open up illiquid assets to DC funds

first_imgThe UK government has unveiled proposals aimed at increasing workplace defined contribution (DC) schemes’ investment in so-called illiquid assets, such as infrastructure.Less liquid assets such as small and medium-sized companies or housing were attractive from a diversification and returns perspective for schemes, and were also important sectors of the economy, according to the government.To get more DC schemes investing in these assets the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) yesterday announced plans for a new way of accommodating performance fees – often associated with illiquid assets – within the 0.75% charge cap on default funds used by auto-enrolment pension schemes. It also proposed a measure aimed at encouraging consolidation, which would require some or all smaller DC schemes to evaluate every three years whether the scheme ought to be merged with a larger scheme and wound up. “Consolidation is taking place, but it could be accelerated,” wrote Guy Opperman, pensions and financial inclusion minister, in the foreword to the consultation.“It’s remarkable that pension schemes from Australia, Canada and elsewhere have bought into UK infrastructure assets, but I rarely note similar investments by UK schemes,” he added. DC evolution ‘milestone’Maria Nazarova-Doyle, head of DC investment consulting at JLT Employee Benefits, hailed the DWP’s consultation as “a very important milestone” in the evolution of DC schemes in the UK.“For too long, DC schemes have been focused on investing in daily dealt funds with 100% liquidity, while not diversifying their investments sufficiently and leaving additional returns that come from an illiquidity premium on the table,” she said.“Recognition that this short-term approach is dangerously misaligned with the long-term horizons of DC savers is now hitting the mainstream and this consultation will bring this issue into the forefront of discussions.”Others appeared to question the effectiveness of the government’s proposals. “If this is done properly, then it will benefit both pension savers and the wider economy”Jonathan Lipkin, the Investment Association“With the benefits of scale and the desire and capability to invest in a broader range of assets, I am confident that we can change that, and can begin to engage members more by showing how their contributions are being visibly put to work.”The DWP consultation also set out plans to require larger schemes to disclose their policy on investing in illiquid assets and to report annually a rough percentage allocation.The UK’s pension fund and asset management trade bodies welcomed the government’s plans but suggested the devil was in the detail.Jonathan Lipkin, director of policy, strategy and research at the Investment Association, said: “If this is done properly, then it will benefit both pension savers and the wider economy and we look forward to working with the government and regulators to deliver on that ambition.”Caroline Escott, investment and stewardship policy lead at the PLSA, said: “It’s important to ensure schemes and trustees retain the freedom to invest as they wish in the interests of their members, so any new rules must respect that freedom and not be overly prescriptive.” Mark Jaffray, Hymans RobertsonMark Jaffray, head of DC consulting at Hymans Robertson, said pricing of illiquid assets would need to improve so that DC schemes could allocate a meaningful amount – suggested as being more than 10%.In addition, investing in illiquid assets required more governance, and trustees and pension managers needed to be comfortable with the associated risks, he said.Steve Webb, former pensions minister and director of policy at Royal London, said the government would need to take a much tougher approach if it wanted to see bigger DC pension investors in the UK.“The government admits that large numbers of small pension schemes already fail to meet even basic rules and regulations about how they operate,” said Webb. “Giving them another duty to review their scale once every three years risks being no more than a feeble tick box exercise.”He also questioned the Pensions Regulator’s capacity for enforcing the mooted triennial assessment given it was “busy dealing with multi-billion pound deficits across the world of [defined benefit] pensions”.Last year, Mark Fawcett – chief investment officer at NEST, one of the UK’s biggest DC master trusts – urged infrastructure managers to raise their game in order to win DC mandates and assets.last_img read more

Danish pensions lobby chief quits after 15 years as latest action plan kicks in

first_imgPer Bremer Rasmussen, the chief executive officer of Danish pensions industry association Insurance & Pension Denmark (IPD), is stepping down, leaving the top role on 1 August, the organisation announced.His departure is linked to IPD’s unveiling of its new action plan, “Strategy 2025”, with the lobby group saying its supervisory board believed now was a natural time to have a new CEO.Bremer Rasmussen said: “It’s been 15 years since I joined Insurance & Pension Denmark. During that time, I have helped formulate and implement three ambitious strategies.“The board of directors adopted a new strategy at the end of 2019. It should be a new chief executive rolling it out,” he added. The association said it had started the process of finding a new leader.Under the new plan, which is to be implemented over the next few years, the sector aims to “be known for its contribution to solving some of the biggest challenges facing Danish and international society”, IPD said.It highlighted the welfare and security of individuals, as well as sustainability and the necessary green transition in Denmark and abroad.IPD’s Strategy 2025 document mentions the commitment the sector made alongside the Danish government at the United Nations to invest an additional sum of around DKK350bn (€46bn) in climate and environmentally-friendly electricity generation worldwide by 2030.It also addresses the need for continued and increased focus on ethical behaviour within the areas of investment, tax, data and with regard to consumers.“We will work to ensure that the industry gets into order within its own ranks, and we will set stricter requirements for those who work with us,” the group said in the plan.In another recent change at the top of the lobby group, in November Laila Mortensen, the CEO of labour market pension fund Industriens Pension, was elected as the new chair of IPD’s supervisory board.last_img read more

Batesville Schools Sports Rescheduled Events

first_imgE.I.A.C. Wrestling Meet . . . At South Dearborn.Monday Night, January 27    Wrestling begins at 4:30 PM.Boys’ Freshman  Tournament. . .  At Connersville High School Gymnasium Monday Night January 27th.Game 1            East Central vs. Lawrenceburg  6:00 PM.Game 2            Connersville vs. Rushville  7:15 PM.Tuesday Night January 28th.Game 3            Batesville vs. Franklin County  6:00 PM.Game 4            Greensburg vs. South Dearborn  7:15 PM.Wednesday Night January 29th .Game 5            Winner Game 1 vs. Winner Game 2  6:00 PM.Game 6            Winner Game 3 vs. Winner Game 4  7:15 PM.Saturday Morning February 1st.Girls Championship Game beginning at 10:00 AM.Boys Championship Game beginning at 11:30 AM.Girls’ Freshman (C) Tournament . . . At East Central  for two rounds.Monday Night , January 27th  (Main Gym).Game 1  Franklin County vs Batesville    6:00 PM.Game 2  Greensburg vs South Dearborn    7:15 PM.Tuesday Night, January 28th (Aux Gym).Game 3    East Central vs winner game 1        6:00 PM.Game 4    Rushville vs Winner Game 2        7:15 PM.Championship game will be played at Connersville, February 1st, 10:00 AM.Girls Varsity and JV Basketball . . .  At Greensburg Tuesday, January 28JV starts at 6:00 PM* Cancel the South Ripley game that was scheduled for that evening.Boys Varsity and JV Basketball . . . At Connersville, Tuesday, February 4.JV starts at 6:00 PM.7th & 8th Girls Basketball at Columbus Central Tournament . . . Not being rescheduled.Submitted by Batesville AD Mark Ferguson.last_img read more

Martinez welcomes Villa resurgence

first_img Villa cut Latics five points adrift of Barclays Premier League safety with a stunning 6-1 win over Sunderland on Monday, their fourth victory in their last seven outings. But Martinez believes Villa’s run has helped Wigan because it has brought other teams into the scrap and it could take pressure off his side’s final-day clash with the midlanders. Lambert’s side are now level with Sunderland and Newcastle on 37 points with three to play while Wigan, on 32 points, have a game in hand. Martinez said: “We wanted Aston Villa to have a very strong ending to the season.” Wigan boss Roberto Martinez insists he is happy to see relegation rivals Aston Villa hitting form. The Spaniard continued: “The reason for that is I don’t think it would be healthy for any of the teams go into the final game of the season as a final, a showdown, where one of the teams has to get relegated. I think that would be very dangerous. “As it stands now I think it shows the fight goes a bit further than two teams. I think that is only a positive for every team involved in that. It is great for us that the fight to avoid that third place is more open than just two teams.” Wigan were just moments away from claiming a valuable three points when they conceded a last-gasp equaliser – an Emmerson Boyce own goal – to Tottenham last weekend. It was an agonising result but the ever-optimistic Martinez has lost none of his confidence and, with recent performances good despite poor results, remains hopeful of safety. Martinez said: “I think we have played extremely well. You need to remember that against Manchester City and West Ham we never got a point but the performances were very good. “Against Spurs we carried on with that level and I think we did enough to get the three points but, as it happens in games sometimes, you don’t the full reward. “If you perform well enough over the period you are fighting to avoid relegation, the reward will be there. “In football I think you always get what you deserve. Over the course of 38 games you can’t come out and complain or moan or blame other people. You need to accept at the end of the 38 games you will get the points you deserve.” center_img Press Associationlast_img read more

Soldado: No easy games

first_img Midfielder Gylfi Sigurdsson does have one eye on the league standings and has urged his team-mates to continue picking up points so they are challenging for Champions League positions at the business end of the campaign. “As long as we’re in the top four we’re quite happy,” he told Tottenham’s official website. “We want to be in there at the end of the season and we just need to keep winning games and keep picking up three points. “It is important after the draw against Everton that we continue to pick up points.” Spurs go into the game on the back of a 2-1 victory over Sheriff Tiraspol which saw them qualify from their Europa League group. Villas-Boas made eight changes for the European tie but a number of players, including Soldado, are expected to return to the starting line-up against Newcastle. One player who definitely will start is goalkeeper Hugo Lloris. Villas-Boas was criticised in some quarters for keeping the France captain on the pitch at Everton after he was knocked unconscious following a collision with Romelu Lukaku. But the Portuguese manager defended his decision and confirmed Lloris will return on Sunday having sat out the Europa League success on Thursday evening. “We watched their game against Chelsea,” he said. “In the first half, they defended well and then attacked more in the second half. It was a good win for them. I’m sure it will be a good match on Sunday. “I think Newcastle will be quite confident and it won’t be an easy match for us.” Summer signing Soldado has yet to fully adapt to the Barclays Premier League but he has struck three match-winning penalties already this season. Spurs have found it a challenge to break teams down at White Hart Lane as the majority of visitors look to shut up shop in an attempt to stifle the wealth of attacking options available to manager Andre Villas-Boas. Soldado’s late penalty winner against Hull in their last home game was such an occasion and, despite Spurs currently sitting in the top four, the former Valencia forward is taking nothing for granted. “You don’t focus on where teams are in the league, you just go out and give 100 per cent in every match,” he said. “It doesn’t matter where teams are in the league, they give everything. There are no easy matches in the Premier League. “If we manage to win, we’ll continue to make progress and build on the draw at Everton.” Tottenham striker Roberto Soldado is wary of facing a Newcastle side high on morale following their recent victory over Chelsea. Press Association The Magpies recorded a 2-0 win at home to Jose Mourinho’s side last weekend and deservedly collected three points from a difficult fixture, with Tottenham held to a goalless draw at Everton. Now Newcastle travel to face Spurs at White Hart Lane on Sunday with Soldado aware that Alan Pardew’s men will have momentum on their side. last_img read more