Graffiti denouncing Trudeau spraypainted outside WilsonRayboulds constituency office

first_imgVANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – As political sparks continue to fly over the SNC-Lavalin scandal, the constituency office of the woman at the centre of it all has been struck by vandals.Graffiti by Jody Wilson-Raybould’s Vancouver office at Broadway and Alder St. seems to support Jody and denounce Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.“Canadians believe Jody” “Flush the Turd 2019” and “Make Canada Great Again” spray painted on the road on Broadway outside @Puglaas’s Vancouver constituency office #bcpoli #cdnpoli #SNCLavalinScandal— Lasia Kretzel (@lkretzel1130) April 8, 2019The words, spray-painted in white and red on the road and sidewalk, say things like “Let Jody speak,” “Trudeau for treason,” and “Make Canada great again.”The largest says, “Make B.C. the best coast again.”The office windows were painted but have since been cleaned.RELATED: Do Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott have a future in politics beyond the fall federal election?Vancouver police confirm they were called to a report of mischief at the constituency office early Monday morning. A 37-year-old Vancouver man has been arrested.Officers also seized several cans of spray paint. Charges of mischief may be laid..@VancouverPD says a 37-y-o man is in custody. They say the the messages were not threatening/derogatory and officers have seized several cans of spray paint. The messages on the window have since been removed while the cleanup of the sidewalk is underway. Details on @NEWS1130.— Sonia Aslam (@SoniaSAslam) April 8, 2019RELATED: Door open for Wilson-Raybould, Philpott to join the Greens: MayWilson-Raybould tweeted about the incident, saying she appreciated people wanting to show support but encouraged them to do so without damaging property.While I appreciate people wanting to show their support and enthusiasm as well as express their views, I would encourage them to do so without damaging private or public property or putting themselves in harm’s way. Thank you.— Jody Wilson-Raybould (@Puglaas) April 8, 2019Penny, who lives in the constituency, agrees. “It’s a weird way to show your support.”“This is horrendous. Whatever point they are trying to make, there are better ways that you can do it. You’re just going to anger the residents of the neighbourhood. It’s the wrong thing to do,” she said.Lydia walked by the graffiti and told NEWS 1130 this is a growing sign of disappointment in the Liberals. “I think this is very impactful. I think it’s a good way of raising awareness.”Last week, Wilson-Raybould and fellow MP Jane Philpott were removed from the Liberal party.Wilson-Raybould stepped down from Trudeau’s cabinet in February after he shuffled her out of the coveted justice portfolio. Philpott followed suit three weeks later, surrendering her role as Indigenous Services minister over what she called a lack of confidence in how the Prime Minister’s Office had handled the SNC-Lavalin controversy. – With files from Sonia Aslamlast_img read more

Wild Animal Circus Ban Is Best Birthday Present Ever For Bob Barker

first_imgPhilanthropist, multi Emmy award-winning TV legend and Animal Defenders International (ADI) supporter Bob Barker welcomed the “best birthday present” on his 91st birthday on Friday, as Mexico passed a historic wild animal circus ban, heralded as the beginning of the end for wild animals in circuses by ADI.The following day, The Netherlands announced that it too is to prohibit wild animals in circuses. 30 countries have now passed laws to nationally restrict the use of animals in traveling circuses.The legendary US game show host, Bob Barker said “This really is the best birthday present I can remember. I am delighted and honoured to play a part in the revolution sweeping the world to stop circus suffering with ADI. Circus animals suffer terribly and, thankfully, wild circus animals in Mexico and The Netherlands will soon be free of their cages and chains. My birthday wish is to give all animals a brighter future and I hope the US will pass a ban on wild animal circuses before my next birthday.”Jan Creamer, President of ADI, said “Bob Barker’s overwhelming generosity has allowed ADI to clear two whole countries of suffering circus animals and helped ADI save animals across the globe. The bans in Mexico and The Netherlands are the latest landmarks in ending the abuse of animals in the name of entertainment. The use of animals in traveling circuses is cruel and out-dated, and that is now recognised in legislation in 30 countries. Animal Defenders International hopes that this will be a wakeup call to the US Government; it is time for the United States to catch up and do the same.”Bob’s generous donations have already allowed ADI to undertake two epic rescue missions in South America to help enforce animal circus bans. The latest is currently taking place in Peru and Colombia, where ADI has 30 lions, 11 monkeys and many other animals in its care as it empties wild animals from traveling circuses as part of its record-breaking mission, Operation Spirit of Freedom.A substantial donation of $500,000 to ADI’s Operation Spirit of Freedom from the former Price is Right host has helped fund the construction of quarantine facilities and veterinary care and, when the animals are ready to travel, will also help pay for their flight to freedom. ADI is raising more funds to relocate all of the animals and build facilities for the monkeys in the Amazon sanctuaries.In 2011, Barker donated nearly $2 million to fund ADI’s rescue of two groups of circus lions and other animals in Bolivia and construction of facilities at two sanctuaries in the US. The mission, known as Operation Lion Ark, is documented in the multi award-winning action-adventure movie LION ARK, in which Bob appears to welcome the lions as they touch down in the US.As abuse has been exposed in circuses, legislation has begun to sweep the world. A two-year undercover investigation by ADI in South American circuses has been key in securing bans in nine Latin American countries.A total of 30 countries worldwide have banned the use of all or wild animals in circuses, with similar prohibitions under discussion in several more. In the US, ADI is working to end the use of wild animals in traveling circuses through the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act (TEAPA) which was launched in Congress with Bob Barker’s support.ADI welcomes donations to help care for the animals and fund their flights to the US, free from suffering.last_img read more

Puerto Rico overhauls tax laws to help workers businesses

first_imgSAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Puerto Rico’s governor signed a bill on Monday to overhaul the U.S. territory’s tax laws in a bid to attract foreign investment and help workers and some business owners amid a 12-year recession.The bill creates an earned income tax credit, reduces a sales tax on prepared food and eliminates a business-to-business tax for small to medium companies, among other things.Officials say the bill represents nearly $2 billion in tax relief at a time when the island is struggling to recover from Hurricane Maria and restructure a portion of its more than $70 billion public debt load.“There’s still a lot of work to be done to completely transform the tax system … but we see it as a good first step,” said Cecilia Colon, president of Puerto Rico’s Association of Public Accountants.Gov. Ricardo Rossello said the earned income tax credit will result in benefits ranging from $300 to $2,000 for each worker, representing a total of $200 million in annual savings. He also said an 11.5 per cent sales tax on processed food will drop to 7 per cent starting in October 2019.The bill also eliminates a business-to-business tax for businesses that generate $200,000 or less a year, representing $79 million in savings in five years, Rossello said. Nearly 80 per cent of businesses in Puerto Rico will benefit from that measure, added Treasury Secretary Teresa Fuentes.In addition, the new law reduces the tax rate for corporations from 39 per cent to 37.5 per cent.“Today marks an important day for maintaining Puerto Rico’s competitiveness,” she said.The measure also legalizes tens of thousands of slot machines, but also limits the number of machines owned, with legislators estimating they will generate at least $160 million a year. Up to $40 million of that revenue will go to the government’s general fund, with the remaining funds directed to help municipalities and police officers.However, a federal control board that oversees Puerto Rico’s finances criticized a final draft of the bill last month, saying the island needs a much broader tax reform that improves revenue collection and promotes economic development. A board spokesman did not immediately return a message for comment.Antonio Fernos, a Puerto Rico economics and finance professor, questioned the effectiveness of the new law, which appears to generate less overall revenue.“It doesn’t make sense,” he said. “Why are they doing this, especially on an island that is insolvent and needs more sources of revenue?”Fernos also argued that the earned income tax credit is not enough to lure people out of the informal economy: “I don’t foresee anyone abandoning tax evasion schemes.”Danica Coto, The Associated Presslast_img read more

Practical steps needed to help victims of terrorism Ban says

Speaking at UN Headquarters in New York before the Secretary-General’s Symposium on Supporting Victims of Terrorism, the first event of its kind, Mr. Ban stressed that terrorism is a global phenomenon, capable of striking at any ethnic, religious or national group.“It attacks humanity itself,” he said, adding that “it is for the sake of humanity that we must create a global forum for your voice and listen to you, the victims.”Eighteen victims of terrorist attacks and 10 experts from across the world are participating in the day-long symposium, which follows the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy – adopted unanimously by Member States in 2006 – that, among other measures, urged an end to the dehumanization of terrorism victims.Under the strategy, countries committed themselves to consolidating their systems of assistance to promote the needs of victims and their families and facilitate the normalization of their lives; to promoting international solidarity in support of victims; and to protect victims’ rights.“Today we must strive to give practical meaning to these commitments,” said Mr. Ban, calling for an open dialogue on the issue between governments, the UN, civil society and victims.The Secretary-General praised the victims of terrorism for their strength and courage in advocating against the menace.“Your stories of how terrorism has affected your lives are our strongest argument why it can never be justified. By giving a human face to the painful consequences of terrorism, you help build a global culture against it… You deserve support and solidarity. You deserve social recognition, respect and dignity. You deserve to have your needs addressed.”Last Friday the General Assembly unanimously adopted a resolution renewing the commitment of UN Member States to the strategy and expressing a willingness to advance further on implementing it.Assembly President Srgjan Kerim told the symposium that “it was precisely the human suffering, the senseless violence, the haunting stare of victims that spurred us to action.”He said the international community can show its solidarity with victims by “unequivocally and continuously” condemning all acts of terrorism, regardless of their motivation.“We must not leave any doubt that these acts are criminal and reprehensible,” he added.Mr. Kerim said the UN can and must be used to harmonize international efforts against terrorism, starting with individual Member States sharing with each other their successes and experiences.The 18 victims taking part today are intended to be a microcosm of victims worldwide, and include Ingrid Betancourt, who was recently released from six years in captivity in Colombia, and Ashraf Al-Khaled, whose wedding in Amman, Jordan, was marred by terrorist bombings in November 2005.In a separate press conference today, Mr. Ban said it was clear that the international community needs to do much more to support terror victims.“Still too often there are gaps in addressing the needs of survivors and their families,” he said. “Still too often victims are registered only as numbers and not as human beings that bear witness to stories of immense injustice. Still too often we pay more attention to the voices of terrorists than those of their victims.”Ms. Betancourt said she hoped the symposium would lay the ground for ensuring that victims of terror are truly heard by the wider world.“When we talk about victims of terrorism, we are talking about human suffering,” she said. “It is not statistics. We are not numbers. We are a people who suffer.” 9 September 2008United Nations Member States must take practical steps to implement their commitments to promote and protect the rights of terrorism victims so that they can help create a global culture against the scourge, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told a historic forum today. read more

Liberia Annan urges action by Security Council on multinational force

Mr. Annan made his comments in Bern, Switzerland, a day after the Security Council had met in closed consultations in New York and decided to continue discussing the Secretary-General’s force proposal after the return of a Council mission to West Africa next Saturday. “I would have preferred an urgent reaction,” the Secretary-General told the press in response to a question about the Council’s reaction to the letter he had sent to the 15-member body over the weekend proposing the deployment of a force.Noting that Council members were talking amongst themselves and some believed that the decision should await the return of the mission, the Secretary-General said he did not necessarily share that view.”These days with modern communications you can always get information you need without waiting for their return. The situation is urgent, tragic and I would urge a prompt, quick decision,” he said, adding that Washington was also considering his appeal that a force be sent to Liberia urgently.In another press encounter in Bern, where he is on a one-day official visit, Mr. Annan pointed out that several UN Member States had appealed to the United States to lead that operation and the Liberian population was also asking for that.”What is important is: we need a country with capacity, a military capacity, that can deploy a robust force,” the Secretary-General told the press after his meeting with Pascal Couchepin, President of the Swiss Confederation.”It doesn’t have to be very large – that can make a difference on the ground and can team up with West African forces that are ready to help monitor the ceasefire, to create space and time for the peace negotiations to be completed and lead Liberia out of its misery. And so we need a country with real capacity to go in with a robust force.”In a letter to the Security Council on Saturday, Mr. Annan noted that earlier last month the Council had endorsed a UN role to implement a ceasefire in Liberia, which has been torn by years of civil war and factional fighting. “The time has now come for the Security Council to take action to give practical effect to that commitment, in the light of the most recent grave deterioration in the situation,” he wrote. read more

Battle for Ronas board could be put off until May while it

MONTREAL – A battle for control at Rona Inc. could be put off for six months after the home renovation retailer called an annual meeting in May and said it would look into replacing some of its directors.The Quebec-based hardware company said Thursday it has asked a head-hunting firm seeking a new CEO for Rona to also identify potential candidates for directors as it looks to increase representation from outside Quebec.Spokeswoman Michelle Laberge said the actions were already underway when Invesco Canada, its second-largest shareholder, announced Wednesday that it would seek to sweep out and replace the existing board.“It was in the plan that we were going to announce the AGM so that was always in the plan,” she said in an interview.“When they showed their intention (Wednesday) we just thought we would clarify that right off the bat and also clarify the fact that we have been in a process of identifying new board members for the upcoming AGM.”Laberge said executive search firm Korn/Ferry International was initially asked to seek new directors in September. Finding a replacement for Robert Dutton was only added to its mandate after the long-time chief executive resigned last week.“We proactively started to look into new members because we had some investors who wanted us to bring new people on board.”By announcing the annual meeting, Laberge said Rona has precluded the possibility of an earlier special meeting that was requested by the dissident shareholder.Invesco, which holds about 11 per cent of Rona’s stock, declined to comment Thursday.It is among the shareholders who are unhappy with years of weak results at Rona and the board’s unwillingness to entertain a $14.50 per share cash takeover bid from U.S. rival Lowe’s that represents about a 45 per cent premium from where the company’s stock has traded for much of the past year.Rona (TSX:RON) said in its proxy circular last year that $100 invested in the company at the end of 2006 was worth little more than $42 five years later.IA Michael Investment Counsel, manager of ABC Funds, which owns about three million shares representing 2.5 per cent of Rona, supports Invesco’s call for change, but is concerned by how long the process could take.“You’re talking a good six months from now. A lot can happen in the economy and various events so clearly we’re disappointed in seeing it dragged out too long,” president Irwin Michael said Thursday.Laberge wouldn’t say how many directors could be replaced, but none of the current 11 members has expressed an interest in not seeking re-election. There are also two vacancies.The board is led by lawyer Robert Pare and includes Geoff Molson, CEO of the Montreal Canadiens, and Quebec business leaders who have been affiliated with Alimentation Couche-Tard (TSX:ATD.B), Rotisseries St-Hubert and Cascades (TSX:CAS).Many companies invite large shareholder to have seats on the board. But Laberge said that move “wasn’t part of the conversation we had internally.”She also wouldn’t say how many seats could go to people outside Quebec, but added candidates must meet certain criteria, including having a knowledge of the retail industry.Rona will announce its list of director candidates when it issues its proxy circular in March. Any shareholder can submit its own nominees.The retailer isn’t the first Canadian company to face a shareholder revolt this year. Canadian Pacific Railways (TSX:CP) dumped it CEO and replaced its board earlier this year after shareholders led by U.S. hedge fund manager Bill Ackman mounted a challenge over their dissatisfaction with CP’s performance.Rona said it hopes to avoid a proxy battle.“We want to be civilized and do things the right way and we are just opening conversation with our investors and hoping that we can have civilized conversations,” added Laberge.The company is pursuing its business strategy to improve results over the next 12 to 18 months by growing the number of smaller, neighbourhood stores and closing some big box locations.Rona currently has nearly 30,000 employees and 830 locations under its banner, giving Rona a bigger reach in Canada than Home Depot or Lowe’s, the No. 1 and No. 2 home improvement retailers in the United States. Home Depot has just 180 stores across Canada and Lowe’s has about 31 Canadian locations, out of 1,745 across North America.On the Toronto Stock Exchange, Rona’s shares lost 37 cents, or 3.21 per cent, at $11.15 in afternoon trading. AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by Ross Marowits, The Canadian Press Posted Nov 15, 2012 3:14 pm MDT Battle for Rona’s board could be put off until May while it seeks new directors read more

Global ban on nuclear tests vital for achieving more secure world –

“Nuclear tests remain a threat to human health and global stability,” Mr. Ban said in his message for the third annual International Day against Nuclear Tests, observed on 29 August.The Day highlights the efforts of the UN and a growing community of advocates, including Member States, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, youth networks and media, in informing and educating on the importance of the nuclear-test-ban.The General Assembly chose 29 August as the annual commemoration date since it marks the day in 1991 when Semipalatinsk, one of the largest test sites in the world and located in north-eastern Kazakhstan, was closed for good.Mr. Ban noted that the Day is an important opportunity to call attention to the harmful and long-lasting effects of testing, as well as the continued danger posed by the existence of tens of thousands of nuclear weapons. “Around the world, symposia, conferences, exhibitions and competitions are being held to raise public awareness and galvanize action to finally end nuclear tests,” he stated. “To achieve this goal, States that have not yet signed and ratified the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) must do so without delay.”The CTBT, which aims to establish a verifiable, permanent global ban on all types of nuclear explosive tests, enjoys near-universal support but has yet to enter into force. The Secretary-General is the depositary of the treaty, which, as of today, has been signed by 183 States and ratified by 157.Ratification by eight so-called Annex 2 States is required for the treaty to enter into force. They are China, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), Egypt, India, Iran, Israel, Pakistan, and the United States.Pending the treaty’s entry into force, Mr. Ban urged all States to uphold the current moratorium on all nuclear test explosions. “However, while existing voluntary moratoriums on nuclear weapon tests are essential, they are no substitute for a total global ban,” he reminded them. The International Day against Nuclear Tests is being marked around the world with events to call attention to the dangers of nuclear test explosions, the threats posed to humans and the environment, and the need to ultimately eliminate all nuclear weapons and their testing. read more

Central African Republic sexual violence is constant threat UN envoy warns

The Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflict, Zainab Hawa Bangura, made her second official visit to CAR from 17 to 19 March to take stock of the situation there.She met with State officials, civil society representatives and humanitarian workers to discuss practical arrangements for the prevention of and response to conflict-related sexual violence, including victim assistance.Hundreds of thousands of displaced persons are unable to return home due to the threat of atrocities committed by perpetrators of inter-communal and inter-religious violence. According to testimonies Ms. Bangura heard, these crimes include recurring instances rape and gang rape, forced marriage, sexual mutilation, abduction and sexual slavery.The Special Representative condemned these abuses and appealed to both parties – Anti-Balaka and ex-Séléka – to cease the violence immediately, reminding them that these crimes are punishable by national and international courts. Ms. Bangura expressed deep concern for the absence of multi-sectoral assistance resources for victims of sexual violence, and the pervasive climate of impunity due to the collapse of State authority, judicial institutions and security forces. President Catherine Samba-Panza renewed her commitment, following the signing of the joint communiqué between the UN and the Government in December 2012, to combat sexual violence.As an immediate response to end the epidemic of conflict-related sexual violence, the President and the Special Representative agreed to the UN-backed deployment of a rapid response unit of the national gendarmerie to respond to incidents of sexual violence in conflict in Bangui. Ms. Bangura called for women’s active participation in the national dialogue and in reconciliation efforts to restore peace which – with the help of humanitarian agencies and donors – will require increased assistance to victims, improved data collection, and the immediate restoration of the judiciary.Meanwhile, regarding the severe food shortage that the country is facing, on a more positive note, the World Bank has announced that it would be funding an $8 million agreement with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) as part of a $20 million World Food Programme (WFP) aid plan to prevent the country from falling into a full-scale nutrition crisis. Short-term activities under the agreement will focus on providing seeds and tools to 9,000 families for the upcoming mid-April planting season.The 9,000 families will each receive 25 kilos of seeds, which will allow them to harvest an estimated 6 000 tonnes of maize, ground nuts and rice by September of this year.“Farmers need support so that they can produce their own food, restore their livelihoods and take advantage of local economic opportunities,” said Alexis Bonte, acting FAO Representative in the CAR.In the longer term, the project will, among other things, focus on empowering thousands of female farmers, explained Ms. Bonte, stressing that “the role of women in food security, nutrition and peace is crucial.” read more

City lawyer accused of racially aggravated assault after allegedly calling woman an

first_imgYou better start running because I am coming for youwhat Alastair Main is said to have told his alleged victim Alastair Main Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The alleged victim claimed she was left feeling “humiliated” and scared of Main’s “aggressive demeanour” on December 16 last year.Giving evidence from behind a screen, she told the court: “He came to ask for the hug. I turned him down, I said ‘I don’t think so’.”When Main overheard the alleged victim talking about where she and her friend would go for a drink after the dinner, he allegedly remarked: “Off to find some men are we?”She said: “His demeanour had changed, something had snapped, there was something angry about him.”Main followed her into a different room at the club, stood over her and told other guests to “get the f— out”, it is claimed.She said: “I knew his behaviour was getting worse, at that time Mr Main poured a pint of beer over me, I was drenched, my hair was so wet.”The alleged victim told how she had to walk to the toilets covered in beer while Main repeatedly called her an “Australian s–t”. A City lawyer is accused of racially aggravated assault and a sexual offence after allegedly pouring a pint of beer over a woman’s head, calling her an “Australian s–t” and slapping her on the bottom.Alastair Main allegedly drenched the woman after she refused to give him a hug at a rowing club’s Christmas dinner.The 35-year-old, a former captain of the Club, then hurled insults at her as he followed her to the toilets before lifting up her skirt and spanking her repeatedly, it is claimed.He sent her a grovelling apology via text message the next morning, Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court heard. Alastair Main, a former captain of the London Rowing Club, outside courtCredit:Tony Palmer Main, who attended the £30,000-a-year Oratory School in Reading, then pursued the victim into the toilets, it is claimed.Prosecutor Paul Douglass told the court: “He followed her into the ladies’ toilets after she had gone in to clean herself up due to having had a beer poured over her head.”He pulled her hair, he pushed her, she tried to resist but he pulled up her skirt and smacked her approximately five times on her backside.”The alleged victim told the court: “He pulled my hair, slapping me on the head. He pulled my skirt up, calling me a s–t asking me if I was wearing any knickers.”Main slapped her repeatedly around the bottom and thighs before another member of the club intervened, the court heard.As she left the club, Main continued to call her a s–t and yelled out: “You better start running because I am coming for you,” it is claimed.He is also said to have followed the victim and her friends to a cocktail bar to hurl more verbal abuse.Main was a national rowing champion in 2003 and represented England at that year’s Home International Regatta.He retired from competitive rowing in 2006 having won the Thames Cup at the Henley Royal Regatta.Main is a graduate of the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Law School and is currently employed by a global asset management firm, having previously worked for Coutts private bank.Main, of Kingston-upon-Thames, denies one count of racially aggravated assault and one count of sexual assault. The trial continues.last_img read more

Thomas Mair Jo Coxs Naziobsessed killer who hid extreme farRight views for

first_img Police outside Thomas Mair's neat two-bedroom semi-detached home in Birstall, West Yorkshire There were no flags outside number 86 Lowood Lane, however, the neat two bedroom semi-detached home of Thomas Mair. The 53-year-old loner had no interest in football and told neighbours he thought flags were a “waste of money”. Credit: CRAIG BROUGH/Reuters Police outside Thomas Mair’s neat two-bedroom semi-detached home in Birstall, West Yorkshirecenter_img In the weeks leading up to the EU referendum in June, virtually every other house on the Fieldhead Estate in Birstall, West Yorkshire, was festooned with the St George’s flag. It was not the looming Brexit vote that had inspired such patriotism, however, but the European Football Championships taking place in France. Instead, while they sat glued to their TVs following the dismal progress of the England team, Mair was busy plotting how to demonstrate his patriotic credentials…last_img read more

The hidden torture of homeschooled children Are controversial checks the answer

‘My mother had a real thing about the soles of the feet. Walking with damaged feet is agony,’ says Christopher Spry. ‘I should know. It was one of the places she liked to beat us.’ Now 29, he calmly lists instances of torture at the hands of his foster mother, Eunice Spry. He went to live with her when he was three years old and was raised as her child for the next 13 years, with four siblings. From the age of five, they were all home-educated, isolated from the outside world. Spry was removed from his foster mother’s care at 16 when his oldest sister managed to contact the police. Eunice was convicted in 2007 and sentenced to 14 years in prison. The presiding judge said it was the worst case…

SYRIZA rules out political consensus before polls

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Leftist SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras on Thursday categorically ruled out any kind of consensus with other political parties before elections.“We are prepared at this historic moment to lead the national effort,” Tsipras told a session of the party’s political secretariat. “We will seek consensus after elections based on a different framework to the one being negotiated by the current government.”Tsipras’s comments came as sources indicated that the leftists were buoyed by the coalition’s lackluster performance in the first round of presidential elections on Wednesday, indicating that the government is extremely unlikely to garner the additional 20 MPs it needs to approve its candidate, former European Commissioner Stavros Dimas, on December 29. In a sign of how sure they are of elections, SYRIZA officials are planning to convene on December 30 to discuss candidate lists.Meanwhile, in an interview with Reuters, Tsipras struck a conciliatory tone, saying SYRIZA would seek an agreement with the country’s international creditors if it comes to power. He added that he would not move “unilaterally” unless forced to.As speculation about early elections intensified, Democratic Left MPs indicated that they would only vote for Dimas if there is a SYRIZA-backed proposal to postpone general elections.Former conservative Premier Constantinos Mitsotakis meanwhile warned of the risks of snap polls, saying they could “lead the country into turmoil and result in us leaving the eurozone.” His statement was released after he met with Independent Greeks leader Panos Kammenos, who said he told Mitsotakis political consensus could be sought “after elections.”Source: Kathimerinilast_img read more

Les phoques responsables de la baisse des stocks de morue au Canada

first_imgLes phoques responsables de la baisse des stocks de morue au Canada ?Des chercheurs canadiens suggèrent que les phoques seraient à l’origine de la baisse des stocks de morue dans l’est du pays. Jamais ces animaux n’ont été aussi nombreux dans les eaux côtières canadiennes, affirment-ils, sans toutefois préconiser un abattage massif des phocidés.Les phoques sont-ils à l’origine de la chute des stocks de morue observée depuis le début des années 90 dans les eaux de l’est du Canada ? C’est ce qu’avance une étude néo-écossaise publiée par la revue Fisheries Research et rapportée par le site Cyberpresse. “Nous avons réanalysé les données utilisées par d’autres études et conclu que les phoques mangent beaucoup plus de morue que prévu”, explique Robert O’Boyle, ancien dirigeant du centre de recherche Bedford du ministère fédéral des Pêches et des Océans, et l’un des auteurs principaux de cette étude. “Nous avons notamment utilisé des données d’autres pays sur l’alimentation des phoques, ce que personne d’autre n’avait fait” souligne-t-il. De précédentes études ont conclu que les phoques mangeaient peu de morue. Mais “l’étude des estomacs et des selles des phoques sous-estiment la quantité de morue ingérée, affirme le chercheur. Elles déterminent ce que les phoques ont mangé en identifiant les os des ouïes des poissons qui restent. Or, souvent les phoques ne mangent que la panse des morues adultes, parce qu’elles sont trop grosses pour eux” explique-t-il.Jamais le nombre de phoques n’avait été aussi élevé dans les eaux canadiennes depuis le début du XIXe siècle, affirment les chercheurs. Toutefois ces dernières années une légère augmentation des stocks de morue a été enregistrée. La thèse de Robert O’Boyle et ses collègues reste donc encore à prouver. “Nous attendons les données de 2012 sur les stocks de morue pour être sûrs de notre thèse”, indique le chercheur, notant que “la reprise des stocks semble avoir cessé l’an dernier”.Une autre explication à la diminution À lire aussiL’attaque spectaculaire d’un ours polaire affamé sur un phoqueA l’automne dernier, un rapport gouvernemental parvenait à la même conclusion et recommandait un abattage massif des phoques pour enrayer la chute des stocks de morue qui malgré plusieurs moratoires sur la pêche ne se reconstituent pas. Mais Boris Worm, biologiste marin de l’Université Dalhousie a du mal à croire à cette thèse. Il penche d’avantage pour une autre explication, avancée l’été dernier par un ancien employé de Robert O’Boyle. “Quand les stocks se sont effondrés, les proies de la morue sont devenues les prédateurs des petites morues, explique-t-il. Les stocks de ces anciennes proies se sont multipliés par 10 puis se sont à leur tour effondrés. La morue a pu reprendre sa place, ce qui explique la croissance des dernières années. Cette étude a été publiée dans Nature, une revue autrement plus prestigieuse que Fisheries Research” souligne-t-il.Le 29 janvier 2012 à 15:40 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Kyle Walker ready to step up for Spurs

first_imgTottenham Hotspur defender Kyle Walker-Peters insists he is ready to replace Danny Rose if his teammate is sidelined with an injury.Rose suffered a reoccurrence of the groin injury he picked up some weeks back against Huddersfield Town which forced him to sit out England’s recent international games and Walker-Peters believes he is ready to step into the left-back starting spot if the need arises.He said, according to Sky Sports: “Hopefully it’s not too bad for Dan. If the manager at Tottenham needs me to play on the left then I’m ready to do a good job”“The gaffer knows what he’s doing. I have faith in what he has planned for me and when he gives me my opportunities I have to continue to take them.”Christian Eriksen, Tottenham, SpursPochettino: ‘Happy’ Christian Eriksen ready for Spurs action Andrew Smyth – September 12, 2019 Mauricio Pochettino insists Christian Eriksen is “happy” and in the right frame of mind for Tottenham despite his failed summer exit.“He spoke to me at the beginning of the season which is good. He makes it quite clear that if you want to go and have a word with him, feel free to and question him.”Walker-Peters also revealed club team-mate Jan Vertonghen has also given him words of encouragement after nine appearances last season.“Jan sent me a great message, saying after I’d signed my contract and all my hard work throughout the season, it showed in games,” he said.“I guess it was because of the season I’d had. I didn’t play often but when I did actually get my opportunity I did quite well.”last_img read more

City of San Diego employees are leaving

first_img 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – For several years San Diego had major problems recruiting and retaining police officers. That ended last year by giving the cops a 30 percent pay raise.Then last November, the voters doubled the pay of the city’s elected officials, and now it’s the city employees turn.The city had to raise the pay for cops to keep the city safe, and if the city is to provide quality public services, it needs to keep qualified city employees who are leaving.Just as the police department had retaining and retention problems, the city is finding those same issues with employees who provide city services. A city auditor’s report says this puts the city at risk of low morale, less institutionally knowledge, and increased costs to train replacements.These money problems go back to the late 1990’s and 2000’s when generous pension benefits were granted without paying for them.Proposition B allowed for changes, including scrapping the old lucrative pension system in favor of a 401k style system, but now that’s in jeopardy. City of San Diego employees are leaving Steve Bosh Posted: February 4, 2019 February 4, 2019 Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter Steve Bosh, last_img read more

Detector can count atom by atom

first_imgThis cavity-on-a-chip was used in the scientists’ single-atom detection experiments. The atom detector counts atoms by sensing photons that scatter off the atoms – an ability that will assist in a variety of new developments in atom optics devices. Photo credit: Igor Teper. MIT scientists Igor Teper, Yu-Ju Lin and Vladan Vuletic have developed a method for counting individual atoms that will likely assist in future developments of many different types of atom optics devices. Using an optical cavity – an arrangement of mirrors that forms a standing wave (a major component of lasers) – the detector counts atoms by detecting the photons that scatter off the atoms, either into the cavity or out of it. The group’s results are published in a recent issue of Physical Review Letters.In atom optics devices, atoms must be cooled to temperatures close to absolute zero (-459 degrees Fahrenheit) in order for them to exhibit their wave-like nature. Such ultra-cold atoms can then be manipulated much like light waves, but fully exploiting this ability requires high atom-number resolution.“Many interesting and novel atom optics applications, such as quantum information processing, that could potentially be implemented on atom chips require precise knowledge of atom numbers and atom statistics, and, in some cases, the ability to prepare and detect single atoms,” Teper told “The challenge is that the signal from a single atom is generally very small, so you need to either collect the signal for a long time or find some way to enhance the signal and reduce background noise. In our case, the cavity does both, since it enhances atom scattering and also filters out most of the background light.”In their set-up, Teper, Lin and Vuletic first trapped and cooled rubidium atoms in a magnetic trap. The team used two different measurements – fluorescence and absorption – to detect the photons scattering off the atoms. The fluorescence method works by illuminating the atoms with laser light of a specific frequency and measuring the amount of laser light scattered into the cavity. Although with this method atom number resolution decreases with larger quantities of atoms because larger light signals have larger fundamental uncertainty, the method allowed detection of a single atom with 75% efficiency in 250 microseconds.“There are various limits on how long ultracold atom experiments can take, both in terms of how long the atoms survive in the trap before they are lost and also in terms of how long various properties of the atoms are preserved,” said Teper. “One would want atom number measurements to take much less time than these limits so that one can perform the detection, or possibly many detections, without significantly cutting into the time available for the rest of the experiment. Also, one may need to measure an atom in motion, so that it spends only a short time in the detection region. Different applications can have very different constraints on the detection time.” Explore further Citation: Detector can count atom by atom (2006, August 10) retrieved 18 August 2019 from More than 80 years have passed since Louis de Broglie discovered that matter can act like a wave as well as a particle. With advances in technology, scientists have recently begun exploiting this strange property of everyday matter for applications such as atom lasers and nanofabrication. To further their understanding of these applications with matter waves, however, scientists need a way to detect and count the exact number of atoms used.center_img Using the absorption method, the scientists measured the rate of photons taken in by an atom, in effect looking at the atoms’ shadow, and achieved a resolution of about one atom. Because more atoms absorb more photons, which reduces the observed light signal, the absorption method is not limited the way fluorescence is when measuring a large number of atoms. Using a combination of fluorescence and absorption methods provides versatility for counting atoms in different applications.“Current atom optics capabilities include atom lasers, mirrors and beam-splitters for matter waves, atom interferometry (using both thermal atoms and Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs)), and BEC Josephson junctions,” said Teper. “Some of these have been achieved in magnetic traps on chips, some in free-space magnetic traps, some in optical traps, and some with untrapped atoms.”Many atom optics applications seem very futuristic, but the laws of quantum mechanics also seem to predict that such applications are possible with the proper technology. For example, scientists speculate on atom holography, which would be like laser holography but would replicate objects with actual matter instead of light. Also, more advanced atom lasers might act like the opposite of an optical laser, using light to direct beams of matter waves. “There has been rapid progress in the past few years in all these experimental regimes; many technical problems have been solved, and there’s a lot of excitement in the field,” said Teper. “BEC interferometry with magnetically trapped atoms on chips is one area where there’s been a series of breakthroughs recently, and there’s lots of interesting experiments ahead. Quantum information processing is one of the big goals of atom optics on chips, and while there’s been a lot of progress on some of the necessary components, there’s still a tremendous amount of work to do and many challenges to overcome.”Citation: Teper, Igor, Lin, Yu-Ju and Vuletic, Vladan. ”Resonator-Aided Single-Atom Detection on a Microfabricated Chip.” Physical Review Letters 97 023002 (2006). By Lisa Zyga, Copyright 2006 NIST’s compact atomic gyroscope displays new twists This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Tico Talk for expats and tourists Part 1

first_imgYou can’t call yourself fluent in Costa Rican Spanish unless you understand its slang.Tiquismos, as they are known, play an important role in most daily conversations. Despite having been a Spanish teacher for many years with a Masters Degree, I quickly found myself overwhelmed by Costa Rican slang when I moved here in 1980.I began an exhaustive study of the local lingo and compiled thousand of tiquismos or costarriqueñismos (expressions) in the process. Learning these phrases will help you navigate Costa Rica’s linguistic jungle, especially if you plan to live here.I am going to start this series with some of the more commonly used terms.A cachete: This expression is used when something is really good. A cachete inflado is a synonym.Un Aguila: Literally means “eagle” but is used to refer to Imperial beer that has an eagle on its label. If you ask for an “águila” you will be served an Imperial. In Costa Rica there are three things that are important in every man’s life: beer, soccer (fútbol) and women, but not necessarily in that order.Choza: Means a shack but refers to someone’s home or casa. For example, vamos a jalar a la choza (let’s go home). Chante is also slang for home. Chunche: Is an all-purpose word that can refer to almost any thing or object. Cuidado pierde: This expression is really popular nowadays and means “you can’t go wrong,” “can’t miss,” or  “you can’t lose.” Mae: Means “guy,” “man,” “buddy,” or “dude.” Some women also refer to each other by this term, una mae. Hacerse el mae means “to play dumb” or “to turn a blind eye.” Mae or maje can also means stupid or dumb, so be careful how you use this word.Mejenga: Is an informal or “pick up” game of soccer (fútbol) among friends.Pura vida: Is the de-facto national motto that reflects the country’s incredible lifestyle.Solo bueno: Means “only good” and also reflects life in Costa Rica.Tico/a: Is another name for a person from Costa Rica or a Costa Rican (costarricense). Since Costa Ricans frequently use the diminutives ico/ica to the end of words as suffixes, the term tico evolved to refer to the locals.Tuanis: Means “good” or “cool” and is used at times like the expression, “pura vida.” It isn’t derived from the English phrase “too nice,” as many believe.Una teja: Is slang for 100 colones (the official currency). It is also synonymous with the distance of one block, or 100 meters. Finally, there is a daily newspaper called La Teja. Originally it cost 100 colones, giving it its name. As of May 2019, the newspaper costs 250 colones (two and one-half tejas). Vara: Is a “thing” and  similar in meaning to chunche.  It may also used in many other ways such as “Qué es la vara?’” which means “What’s up?” or “What’s the deal?”  The world can also be used to indicate a joke: Son varas, mae means “just kidding, man.” Costa Rican expression of the week de Bagaces a Liberia is a phrase that basically means to be lazy. Perezoso/a or ocioso/a are more commonly used to describe a lazy or idle person. Christopher Howard has been conducting monthly relocation/retirement tours to Costa Rica for over 30 years. See He is also the author of the one- of-a-kind bestselling, “Guide to Costa Rican Spanish,” that may be purchased through Facebook Comments Related posts:Tico Talk for expats and tourists: Part 2 Tico Talk for expats and tourists: Part 4 Tico Talk for expats and tourists: Part 5 Tico Talk for expats and tourists: Part 6last_img read more

Transwestern Adds Transaction Manager

first_img Lenders & Servicers Movers & Shakers Processing Service Providers 2011-06-20 Ryan Schuette Transwestern Adds Transaction Manager June 20, 2011 455 Views Sharecenter_img in Secondary Market In a statement released Thursday, “”Transwestern””: announced the appointment of Sunjay Arya as transaction manager at its Houston headquarters.[IMAGE][COLUMN_BREAK]””We are excited about the growth of our multifamily team, both locally and nationally,”” said Ed Cummins, SVP of multifamily services. “”With Transwestern’s national service platform and our Houston capabilities, we are well positioned to provide quality service for our clients.””According to the statement, Arya will take responsibility for escrow management, financial analysis, and the valuation of multifamily assets at the company. Before relocating to “”Transwestern””:, he served as acquisitions manager and underwriting analyst at Concierge Asset Management, presiding over $100 million in multifamily asset purchases. In his new role, Arya will take an active part in nine deals the company continues to orchestrate, with an additional 10 to 12 on the horizon in transactions with companies like Aimco, JP Morgan, LNR, and Ocwen Financial.One of the nation’s largest commercial real estate firms, “”Transwestern””: supplies real estate services and investment management businesses with market intelligence reports and product specialties.last_img read more

A Review of GSE Credit Risk Transfers

first_imgIn its latest “GSE CRT Loss Projection” report, Fitch Ratings revealed that their reference pool loss projections have lowered on every transaction compared to their prior review in July 2018. At the “BBBsf’ rating stress level, projected losses were revised downward by an average of 15 basis points (bps) as a percentage of the remaining mortgage loan pool balance. The declining projected losses reflect strong collateral performance, increased home price appreciation, and a shorter remaining period until transaction maturity,” the report stated. The GSE CRT Loss Projection report is published every six months in January and June detailing the projections for future credit events and losses on mortgage loan pools referenced by GSE credit risk transfer transactions.The report points out to an increase in overall as well as early delinquency trends among recent transactions—a higher trajectory compared to prior vintages. It indicated the trend remains better than initial expectations even for recently issued transactions. According to the report, the average 60-plus day delinquency percentage for 60 percent to 80 percent loan-to-value (LTV) reference pools is 25bps among transactions with at least 12 months seasoning. No pool was higher than 56bps in this category, it said. For 81 percent to 97 percent LTV reference pools, the average is 44bps, with no pool higher than 90bps.Fitch also highlights a 2 percent average increase in prices since the last review in July. “The resulting lower mark-to-market LTV ratios of the reference pools have driven current loss expectations lower relative to deal closing,” the report adds. According to the report, voluntary mortgage insurance (MI) cancellations were higher than expected. “For borrowers who are eligible to cancel but have not yet done so,” the report reads, “Fitch increased the haircut to the MI benefit to reflect the possibility that they could cancel sooner than the model currently expects.” The report also indicated that all GSE CRT transactions reviewed have a hard bullet maturity date of 10 years or 12.5 years from issuance, depending on the transaction.Read the full report here. A Review of GSE Credit Risk Transfers January 8, 2019 824 Views in Daily Dose, Featured, Market Studies, News, Servicingcenter_img Fitch Ratings GSE GSE CRT Loss Projection Home Prices Mortgage Insurance Cancellations 2019-01-08 Donna Joseph Sharelast_img read more

Government mulls asking troika to use Coop 1 billion euros to refinance

first_imgBy Stelios OrphanidesThe finance minister Harris Georgiades said the government is considering requesting international lenders to allow Cyprus use 1 billion euros of bailout money earmarked for the recapitalisation of the cooperative banks to refinance existing debt.You May LikeLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoKelley Blue BookYou Won’t Believe How Affordable These Ford Car Models AreKelley Blue BookUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img