Why India’s Landmark Education Law is Shutting Down Schools

first_imgIn an unauthorised colony of labourers in Delhi, a class of six-year-olds is reciting English, a language their parents hope will get them jobs in call centres and offices. Related Itemslast_img

UK Tribunal to Hold Hearing on Classified Operation Blue Star Files

first_imgA UK tribunal is set to hold a three-day hearing from March 6 on a Freedom of Information (FOI) request for classified UK Cabinet Office files that have information on the country’s involvement in Indian Army’s Operation Blue Star in 1984, PTI reported.The hearing, which is to open in London, will determine if the UK’s Information Commissioner was right in upholding the Cabinet Office’s decision to keep the files away from public in August 2015. The Cabinet Office had declined to release the files citing national security and safeguarding international relations with India as the reason. An appeal over the decision was lodged in September 2016, and was set to be heard in April 2017. It got delayed and will now be heard on March 6.KRW law is representing freelance journalist Phil Miller, who has been investigating the role of Margaret Thatcher-led United Kingdom’s role in the Indian Army operation on the Golden Temple in Amritsar.“The FOI request should be granted because there is overwhelming public interest in understanding the extent of UK involvement in the tragic events of 1984. Disclosing documents from three decades ago will not harm diplomatic relations – politicians in the UK and India have embraced right to information laws and recognize the importance of public access to national archives,” Miller, who authored Sacrificing Sikhs: The need for an investigation report, told the agency. His report was presented at an event in House of Commons by the British Sikh group, UK Federation of Sikhs (UK), in November 2017.The UK government in  January 2014 declassified material to public which showed that the British military had played an advisory role in Operation Blue Star. The declassification happened as a result of the government’s 30-year rule, according to which documents created 30 years ago will be released to the public. The then prime minister of the country, David Cameron, ordered a review into this material, which gave rise to public calls that more documents on the subject be declassified. After the review, the UK Parliament released a statement saying that the impact of the Special Air Service advice to Indian Army was “limited” and “given months in advance, after which Indian Army’s plan changed drastically.”However, Miller, says that many documents from the incident are still classified and only “full transparency” would reveal the exact nature of United Kingdom’s involvement in the operation that was intended to flush out Sikh militants from the Golden Temple in Amritsar.  This operation, which hurt the sentiments of the Sikh community, started a chain of tragic events in India: the assassination of then Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by her bodyguards five months after the operation, followed by the anti-Sikh riots across the country as a response to her death, which reportedly led to deaths of over 3,000 people.“A public inquiry would allow us to understand how much Margaret Thatcher’s decision to send a military adviser to Amritsar in 1984 was motivated by trade and arms deals worth billions of pounds. It would also establish whether the UK military advice was really a one off or whether in fact it continued throughout the period, even after the tragic events of June 1984,” he said.The Labour Party, sitting in the Opposition in the House of Commons, has backed British Sikh groups for an independent public inquiry into the role of the UK government in the Indira Gandhi-led Indian government’s operation in 1984. The party has included it as an election pledge in their manifesto as well.“There has been a massive cover-up and Parliament and the public have been disturbingly misled. An independent public inquiry to get to the truth is the only way forward,” Bhai Amrik Singh, chair of the Sikh Federation (UK), was quoted as saying by PTI. This is backed by the All-Party Parliamentary Group  on British Sikhs, which is chaired by Labour MP Preet Kaur Gill.The tribunal will hear evidence given by senior civil servants from the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office, in addition to arguments presented to determine whether the documents can be declassified. Related ItemsOperation Blue StarSikhismUKlast_img read more

The Next Fitness Guru

first_imgActress Pia Lindstrom, Amy Butte, CEO of NYSE and model Megan McKenzie are some of her clients and Rupa Mehta, founder of the Nalini Method, is certainly making people run through hoops with her own combination of yoga, pilates, aerobics, ballet and resistance training.Mehta, whose parents are from Ahmedabad and who grew up in Virginia, majored in finance and accounting and was headed for a career in investment banking.   Then she used her MBA for this unusual career.She trained at the Lotte Berk Studio, besides getting yoga certification from Yoga Works and Yoga Alliance and barefoot training with Stacie Lee Kraus. This east-west mélange seems to go down well with her clients – she has over 600 of them, and is being featured in Vogue and Oprah magazines in the coming months.The fitness routine that she has created, Nalini Method, is named after her mother to honor her parents, who have always been accepting and have supported her every step of the way, even when she gave up solid career choices to go out on a limb with her fitness studio startup.“They’re a huge part of the business, like any Indian family,” she says. “In the beginning they sewed the mats with me and even packed off all my cousins to come for the classes!  They’re just so proud of me. My dad cried and introduces himself to the class – it’s a real family atmosphere, like in the TV series “Cheers” where everyone knows everyone else.”While many fitness studios are not too friendly and people with out-of-shape bodies can feel intimidated, Mehta says the Nalini Method is about acceptance “My mother is so accepting of everyone that I wanted to create the same atmosphere of love and acceptance for everyone. It’ s a small town feeling in a big city. People love it!”Mehta’s studio near Central Park West in Manhattan is abuzz with activity and she practices what she preaches – it’s the active lifestyle for her and no crash diets. She says, “I love teaching even more than I love fitness. I just love sharing it with people in the class.” Related Itemslast_img read more

Indian-Origin Man From Singapore Wins MasterChef Australia Contest

first_imgSingapore-born Sashi Cheliah took home the title of MasterChef Australia 2018, after scoring a massive 93 out of 100, the highest grand finale score in the history of MasterChef Australia television reality show.“It’s a very weird feeling,” Cheliah said after winning the title. “I never thought this would happen!,” he was quoted as saying by TV Week.“I was literally jumping up and down screaming and cheering. It’s very hard to explain but it was a very beautiful feeling.”Congratulations to @sashi_cheliah for taking out the #MasterChefAU 2018 title! 🏆 pic.twitter.com/4olK1zNtjo— #MasterChefAU (@masterchefau) July 31, 2018Cheliah, a 39-year-old prison guard from Adelaide, beat Queensland builder Ben Borsht, who scored 77, in one of the most one-sided finals in MasterChef Australia so far.He commemorated his Indian connection by using the red chilli as his “hero ingredient” to prepare a starter and entrée for one of the two finale rounds. He made a Sambal prawn starter and snapper fish curry entrée with a side of cumin rice.The grand finale, which was aired on July. 31, showed him far ahead of his competitor right from the first round. His Sambal Prawn appetizer helped him get a 30 out of 30 in the first round itself, creating a major gap of 16 points between the two contestants.Hi everyone… thank you very much for the huge support and love from all over world. I am so blessed and honoured. Love you so much…Some exciting new ventures are coming soon so stay… https://t.co/orkhV2DmF4— sashi_cheliah (@sashi_cheliah) August 1, 2018Cheliah was a consistent performer throughout the show, creating Indian, Malaysian and Singaporean dishes inspired by his heritage and culture. His audition dish was called the “Best Indian Dish” that judge George Calombaris had eaten. His use of spices earned him the title “the spice king” on the show, while his western dishes showed that his skills go beyond his brilliant use of spices to blend and balance intricate flavors as well.Cheliah is the first Singaporean to win the title. After winning the $250,000 prize money, he said that his future plans include opening an Indian and South Asian fusion restaurant, according to theonlinecitizen.com. He also intends to work with ex-prisoners and offer them new opportunities in the food industry.Cheliah has served as a police officer in Singapore and migrated to Adelaide six years ago where he stays with his wife and two sons. He traces his roots to Madurai in Tamil Nadu, from where his grandparents moved to Singapore. Related ItemsAustraliaSingaporetelevisionlast_img read more

With Alex Jones, Facebook’s Worst Demons Abroad Begin to Come Home

first_imgTo Americans, Facebook’s Alex Jones problem might seem novel, even unprecedented.When does speech become unsafe? When can it be limited? Should those decisions be up to a private company at all? And if a company shies away from acting, as Facebook did with Jones until Apple moved first, where does that leave the rest of us?But to activists and officials in much of the developing world, both the problem and Facebook’s muddled solutions will be old news.Before there was Alex Jones, the U.S. conspiracy theorist, there was Amith Weerasinghe, the Sri Lankan extremist who used Facebook as his personal broadcast station.Weerasinghe leveraged Facebook’s newsfeed to spread paranoia and hatred of the country’s Muslim minority. He enjoyed near-total freedom on the platform, despite repeated pleas from activists and officials for the company to intervene, right up until his arrest on charges of inciting a riot that killed one Muslim and left many more homeless.Before there was Weerasinghe, there was Ashin Wirathu, the Myanmar extremist, whose Facebook hoaxes incited riots in 2014. Three years later, Wirathu would contribute to a wave of Facebook-based rumors and hate speech that helped inspire widespread violence against Myanmar’s Rohingya minority.And so on.“Facebook doesn’t seem to get that they’re the largest news agency in the world,” Harindra Dissanayake, a Sri Lankan official, said a few days after Weerasinghe’s arrest.The problem, he said, goes beyond a few under-regulated extremists. It also involves the algorithm-driven newsfeed that is core to the company’s business model. “They are blind to seeing the real repercussions,” Dissanayake said of Facebook’s leaders.Developing countries’ experiences with Facebook suggest that the company, however noble its intent, has set in motion a series of problems we are only beginning to understand and that the company has proved unable or unwilling to fully address:— Reality-distorting misinformation that can run rampant on the newsfeed, which promotes content that will reliably engage users.— Extremism and hate speech that tap into users’ darkest impulses and polarize politics.— Malicious actors granted near-limitless reach on one of the most sophisticated communications platforms in history, relatively unchecked by social norms or traditional gatekeepers.— And a private company uneager to wade into contentious debates, much less pick winners and losers.Facebook — and many Westerners — have long treated those issues as safely “over there,” meaning in countries with weaker institutions, lower literacy rates and more recent histories of racial violence. Last month, a company official, announcing new policies to restrict speech that leads to violence, referred to “a type of misinformation that is shared in certain countries.”But chillingly similar Facebook-linked problems are becoming increasingly visible in wealthy, developed countries like the United States. So is the difficulty of solving those problems — and the consequences of Facebook’s preference for action that can be incremental, reactive and agonizingly slow.Sri Lankan soldiers patrol following communal violence between Muslim and Buddhists, in the village of Digana near Kandy, Sri Lanka. Photo: Adam Dean/The New York Times‘Something Bad Could Happen’Although Facebook officials often portray the violence associated with it as new or impossible to predict, the incidents date to at least 2012. So does the pressure to more actively regulate speech on the platform.That year, fake reports of sectarian violence went viral in India, setting off riots that killed several people and displaced thousands. Indian officials put so much pressure on Facebook to remove the posts that U.S. officials publicly intervened in the company’s defense.Reports of Facebook-linked violence only grew in India, and as Facebook expanded to other developing countries, similar stories followed.“I think in the back deep-deep recesses of our minds, we kind of knew something bad could happen,” Chamath Palihapitiya, a senior executive who left Facebook in 2011, said at a policy conference last year. “We have created tools that are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works.”There were other warnings, typically from activists or civil society leaders in the developing countries where Facebook’s expansion was fastest and most obviously disruptive. But they were little heeded.“Facebook is the platform that we could not meet with for years,” Damar Juniarto, who leads an Indonesian organization that tracks online hate groups, told me in March.As a Facebook-based group called the Muslim Cyber Army organized increasingly elaborate real-world attacks, Juniarto said, Facebook proved unresponsive. “How are we supposed to do this?” members of his group wondered. “Is it a form? Do we email them? We want them to tell us.”Facebook representatives eventually met with Juniarto, and the company has shut most pages associated with the Muslim Cyber Army.Still, the episode seems to fit a pattern of Facebook waiting to respond until after a major disruption: an organized lynching, a sectarian riot, state-sponsored election meddling or, as with the so-called Pizzagate rumor pushed by Jones, a violent close call set off by misinformation.A Corporate Regulator of Public LifeIn the developing countries where such incidents seem most common, or at least most explicitly violent, Facebook simply faces little pressure to act.In Sri Lanka, government officials spoke of the company as if it were a superpower to be feared and appeased.Tellingly, Facebook grew more proactive in Myanmar only after the United Nations and Western organizations accused it of having played a role in spreading the hate and misinformation that contributed to acts of ethnic cleansing.Even officials in India, a major power, struggled to get the company to listen. Indian pressure on Facebook, however, has dropped since the arrival of new government leaders who rose, in part, on a Hindu nationalist wave still prevalent on social media.U.S. officials have far greater leverage over Facebook, as members of Congress proved when lawmakers summoned Mark Zuckerberg, its chief executive officer, to testify in April. But the Americans seem unsure what they want Facebook to do or how to compel it to act. So they, too, are not very effective at changing the company’s behavior.More broadly, Americans seem unsure precisely how far Facebook should go in regulating speech on the platform, or what it should do about the data suggesting that misinformation is more common on the political right.All of which comes through in Facebook’s hesitation about shutting down Jones’ page, despite his long record of demonstrable falsehoods that have real-world consequences. U.S. commitment to free speech is unusually tied into the country’s sense of itself. Still, the dilemma here is not so different from those government officials and Facebook itself face in places like Indonesia or Sri Lanka.So while few are comfortable — perhaps Facebook least of all — with a private company acting as a vastly powerful regulator of public speech, even fewer seem willing to step in and take on the task themselves.Ashin Wirathu, an ultranationalist Buddhist monk, prays amongst his followers before he delivers a sermon at the Thein Taung Monastery in Kalaw, Myanmar. Photo: Adam Dean/The New York TimesMove Fast and Break ThingsThere are growing indications Facebook’s problems in rich countries may go beyond misinformation to do the kind of harm developing countries have experienced.Karolin Schwarz, who runs a Berlin-based organization that tracks social media misinformation, said she believed Facebook-based rumors about refugees could be fueling the spate of hate crimes against them.“I think it does something to their sense of community,” she said. “These things, if they reach thousands of people, you cannot get it back.”The platform has grown so powerful, so quickly, that we are still struggling to understand its influence. Social scientists regularly discover new ways that Facebook alters the societies where it operates: a link to hate crimes, a rise in extremism, a distortion of social norms.After all, Jones, for all his demagogic skills, was tapping into misinformation and paranoia already on the platform.In Germany, Gerhard Pauli, a state prosecutor based in Hagen, told me last month about a local firefighter trainee who had grown so fearful of refugees that he attempted to burn down a local refugee group house. “I’m quite sure that social media made it worse,” he said.Pauli said that his office spent more and more time tracking rumors and hate speech on Facebook, and that it seemed to rise in advance of violence, as when the mayor of nearby Altena was stabbed last year.Although Germany is a major economy with some of the world’s strictest social media regulations, Pauli had only somewhat more success with Facebook than his peers in the developing world.“In the beginning, they did nothing,” he said. “They would say, ‘You have no jurisdiction over us.’ In the last few years, they are more helpful, especially in cases of child abuse.”But, in other matters, the company remains skittish, Hagen said. “They do have a lot of information, but they don’t want to lose users,” he said.The prosecutor has grown especially concerned, he said, about social media rumors — say, a stranger near a school — that could spin ordinarily self-contained Germans into violence. Not so unlike in Sri Lanka or India.“We have lots of situations where somebody saw somebody outside the kindergarten,” he said. “Within five minutes it’s spreading, and from post to post, it gets worse. It takes two hours and then you have some lynch mob on the street.”Amanda Taub contributed reporting.(The Interpreter)© New York Times 2018 Related ItemsFacebookSocial medialast_img read more

Inspired by India, Singaporeans Seek to End Gay Sex Ban

first_imgAcross the British Empire, the laws banning gay sex in the colonies were often so similar that some even shared the same code number. In India, it was Section 377. In Singapore, 377A.So when the Indian Supreme Court struck down this fall the country’s colonial-era law criminalizing gay sex, Johnson Ong — 2,500 miles away in Singapore — saw it as a call to action. Within days, Ong, 43, filed a constitutional challenge to overturn Singapore’s version of the ban, arguing that it was “absurd and arbitrary” and “in violation of human dignity.”“India is such a conservative society — much more conservative than Singapore in some ways,” Ong said. “So I was like, if India can do it, why can’t we?”It’s a question that gay rights activists across the former British Empire have been asking themselves in the months since the landmark court ruling in India. For these activists, the Indian decision was not only a victory for the global gay rights movement, but also a stark repudiation of the Victorian-era legacy that has long stifled them.More than half of the 70 or so countries that criminalize gay sex are former colonies that inherited those laws from the British. Many adopted the laws directly from the Indian Penal Code, which was seen at the time as a model for the other colonies.Now, decades after the British left and, eventually, decriminalized homosexuality at home, these colonial-era laws remain in force. This year, Prime Minister Theresa May even acknowledged Britain’s responsibility for that, saying such laws were “wrong then and they are wrong now.”But the decision in India has breathed new life into the fight against what some gay rights activists have called their “colonial hangover.”In Sri Lanka, activists have sought advice from the Indian lawyers who successfully fought the Supreme Court case. In Kenya, parties seeking to overturn the country’s ban on gay sex have submitted arguments to the High Court based on the decision in India.Perhaps the most vocal movement to spring up in the wake of the Indian decision has been in Singapore, a prosperous city-state that is not known for its vibrant civic activism. While previous legal challenges to the ban have failed, activists revived efforts after Tommy Koh, a veteran Singaporean diplomat, commented on the Indian decision, urging the gay community to “try again.”The encouragement from Koh set off a wave of discussion surrounding Section 377A, which dates to 1938 and threatens up to two years in prison for a man who engages in “any act of gross indecency” with another man. The law says nothing about sex between women and is rarely enforced.In addition to Ong’s constitutional challenge, more than 50,000 people, including a former attorney general and several former diplomats, signed a petition urging the government to reconsider Section 377A as part of a major penal code review, its first in more than a decade. The government declined.Though the initial burst of energy has largely subsided, activists remain determined to push the changes through.Singapore has spent much of the year on the global stage, first as the site of the summit in June between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leader, and later as the setting of “Crazy Rich Asians,” a hit film showcasing lives of luxury.“The world has this image of Singapore as a perfect, modern country with a high standard of living and forward-thinking policies,” said Glen Goei, a film and theater director who helped start the petition. “But this is just the superficial side of Singapore. They don’t see the underbelly.”Conservative religious groups have been leading the opposition to the repeal movement. In September, the National Council of Churches of Singapore, which represents about 200 churches, came out in support of the law, stating that the “homosexual lifestyle is not only harmful for individuals, but also for families and society as a whole.”Echoing arguments that have been made in other countries, some Singaporeans have expressed concern that overturning the ban would threaten “traditional family values” and send the country down a “slippery slope.”Officials say it is up to society to decide what direction it wants to take on the issue. A recent survey by Ipsos Public Affairs, an independent market research company, found that 55 percent of people in Singapore supported Section 377A, while 12 percent said they opposed it.In an interview with the BBC last year, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong called the law “an uneasy compromise.”“I’m prepared to live with it until social attitudes change,” he said.Activists said that was unusual for a government known for taking a hands-on approach to its citizens’ affairs.“It is strange that they say ‘Let society decide’ because our government has never been a passive one,” said Johannes Hadi, a lawyer who started the petition with Goei. “They have always gone ahead and done what they felt was in the interest of the country.”In 2007, the Singaporean Parliament voted to repeal the original Section 377, which prohibited oral and anal sex between consenting adults, leaving only Section 377A in place.Officials have sought to reassure gays, reminding them that the law is rarely invoked. But in testimonies collected by local nonprofit groups and anthologists over the years, gay Singaporeans have described living under the shadow of a law that brands them criminals based on their identities alone.Profound loneliness is a common theme. Though Singaporeans take pride in their multicultural society, the country’s strict media and sedition laws discourage talk of ethnic and religious differences — not to mention sexual identity.There are also stories of victims who choose not to report sexual assault, domestic violence and even rape for fear of being prosecuted themselves. Stories of everyday discrimination — in public, in the workplace and especially within families — abound.Activists say the ban on sex between men sets the tone for discrimination against the broader gay community. Positive media portrayals of gay people, for example, are not allowed.In 2016, a local television station was criticized after it censored a segment of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in which President Barack Obama praised DeGeneres, the show’s openly gay host, for her advocacy work.“I think Singapore is the only country in the world that doesn’t know that Ellen is gay,” joked Jean Chong, co-founder of Sayoni, a local rights group for gay women.Even in this relatively hostile environment, it is possible to carve out some sense of normalcy. Ong is a DJ who also runs a digital marketing agency and lives with his longtime partner, a chef. On weekends they watch movies. For Mid-Autumn Festival, they made durian and taro mooncakes and sold them to their friends.But so long as Section 377A remains on the books, Ong said, living as a gay man in Singapore will be like “standing over a trapdoor.”“You see the lever over there and the government is saying, ‘Don’t worry, we aren’t going to pull it,’” he said. “But you never know.”Though the petition left the government unmoved, Ong’s constitutional challenge is still pending, with a pretrial conference set for Feb. 18.Perhaps the greatest folly in all of this, activists say, is the effort by governments around the world to paint homosexuality and the gay rights movement as imported. Last year, the Singaporean government banned foreign participation and sponsorship at the annual Pink Dot gay pride rally.But activists and historians say this is a major misreading of history. If anything, they argue, the colonial laws banning gay sex in Singapore and elsewhere should be considered imports, since they grew directly out of British law.“Sri Lanka was a matriarchal country before the colonists came and brought in their Christian and Victorian values,” said Rosanna Flamer-Caldera, founder of Equal Ground, a gay rights group in Sri Lanka. “But here is our government clinging on to British laws saying that homosexuality is a Western import.”“One has to see the humor in all of it,” she added.c.2018 New York Times News Service Related Itemslast_img read more

US Envoy Uses #Sareesearch to Pick Her First Sari for Aug.15

first_imgMaryKay Carlson, the Charge d’Affaires of the US Embassy in New Delhi, is seeking the help of her followers on Twitter to decide the sari she would wear on India’s Independence Day. Carlson has been posting pictures and videos, with the hashtag #sareesearch, about her selection process for the sari she would eventually wear on August 15.Praise for the GestureHer latest post shows her wearing the four saris that she has narrowed down the choice to — Jamdani, Dupion, Kanjeevaram and Tussar — as she asks people to help her pick one by voting for their favourite.  Her tweet received almost 2,000 comments over the weekend, with people writing about their choices, and praising her for the gesture. Some also differed from her selection and gave their own suggestions for saris like Bandhini or Muga silk.My #SareeSearch continues. Help me pick one to wear for #IndependenceDay by voting for your favorite. #WeWearCulture pic.twitter.com/sL9zhdrC3C— MaryKay Loss Carlson (@USAmbIndia) August 4, 2017“Her First” SariCarlson had earlier, on August 2, posted a video that showed her talking  about the four saris she had narrowed her selection down to (see below). Another one posted before this showed her visiting the Gandhi Gramodyog Bhavan in New Delhi and going through a wide range of saris with the salespersons to shop for “her first” sari. “Love Indian sarees! I’m on a #SareeSearch to find one to wear to Indian #IndependenceDay celebration. @ChairmanKvic @minmsme,” she posted.It was hard to narrow down my #SareeSearch to only four. Watch the video to see my choices. #WeWearCulture @minmsme @ChairmanKvic pic.twitter.com/hj7AWXO6Br— MaryKay Loss Carlson (@USAmbIndia) August 4, 2017Carlson, who took up the position of the Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Mission in India in August 2016, has earlier been seen wearing salwar kurta at events.Acting A/S Wells & I had an excellent mtg w/ @AmChamIndia, @USIBC & US companies on how to grow #USIndia trade relationship to new heights pic.twitter.com/wMyS1QO4D1— MaryKay Loss Carlson (@USAmbIndia) August 1, 2017 Related ItemsIndian sarisLittle IndiaMaryKay Carlson sarisMaryKay Carlson shops sarissarees varietyUS diplomats IndiaUS envoy to India MaryKay Carlsonlast_img read more

Saudi-based Billionaire Files Nomination For Himachal Assembly Polls

first_imgPrakash Rana, an India-born billionaire diamond merchant based in Saudi Arabia, will contest the Vidhan Sabha election in Himachal Pradesh. Rana, who will enter the fray as an independent candidate, filed his nomination from the Jogindernagar constituency in Mandi district.The businessman decided to contest as an independent candidate after approaching various political parties to choose him as the candidate from the constituency, Dainik Bhaskar reported. The Assembly elections in Himachal Pradesh are scheduled to be held on Nov. 9, and the result will be declared on Dec. 18.Mandi(HP): Billionaire Prakash Rana who now lives in Saudi Arabia has filed nomination as an independent candidate #HimachalPradesh pic.twitter.com/UAw9hPddeO— ANI (@ANI) October 28, 2017For Rana, contesting the elections is a means of fulfilling his father’s wish of entering politics to serve the people, contribute to society and help in the development of Jogindernagar. “You have seen the quality of the roads here, people here still don’t have access to clean drinking water, and there is only one functioning hospital here. A lot of work needs to be done here,” he told ANI.“Around 700 Indians are working in my business in Dubai, of which about 80 of them are from Himachal,” he told Hill Post. “I spend 7 to 10 percent of my profit for development work in Jogindernagar area.” Rana added that if he wins, he would work without salary or perks, spending his time only for the development of the area.The aspiring politician comes to his village of Lad Bharol in a helicopter from Delhi, for which he had built a helipad in front of his bungalow. Rana moved to Saudi Arabia in 1985 and owns various companies there. His business interests span across different sectors, including transport, construction, diamond and engineering equipment. Related ItemsHimachal Assembly pollsLittle IndiaPrakash RanaSaudi NRI Himachal electionsSaudi NRI Jogindernagarlast_img read more

ED Seizes Nirav Modi’s Assets, Valuables Worth Rs. 225 Crore in Hong Kong

first_imgThe Enforcement Directorate (ED) has seized assets and valuables worth Rs. 225 belonging to fugitive jeweler Nirav Modi in Hong Kong. The Indian agency has been in touch with foreign agencies to identify and attach foreign properties of Modi, who has been on the run since earlier this year, according to media reports.With this seizure, India’s premier financial probe agency has attached assets and valuables worth Rs. 4744 crore belonging to Modi, his uncle Mehul Choksi, and others directly connected to the $2 billion Punjab National Bank (PNB) scam.Modi is accused of defrauding PNB with the purported involvement of few bank employees.Last month, the ED had attached assets worth Rs. 637 crore of Modi and his family in India and four other foreign locations. The attachments included two immovable properties in New York, an apartment each in Mumbai and London, diamond-studded jewelry and five overseas bank balances in India, United Kingdom, and New York, as part of five separate orders that it issued under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act.News agency ANI said that the ED has issued five provisional orders for attachment of assets in London and New York, an apartment in Mumbai, bank balances in Singapore and other countries and some diamond studded jewelry.  The agency has so far attached assets worth Rs 700 crore of Nirav Modi and his family in the country till now, according to ANI.The news agency also said that Indian investigators have got multiple Letters Rogatories issued for the legal formalization of these assets. For three months, the ED has been working closely with foreign agencies to identify and attach properties and assets belonging to Modi.Nirav Modi has been on the run since the fraud came to light earlier this year. While Modi’s whereabouts are not known, his uncle Mehul Choski, who owns Gitanjali Gems became an Antiguan citizen last year and the Indian government is in touch with the Antiguan government to have Choksi extradited to India. Modi’s sister Purvi and brother Neeshal are Belgian citizens. An Interpol notice has been issued against Purvi.The PNB fraud is by far the biggest in India in terms of value. ANI said an Interpol arrest warrant was recently notified against him even as India is working to get him extradited from the United Kingdom, where he was last reported to have been based. Related Itemslast_img read more

Refreshed Murray ready for 2018 assault

first_imgAndy Murray of Great Britain takes part in a tennis practice session in Abu Dhabi prior to heading to compete in the Australian Open in January, on December 29, 2017, on the sidelines of the Mubadala World Tennis Championship. / AFP PHOTO / NEZAR BALOUTFormer world number one Andy Murray said Sunday he was desperate to get back into competitive tennis after a five-month absence due to a debilitating hip injury.Murray, who is in Queensland for the season-opening Brisbane International, has not played on the ATP tour since losing a tough five-setter to American Sam Querrey in the quarter-finals at Wimbledon.ADVERTISEMENT “Just because I’ve not played for such a long time,” he said.“And also I just want to enjoy playing again. I’ve really missed it the last six months or so.“I don’t mind if it’s 30 in the world level. I would love it to be number one in the world level, but I just want to play.”Murray spent 41 weeks at number one, losing that ranking in August during his injury-enforced absence.He is now ranked 16th in the world and said he had adjusted his schedule to play less in 2018 in a bid to avoid further injury.ADVERTISEMENT Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. With Rafael Nadal (knee) and Novak Djokovic (elbow) in doubt for the Australian Open, the 30-year-old Scot said other players should follow his example.“Certainly, when you miss a period, you realise how lucky you are to be doing this as a job,” he said.“Giving yourself breaks, especially as you start to get older, I think, is very important and something that I’ll certainly be looking to do for however long I keep playing.“For tennis as a sport, it’s not good when so many of the top players are injured and for extended periods,” he added.“I certainly think it’s something that should be looked at and to understand why, what the reason for that is.” He said despite some lingering problems with his hip, his body was feeling much better than at the same stage last year.“I don’t feel like there’s many miles in my legs, which, you know, was certainly the case at the beginning of 2017, where most days I was quite sore kind of all over,” he said.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutSPORTSLillard, Anthony lead Blazers over Thunder“Right now the hip is the only thing that is any concern. The rest of my body feels really good.”Murray admitted he wasn’t heading into this tournament or the Australian Open with great expectations. Filipino fighter notified of potential anti-doping infraction in UFC fight View comments 8th Top Leaders Forum assessed the progress of public-private efforts in building climate and disaster resilient communities Do not bring these items in SEA Games venues Trending Articles PLAY LIST 00:50Trending Articles02:44Djokovic wins Laureus Sportsman of Year Award01:29Robredo to gov’t, after accepting anti drug post: Are you ready for me?01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City Asian shares slide on weak Japan data; US markets closed BI on alert for illegally deployed OFWs to Iraq MOST READ Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC Kammuri turning to super typhoon less likely but possible — Pagasa Kris Aquino ‘pretty chill about becoming irrelevant’ Read Next LATEST STORIES Typhoon Kammuri accelerates, gains strength en route to PHlast_img read more

Timberwolves send Lakers reeling to 7th straight loss

first_imgRead Next 8th Top Leaders Forum assessed the progress of public-private efforts in building climate and disaster resilient communities Typhoon Kammuri accelerates, gains strength en route to PH MOST READ Asian shares slide on weak Japan data; US markets closed Minnesota Timberwolves’ Jimmy Butler, right, tries to reach the ball as Los Angeles Lakers’ Brandon Ingram drives in the first half of an NBA basketball game Monday, Jan. 1, 2018, in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)MINNEAPOLIS — Jimmy Butler scored 28 points and the streaking Minnesota Timberwolves started fast and held off the struggling Los Angeles Lakers 114-96 on Monday night.Karl-Anthony Towns recorded his 30th double-double of the season with 16 points and 13 rebounds to help Minnesota win for the seventh time in eight games and 10th in 13.ADVERTISEMENT LATEST STORIES Kammuri turning to super typhoon less likely but possible — Pagasa Allen, Crabbe help Nets beat Magic Los Angeles, which had eight turnovers in the opening 12 minutes, got within 30-18 by quarter’s end. All Lakers’ points came from the bench after the starters were pulled 3:36 into the game.TIP-INSLakers: Los Angeles wore its light blue throwback uniforms with MPLS on front. . Ball (left shoulder sprain) missed his fifth straight game. … Caldwell-Pope likely missed his last road game due to a legal travel restriction stemming from a March 2017 incident. The Lakers are not away from Staples Center until Jan. 13.Timberwolves: Towns had four fouls — three were offensive. . Minnesota is 11-1 at Target Center against Western Conference foes; 2-5 vs. Eastern Conference teams.UP NEXTLakers: Open a five-game homestand Wednesday against Oklahoma City.Timberwolves: At Brooklyn Wednesday. Andrew Wiggins scored 21 points and grabbed a season-high nine rebounds. Gorgui Dieng had 17 points off the bench.Jordan Clarkson scored 20 points off the bench for the Lakers, who’ve lost seven in a row and 10 of 11. Los Angeles was once again missing three starters: center Brook Lopez (ankle), and guards Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (legal) and Lonzo Ball (shoulder).FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutSPORTSLillard, Anthony lead Blazers over ThunderJulius Randle scored 15 points and Brandon Ingram had 14 for Los Angeles. Kyle Kuzma, the team’s leading scorer at 17.9 points per game, played just 18 minutes and scored all six of his points in the third quarter.With its early commanding lead whittled to as little as five points early in the third quarter, the Timberwolves went on a 13-0 run late in the quarter to seemingly put away the Lakers. Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC Towns started it with a dunk and jumper, and Wiggins added a pair of jumpers. A 3-pointer by Tyus Jones gave Minnesota a 91-72 lead with 1:11 to play.Los Angeles got within nine early in the fourth before Butler scored the next six Minnesota points to help push the lead to 103-88.Butler has at least 20 points in eight straight games.After scoring a franchise-best first 17 points Sunday against the Pacers, Minnesota nearly broke the record.Wiggins scored nine points as the Timberwolves’ jumped out to a 16-0 lead. He also added an alley-oop feed for a dunk by Butler and grabbed a couple rebounds.ADVERTISEMENT BI on alert for illegally deployed OFWs to Iraq View comments Kris Aquino ‘pretty chill about becoming irrelevant’ Do not bring these items in SEA Games venues Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Trending Articles PLAY LIST 00:50Trending Articles01:27Filipino athletes get grand send-off ahead of SEA Games01:48NBA: Kawhi, George seek more for Clippers than beating Lakers01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon Citylast_img read more

LeBron older than 93 percent of active NBA players but insists he’s still ‘fresh’

first_imgKris Aquino ‘pretty chill about becoming irrelevant’ But it also bears noting that James is still just the fifth-oldest player on Cleveland’s roster, behind Kyle Korver, Jose Calderon, Dwyane Wade and Channing Frye. And as the season nears the midway mark, James is looking good as ever.“I’m fresh,” James told Dennis Scott during NBA TV’s Players Only broadcast after Cleveland’s win over Portland on Tuesday night. “I’ve always tried to stay fresh throughout the course of the game. Our bench has been very dynamic this year.”FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutSPORTSLillard, Anthony lead Blazers over ThunderJames will likely reach 30,000 points for his career later this month. View comments Trending Articles PLAY LIST 00:50Trending Articles00:50Trending Articles00:50Trending Articles01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City Read Next Asian shares slide on weak Japan data; US markets closed MOST READ LATEST STORIES Hard to believe, but Pop was once unwanted — by Spurs fans Do not bring these items in SEA Games venues 8th Top Leaders Forum assessed the progress of public-private efforts in building climate and disaster resilient communities Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC BI on alert for illegally deployed OFWs to Iraq Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Typhoon Kammuri accelerates, gains strength en route to PH Kammuri turning to super typhoon less likely but possible — Pagasa Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James (23) waits during a timeout in the second half of an NBA basketball game against the Utah Jazz on Saturday, Dec. 30, 2017, in Salt Lake City. (AP Photo/Alex Goodlett)LeBron James turned 33 last week. Here’s an alarming stat: 93 percent of the players in the league are younger than he is.Out of the 476 players who appeared in at least one NBA game this season, only 34 are older than James. And of those, a mere 11 are starters.ADVERTISEMENTlast_img read more

For Isaiah Thomas, no hard feelings in his return to Boston

first_imgMOST READ LATEST STORIES Do not bring these items in SEA Games venues He looked at the camera, pounded his heart three times and waved.Late in Boston’s 102-88 win, Celtics fans began chanting, “We want I.T.!” Afterward, he shared hugs with several players, including Irving.There will be another opportunity for the Celtics honor him, when Boston hosts the Cavs on Feb. 11. But that’s also the night Paul Pierce will have his jersey retired. Thomas said it’s up to the Celtics whether they want to do something that night for him.“That’s Pierce’s night. The video tribute ain’t the whole night. I just wanted my family to be here to see it,” Thomas said. “That’s what it came down to. I wanted to be able to play. I wanted my family to experience the love and appreciation of this city and this organization are gonna give me on that night.“I’m not taking nothing from Paul Pierce. He played 15 years here. There’s nothing I can take from here. If they choose to do it that night, that would be great. I would be honored.”He said he’s even buried the hatchet with Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge. Earlier this year, Sports Illustrated quoted Thomas wondering whether he’d ever speak to Ainge again after the trade.But Thomas said Ainge reached out to him on Tuesday night.“There’s no hard feelings. Only hard feeling is Danny didn’t send me no Christmas card this year,” Thomas said. “He sent me one the last two years. He could have found my address somehow. Have I forgiven Danny? He texted me last night. So, yeah, we’re good.” 8th Top Leaders Forum assessed the progress of public-private efforts in building climate and disaster resilient communities It was the lowest point of a whirlwind summer for Thomas, which was compounded by his ongoing recovery from the hip injury that cut short his postseason run with Boston last season.The injury sidelined him for Cleveland’s season opener against his former team back in October. He missed the Cavs’ first 36 games before returning to action against Portland on Tuesday night, scoring 17 points in 19 minutes.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutSPORTSLillard, Anthony lead Blazers over ThunderFor now, his minutes are restricted, and he isn’t playing on back-to-back nights. So he returned to action Tuesday knowing that he’d sit against the Celtics.“I was out seven months. There’s no way I was gonna come back against Boston and play 17 minutes,” Thomas said. “It’s too big of an opportunity to just a play against my former teammates, my former coaches, the city that gave me my biggest opportunity.” Kammuri turning to super typhoon less likely but possible — Pagasa Giannis Antetokounmpo powers Bucks in bounce back win over Celtics PLAY LIST 02:29Giannis Antetokounmpo powers Bucks in bounce back win over Celtics00:50Trending Articles02:24Albayalde: PNP has no hard feelings for PDEA for exposing ‘ninja cops’01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City 6-time champion Djokovic unsure of playing Australian Open Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC Kris Aquino ‘pretty chill about becoming irrelevant’ View comments Typhoon Kammuri accelerates, gains strength en route to PH Asian shares slide on weak Japan data; US markets closed Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Read Next Cleveland Cavaliers guard Isaiah Thomas smiles as he is surrounded by reporters at Boston Garden prior to the team’s NBA basketball game against the Boston Celtics in Boston, Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2018. Thomas was traded at the end of last season by the Celtics in exchange for Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)BOSTON — Isaiah Thomas wanted to make thing one perfectly clear during his return to Boston: He isn’t holding onto any hard feelings about the way he left.Thomas returned to TD Garden on Wednesday night for the first time since he was dealt to the Cleveland Cavaliers in August as part of the blockbuster trade that brought Kyrie Irving to the Celtics.ADVERTISEMENT Thomas said he felt like he was home when he walked into the arena where he became a two-time All-Star, so much so that he almost went to the Celtics’ locker room.“I love this city. I love this organization. They gave me an opportunity to be who I always wanted to be,” Thomas said. “I can’t thank them enough. So there’s no hard feelings for anybody in this city or anybody in this organization. I’m glad I’m back. Like I always said, it’s genuine love. And that’s for the rest of my life.”That respect is mutual, Celtics coach Brad Stevens said.“First and foremost, I will always value him as a friend and as a person,” Stevens said. “Lost amongst all the talk of where people play and everything else is the fact that you did get to compete together. I always appreciated that about him.”Though Thomas asked that there not be any kind of tribute video for him on this trip to the Garden, he did receive an extended standing ovation from the Boston fans when he was shown on the scoreboard monitors between the first and second quarters.ADVERTISEMENT BI on alert for illegally deployed OFWs to Iraqlast_img read more

Guiao rues NLEX’s poor rebounding in loss to Phoenix

first_imgTyphoon Kammuri accelerates, gains strength en route to PH LATEST STORIES MOST READ Kris Aquino ‘pretty chill about becoming irrelevant’ The Fuel Masters also capitalized on the Road Warriors’ 18 turnovers turning it into 16 points off those miscues.Guiao also dismissed the free throws Ravena and Juami Tiongson missed late in the game, and insisted that it was his team’s poor rebounding that brought them down deeper.Ravena missed two free throws with 2:31 left in the game and NLEX trailing 98-90 while Tiongson missed his turns earlier in the fourth, 4:47, with Phoenix up 94-88.“Kiefer missed two free throws, Juami missed two free throws during the last three or four minutes when we could’ve changed the complexion of the game,” said Guiao, whose team sits with a 2-1 record.“They’re not poor free throw shooters, they are very decent at the line, those things can happen, but what cannot happen is for you to lose second chance points and offensive rebounding by that gap.”ADVERTISEMENT Read Next Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC Asian shares slide on weak Japan data; US markets closed 8th Top Leaders Forum assessed the progress of public-private efforts in building climate and disaster resilient communitiescenter_img Trending Articles PLAY LIST 00:50Trending Articles00:50Trending Articles00:50Trending Articles01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City Do not bring these items in SEA Games venues “I’m not concerned about Kiefer’s off-night,” said Guiao at Smart Araneta Coliseum. “I don’t want to put any more pressure on him by putting those kinds of expectations. We lost as a team.”Ravena averaged 19 points, 8.5 assists, and 4.5 rebounds in his first two games but was limited to just eight points, seven assists, and one rebound.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutSPORTSLillard, Anthony lead Blazers over ThunderThose figures, however, weren’t the ones Guiao looked into with NLEX getting outrebounded, 19-10, on offensive glass and allowing the Fuel Masters to score 22 second-chance points.“Offensive rebounding isn’t just Kiefer’s responsibility,” said Guiao. “It was almost a 100% difference, 19-10, and the offensive rebounding number was not really the fault of Kiefer alone, it’s a team thing and we have to take responsibility for that.” Kammuri turning to super typhoon less likely but possible — Pagasa BI on alert for illegally deployed OFWs to Iraq View comments Wright lauds Phoenix’s conditioning in win over NLEX Photo by Tristan Tamayo/INQUIRER.netAs NLEX was left to face the reality of dropping its first game, head coach Yeng Guiao looked at the bigger picture instead of focusing on just one player.For Guiao, Kiefer Ravena’s bad night coinciding with his team’s 102-95 loss to Phoenix Sunday in the PBA Philippine Cup was pure coincidence.ADVERTISEMENTlast_img read more

Marcial mum on top PBA post

first_imgWillie MarcialWillie Marcial said he would wait for his appointment as PBA officer-in-charge to lapse before making plans amid reports that several parties were pushing for him to be formally named league commissioner.Marcial was given 30 days as league caretaker and has already put in place noteworthy projects that the league could pursue if it awards him a tenured post as commissioner.ADVERTISEMENT BI on alert for illegally deployed OFWs to Iraq View comments MOST READ 8th Top Leaders Forum assessed the progress of public-private efforts in building climate and disaster resilient communities Robredo accepts Duterte’s drug czar post appointment PLAY LIST 04:11Robredo accepts Duterte’s drug czar post appointment04:11Robredo accepts Duterte’s drug czar post appointment00:50Trending Articles01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City LATEST STORIES Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC John Lloyd Cruz a dashing guest at Vhong Navarro’s wedding Asian shares slide on weak Japan data; US markets closed Salvador seizes early lead at Eagle ridge Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Do not bring these items in SEA Games venues Typhoon Kammuri accelerates, gains strength en route to PH “I’d rather wait when the 30 days are over,” Marcial told sportswriters on Wednesday during the first Philippine Sportswriters Association (PSA) Forum for the year at Tapa King-Farmers Market in Cubao.“I don’t know whether it (PBA commissioner) will be given to me. What are their expectations (from me), and also my expectations from them. That’s why I can’t say anything.”FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSLillard, Anthony lead Blazers over ThunderSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutMarcial was appointed OIC after the resignation of former Commissioner Chito Narvasa became effective at the start of the year. Kammuri turning to super typhoon less likely but possible — Pagasa Read Nextlast_img read more

ICC Champions Trophy: Steve Finn replaces injured Chris Woakes in England team

first_imgPaceman Steve Finn has been added to England’s Champions Trophy squad after Chris Woakes was ruled out of the tournament with a side strain, the English cricket board and organisers said on Sunday.Woakes bowled only two overs in Thursday’s tournament opener against Bangladesh before leaving the ground, dealing a blow to England’s bid to win their first global 50-overs title.The 28-year-old Finn, who has 102 wickets from 69 one-dayers, will be expected to ease England’s pace concerns with Woakes unavailable, Jake Ball struggling and Ben Stokes’s problematic knee preventing the all-rounder from bowling spells at full throttle.England next face New Zealand in Cardiff on Tuesday.last_img

West Indies spinner Ashley Nurse ruled out of T20 series vs India

first_imgWest Indies’s Ashley Nurse has been ruled out of the three-match T20 series against India because of a shoulder injury that he picked up during the fourth ODI at the Brebourne Stadium in Mumbai.The 29-year-old was in some discomfort during the last match itself but played on with the injury. After experiencing pain in Mumbai, Nurse was off the field for a while but come back and bowl a few more overs overs with great discomfort.However, he failed to recover in time and missed the fifth and final ODI against India on Thursday in Thiruvananthapuram.The injury will further deplete the Windies side that has struggled to put up a proper fight against the formidable Indian team in their tour.”He (Nurse) is ruled out for the entire tour. I wish him well. Hopefully, he can recover quickly for the next tour,” West Indies skipper Jason Holder said at the toss.Nurse was seen using an arm-pouch to rest his shoulder on the team’s arrival in the city for the last series’ game.Nurse has picked up five wickets and scored 55 runs from four matches in the ODI series that India lead 2-1.However, there is some good news for the Windies side as the T20 specialists will return to the side for the 20-over format.The likes of Carlos Brathwaite, Darren Bravo, Kieron Pollard, Andre Russell and Denesh Ramdin will be back for the 2016 T20 World Cup winners.They two sides next clash in a T20 series with the first match scheduled in Kolkata on Sunday.West Indies squad for the T20 series: Carlos Brathwaite (C), Fabian Allen, Darren Bravo, Shimron Hetmyer, Keemo Paul, Kieron Pollard, Denesh Ramdin, Andre Russell, Sherfane Rutherford, Oshane Thomas, Khary Pierre, Obed McCoy, Rovman Powell, Nicholas Pooranadvertisement(With inputs from PTI)last_img read more

World Cup 2019: MS Dhoni, KL Rahul and spinners shine as India thrash Bangladesh in final warm-up

first_imgIndia’s World Cup campaign had gotten off to a poor start when they were handed a 6-wicket thrashing by New Zealand in their first ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 warm-up match on Saturday. It seemed their batsmen were still in the IPL hangover as they failed to put up a fight against a quality Black Caps pace attack in overcast conditions.Concerns were raised after the ordinary batting performance in Bristol and the talk over the No. 4 spot continued with the failure of KL Rahul in the absence of Vijay Shankar who was earmarked for the role due to an injury concern.However, India, it is safe to say, have proved all the doubters wrong with an emphatic performance against Bangladesh in their 2nd and final warm-up match in Cardiff on Tuesday. The dominance with both the bat and the ball should give the fans and, more importantly, the dressing a lot of confidence ahead of India’s World Cup 2019 opener against New Zealand, scheduled for June 5.Bangladesh won the toss and sent India in to bat and Virat Kohli’s men got off to a worst possible start in overcast conditions as they lost Shikhar Dhawan for 1 as early as the second over. Rohit Sharma also suffered a second successive batting failure as he was dismissed for 19.Rahul seals No. 4 spot?However, KL Rahul who got another opportunity to bat at No. 4 stepped up and delivered as he hit a classy 108 (99 balls). Rahul seems to have sealed his spot at the much-talked-about batting position which has been a cause of concern for India over the years.advertisementRahul stitched a handy 33-run stand with captain Virat Kohli (47) who looked in good touch before he was castled by a yorker from medium pacer Mohammad Saifuddin.Rahul then joined hands with MS Dhoni who showed glimpses of his vintage self. Dhoni showed no respect to the Bangladesh bowling attack as he was severe against them right from the word go.Dhoni shows glimpses of vintage selfDhoni launched into Bangladesh spinners Mehidy Hasan and Mosaddek Hossain as he hit sixes at will against the two offies. Dhoni brought up his hundred in just 73 balls and finished with 113 in just 78 balls.Dhoni had hit 7 sixes and 8 boundaries and stitched a 164-run stand for the 5th wicket which in the end proved to be a match-winning stand.Rahul, on the other hand, showcased a lot of maturity as he switched gears whenever needed. While he stepped on the gas when MS Dhoni had just walked in, he was happy to play second fiddle when the veteran wicketkeeper-batsman was going big in the middle overs.Hardik Pandya then played a handy cameo, smashing 21 from just 11 balls as India posted a mammoth total of 359.In reply, Bangladesh were jolted early by Jasprit Bumrah’s double strike in the 10th over. The India pacer came up with a perfect yorker to remove danger man Shakib Al Hasan for nought and shift the balance in favour of India early in their defence of 360.However, opener Litton Das and Mushfiqur Rahman added 120 runs for the third wicket. The duo kept India spinners and first-change pacers at bay but not for long as Yuzvendra Chahal triggered a Bangladesh collapse when he removed Litton Das for 73 in the 32nd over.Das tried to come down the track and hit Chahal over his head but the sun was shining bright and the pitch offered a bit of turn as the Bangladesh opener was beaten by spin and eventually stumped by MS Dhoni.Bangladesh lost 6 wickets for 47 runs as they went from being 169 for 2 to 216 for 8.Kuldeep Yadav seemed to have found his mojo back after a horror run in Indian Premier League 2019. The left-arm wrist-spinner picked up the big wicket of Mushfiqur Rahim for 90 and ran through the lower-middle order.Kuldeep was smiling in delight as he picked up three wickets, much to the relief of the dressing room.India win by 95 runs!Kuldeep Yadav was the pick of the Indian bowlers, taking 3/47 as India’s attack maintained control throughout the Bangladesh run chase. pic.twitter.com/obSXzkQppYCricket World Cup (@cricketworldcup) May 28, 2019Bangladesh were restricted to 264 in their chase of 360. India finished their dress rehearsal for the biggest cricket tournament of the year on a high, having found answers to most of the questions that had been nagging them in the lead-up to the quadrennial event.Also Read | MS Dhoni hits rapid hundred in warm-up against BangladeshAlso Read | Sourav Ganguly and John Wright reunite in commentary box, bond over banterAlso See:advertisementlast_img read more

Video: Randy Johnson Sends Heartfelt Message To Ohio State Pitcher Battling Leukemia During HOF Induction Speech

first_imgRandy Johnson at the podium during his HOF speech.Zach Farmer Randy JohnsonRandy Johnson, a five-time Cy Young winner and a 10-time All-Star, was inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame today. During his speech, the man known as “The Big Unit” sent a special message to Zach Farmer, an Ohio State pitcher who is currently in his second battle with leukemia. Farmer, a left-hander like Johnson, is tragically not expected to live for much longer. Johnson spoke on the phone with Farmer recently and gave him a heartfelt shout-out during his speech. The best moment from Randy Johnson’s speech was his shout-out to @zfarm34 who’s battling leukemia. #RJ51HOF #12Sports pic.twitter.com/tZk0iEtXt6— Cameron Cox (@CamCox12) July 26, 2015Stay strong, Zach.last_img

Colorado AD Sends Message To Fans Before Nebraska Game

first_imgAdrian Martinez warms up for Nebraska.LINCOLN, NE – SEPTEMBER 15: Quarterback Adrian Martinez #2 of the Nebraska Cornhuskers warms up before the game against the Troy Trojans at Memorial Stadium on September 15, 2018 in Lincoln, Nebraska. (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)One of college football’s best rivalries that used to be is set to get back in action this weekend, when Colorado hosts Nebraska in Week 2.The old Big 12 rivals are both coming off Week 1 victories.Colorado and Nebraska met in Lincoln last year, with the Buffaloes squeaking out a close win to spoil Scott Frost’s first game.The Huskers are favored in the rematch, though the Buffaloes could be a popular upset pick. Colorado’s athletic director sent a message to his fan base ahead of Saturday’s game. He’s asking for “civility.”Colorado AD Rick George asks for “civility” this week among CU fans this week as Nebraska fans arrive in Boulder.— Nick Kosmider (@NickKosmider) September 3, 2019Nebraska fans are known as some of the most-welcoming fans in the country, so it would be nice for Colorado to return the favor this year.It’ll be televised on FOX.last_img read more