UN health agency says new malaria study offers hope for innovative treatment

The study of 701 children in Tanzania, published in The Lancet, “opens up an exciting new possibility of reducing the impact of malaria in young children,” WHO said in a statement.The research, which was supported by WHO, the UN Development Programme (UNDP) and the World Bank, monitored infants who received the anti-malarial drug sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine — or a placebo — together with the second and third doses of Diphtheria, Pertussis and Tetanus (DPT) vaccine and with the measles vaccine.According to WHO, the intervention was shown to cut the prevalence of severe malaria and associated anaemia by about half. Adding the treatment would cost just 25 cents. “The results of this study open up an important way to reduce the toll of death from anaemia and malaria in infants,” the statement said.Responding to the study’s results, WHO and its partners in the Rollback Malaria initiative agreed to “proceed rapidly with the further work needed to validate these findings in other malaria affected areas, to confirm the safety of the intervention and to tackle the logistical issues which need to be overcome in order to propose this intervention to the governments of countries with a high burden of malaria.” WHO estimates that there are 300-500 million cases of malaria every year. Rollback Malaria brings together UN agencies and other partners in an effort to halve the number of cases by the year 2010. read more

Sandviks new automationready ITH underground production drill rig

first_imgThe new Sandvik DU412i is the first in its next generation of in-the-hole (ITH) underground production drill rigs. Automation-ready, it is built on a modular standardized platform, delivering a truly flexible automated ITH longhole production and service hole drill.Sandvik DU412i incorporates a completely new design, built on the proven Sandvik 400 range of centre articulated, carrier-mounted ITH drill rigs. The Sandvik 400 range is ideal for highly accurate production drilling, as well as drilling service holes and slot raises. It drills with ITH hammers that are powered by on-board high-pressure screw boosters. These can be used to drill holes with a diameter of 89 to 216 mm. The compressor control system controls the flow of air to remain constant, not just unloading when the pressure reaches maximum, which increases safety interlocks and full-time monitoring and data collection.The updated drill module has fully modular feed, carousel and centralizers, facilitating maintenance  and reducing service costs. At the same time it also has a rebuildable/reconfigurable system that allows for application changes at a later date and gives the customer the ability to change drill application by bolting on the new components that are needed.Radio remote tramming gives the operator the possibility to tram and setup the unit without being in the operator area, increasing safety and allowing extremely precise setup, with excellent visibility of the work area. The tramming can be done on either diesel power or using the electric power pack. The power pack is a multi-voltage compliant system that gives customers freedom to move the drill from one country to another. The drill operates easily in different networks ranging from 380 V-1,000 V and both 50 and 60 Hz.The onboard control system of Sandvik DU412i provides information on drilled holes such as angles, depth and penetration rate. Coupled with IREDES drill plan handling and drill diagnostics, consistent daily drill reports will improve and speed up the information that is available to engineering and operations departments. The radio remote functionalities also allow multiple units to be run from an operator command centre, from which one operator is able to run several units at the same time.last_img read more